Michigan attorney Matthew S. DePerno strikes silicone gold in Antrim county court—Dominion’s CEO, John Poulos, lied to the legislature under oath that his machines were not designed to connect to internet—but looky here!

I’m pretty sure Attorney DePerno just sank the Marxist’s Titanic. 

This could be a Franz Ferdinand moment—an incident that holds much greater power than the initial event—like Bosnian terrorist Gavrilo Princip shooting the Archduke and unknowingly kicking off World War 1.

Not only did DePerno prove false CCP-owned Dominion Voting Systems’ claims of no connectivity he has the receipts where Antrim County bought 17 of their external communications devices to make sure of it—and he’s got the modems in the motherboards of the inspected machines used in the fraud to prove it.

From Exhibit 6 of DePerno’s brief (link is below) the court learned that Antrim County’s machines (all made by Dominion or Subsidiaries):

  • ES&S (Election Systems & Software) DS200 voting machine was found to have a Telit LE910-SV1 Modem Chip installed on its motherboard
  • Chip utilized a commercial Verizon SIM card with an Access Point Name (APN) configuration specific to the ES&S DS200 provisioning.

To translate, this means that anything with a sim card (like every cellphone on the planet) or small devices planted—oh, let’s say like under the light switch plates as were found in Fulton County, Georgia—could transmit the count and allow access to change the results via the external relay device.

Sit down and pour a glass.  This is going to improve your day unless you’re Hillary Clinton’s bulldog, Marc Elias, who’s been lying to the court in Arizona and other fraud states about this

Here’s a link to DePerno’s entire brief—and make sure you have a new bottle open before you start.  This is the good stuff that could save our world: https://www.depernolaw.com/uploads/2/7/0/2/27029178/collective_response_to_motions_for_protective_order_040921.pdf

In short, Sheryl Guy, the elected clerk of Antrim County, Michigan tried to steal the election for the Democrats, on orders from above.

It was easy to figure out.  Antrim County is about as Democrat as a Fourth of July parade (which for non-U.S. readers means ‘not at all’ as Dems hate America), and regular citizen, Bill Bailey, wanted to know how Guy did it, so he sued her and the Attorney General of the State, the head rigger.

Antrim county is Trump country—he won by 62% in 2016

Sheryl Guy, the good little Marxist she is, has lied to the court, admittedly destroyed evidence to prevent discovery, delayed since November trying to ride out the clock—and shown a willingness to break any law in to aid her Marxist masters in the Attorney General’s office—defendants Dana Nessel, the AG and her consorts, Heather S. Meingast and Erik A. Grill.

In spite of all this criminal activity, the unstoppable Mr. DePerno has caught Sheryl Guy—who dismissed the case without authority, even though she was a material witness in it—and The Democrat Party, foreign actors, plus corrupt attorneys with national standing like Marc Elias—best known for creating the Russia Hoax to be used by Hillary Clinton’s campaign against then-candidate, Donald J. Trump using foreign spies.

Even better, DePerno may have put Judge Kevin A. Elsenheimer in such a spotlight—worldwide—that he may have to follow the law in this case, which would be a refreshing change from what we’ve seen thus far.

Judge Kevin A. Elsenheimer—hero or hound? We’ll know soon

86 judges have proven themselves so compromised, blackmailed or just corrupt that only a handful have stood true enough to law to even look at the evidence.  This judge did, so he gets a pass—for now.

The evidence is so overwhelming, real Americans are going public rather than trusting a court with it, so we’ll see

Courts, unlike Congress, which has long rated somewhere between STDs and very tight shoes at a Catholic wedding, are also now sinking in stature. It’s a race to the bottom, as we learn corrupt judges are the rule as well.

Public trust in government overall, in fact, has sunk to 17% in the United States—a phenomenal number—but one well earned. They’re scoundrels to the man and woman it seems.


Middle class ne’er-do-wells get a backer in their home community, run for Congress and go the DC.  They ride that wild pony for a few years taking bribes and getting inside deals, becoming exorbitantly rich.

Take for example House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, daughter of a Baltimore mayor who had to quit the 1954 election for governor because his ties to the Mob (the Piracci gang) were exposed—and she’s now worth $200+ million.

Or Diane Feinstein, whose chauffeur of twenty years was outed as a Chinese spy when Trump took office—but like Pelosi, their husbands and staffers are shareholders in Dominion— and both are mysteriously worth hundreds of millions.  Funny how that happens, no?

Older than dirt—and twice as dirty—Diane Feinstein and Nancy d’Alessandro Pelosi, just a pair of California swingers in it for money and power

The Courageous Sidney Powell outed them on national TV with Maria Bartiromo

The headlines read, “Nancy Pelosi, Dianne Feinstein both financially tied to Dominion Voting Systems”.


That’s part of what put us on the Dominion case back in November, the week after the election.  If these two scuzbuckets were involved with the company, it had to be rotten—and the CCP bought Dominion Voting Systems just a month before the election—making them even richer!

Sidney then put the hammer down on the Corruptocrats, telling Maria, “They had this all planned, Maria. They had the algorithms. They had the paper ballots waiting to be inserted if and when needed. And notably, President Trump’s vote in the blue states went up enormously. That’s when they had to stop the vote count and go in and replace votes for Biden and take away Trump votes.”

This is a catfight Sidney Powell is now winning

‘After Sidney threw down the gauntlet against the crooks on national TV, Bartiromo responded by pointing out that new reports have linked Nancy Pelosi’s longtime chief of staff, along with Dianne Feinstein’s husband Richard Blum to Dominion Voting Systems, the company behind the voting software that the Democrats used to try to steal the election for Joe Biden.’ (Ibid)

Dominion sued her for $1.3 billion to shut her up and she just laughed—“great!  Now i can get ‘discovery’ and go after them”

Powell says this is absolutely correct.  They tried to not only use Dominion to steal the election, but to make more money in the process.

“Well, obviously they [the Pelosis and Feinsteins] have invested in it for their own reasons and are using it to commit this fraud to steal votes,” Powell stated.

No time to read the whole brief?  Here’s the takeaway

They’ve been lying to us for months saying that there was no way to hook these machines to the internet despite all evidence to the contrary.

Attorney DePerno told the court, “Antrim County purchased USB external motions [sic] (likely 17) that allowed their machines to connect to the internet.  We reveal that Antrim County had at least one connection to Taiwan and Germany,” (page 3 of brief). 

Remember the German server switching votes via SCYTL we reported about last year and updated after the Italian government was brought down because of it?

We caught a lot of heat from that reporting, but our sources were solid—just ahead of the curve—and now the evidence is exposed within the machine itself.

DePerno also has the Telit modem chips designed to communicate with any SIM card from these machines and these external rigs which were  purchased from Dominion and its subsidiary Election Systems and Software.

These external communications repeaters were designed to be hidden nearby (like in a light switch, as were found in Fulton County, Georgia) to allow interface from any place on the planet to fix the vote. 

Those are now indisputable facts, and the evidence is finally before a court of law.

Pictures of Dr. Frank have been removed from the internet for his own safety and he is being guarded since the release of his evidence—and once you see it, you’ll know why

And there is more

Dr. Douglas G. Frank, PhD (whose data is in Exhibit 3 of the brief) has proven beyond any doubt that not only the Marxists in Michigan, but all of the fraud states, used their respective census data to program an algorithm into the voting machines to prescribe what vote-fixing was needed—but within the range of believability—based on actual census numbers for each State.

Very damn clever and even more clever of Dr. Frank to catch them.  Even if they take him out, however, they can’t go back and change the 2010 census numbers or the voter registrations and ballot counts that track them in 99% statistically, so this evidence will bring them down.

The ‘kick-out’ rate was then set on the Dominion machines as high as 70% (though ‘rejected ballots’ are usually less than 1% in non-rigged elections).

This allowed political operatives to adjudicate those ballots in bulk to match the algorithm set from the State’s last census—and mark up a win for the Bolsheviks up and down the ballot, no matter what the voters had to say about it.

In fact, we can prove now that Senatorial candidate, John James, the African American veteran and businessman running in Michigan was robbed of his seat, just like his friend and supporter, Donald Trump.

Trump’s victory on November 3rd of 2020 was so overwhelming and beyond anything their ‘experts’ said could happen, that it broke the algorithm(s)—and John James was actually running ahead of Trump, he was so popular! 

That’s how massive the fraud was to cover up their wins.

The only choice was to shut down the counting immediately in all the fraud states (which was unprecedented) to give time to truck in fake ballots —as was caught on camera in Detroit—or drag them out from under tables —as was also caught on camera in Fulton County, Georgia, both occurring the day after the election to be scanned into the Dominion machines.

This allowed the illegal post-election ballots to be ‘adjudicated’—adding enough Biden votes and switching enough Trump votes to Biden—to make the algorithm work, though in many places—like Detroit— that required putting far more votes than there were voters in places where Trump’s win was by a landslide.

As an example, one of the epicentres of fraud set up by Mark Zuckerberg in  Detroit, Michigan; had 71 precincts with more votes than voters—once an impossibility in America.

Maybe the Marxist pundits can explain that one the next time they say, “No evidence of fraud.”

But the Marxists and their media hacks, as well as Facebook and Twitter not only continue to say ‘Move on.  Nothing to see here,’ but ban anyone of us who speak about the fraud in which they heavily participated from their propaganda sites.

Well apparently, there is much more to see, and thanks to courageous attorneys like Matthew DePerno and Sidney Powell, it is finally before the public where the Marxists/Media/Big Tech moguls can’t spin it or ban it.

Howell Woltz

The Richardson Post (no more Twitter or Facebook—find me on Telegram)