And I’m going after this one—Ken Langone of Home Depot—one I know personally who wrote “I love capitalism” and is now a traitor to it! May you rot in hell, old friend!

I used to visit Ken at his office on Park Avenue in New York back in the old days – late 1970s and 80s – and was amazed at his craftiness. 

One day I watched him drive his friend, Allen Mebane IV’s Unifi stock from $8.00 to $16.00 in just one morning via insider trading including a very famous astronaut (then running Eastern Airlines).

Ken ran it into the stratosphere calling and taking calls, telling the richest men I knew when to buy – and ultimately, when to sell – only to check out with millions after running the stock through the ceiling.

Then he ordered a sandwich for us for lunch – take-in. Ken was never one to waste money.

Unifi stock had fallen back at $8.00/share by the next morning, but the insiders had made millions off the suckers.  That’s Ken Langone.

And this is the type of people whose companies were allowed to stay open during the Scamdemic – like Ken’s Home Depot – but are now railing against the little people being heard or being able to vote in fair elections.

Ken?  You are a pathetic sellout and your next book should be, “I love Marxism.” 

I knew you were hot for Chris back in the day (Christine, his assistant – he’s far from gay) but now Stacey Abrams is telling you what to do? You’re an embarrassment!

So how did a Scallywag from Roslyn Heights get rich enough to become a Marxist?

Ken didn’t make the money— his partner—Bernie Marcus, in this picture, was the brains— Ken just dragged in the capital and cut the deals

So let me state right here that I admired that about Ken.  I didn’t know he was committing crimes back then (though he certainly did) it’s just this late-in-life (worse) lack of principles that’s giving me the shingles. Hanging out with Marxists and Lynn Forester de Rothschild?

Both Ken and Bernie grew up poor.  Like most good partnerships, Bernie was a worker and Ken was a schemer who liked to be liked. 

That was actually his only stock in trade.  If he made Frank Borman a few millions, the famous astronaut would like him, come to his cocktail parties and buy into his deals – like Unifi.

By that morning I’m talking about, the famous astronaut was running Eastern Airlines. 

He was obviously a better pilot than business exec, as most of our readers have never heard of that defunct airline.

What I can’t figure out for the life of me is how these guys have turned against everything for which they once stood – and the system that allowed them to become so wealthy.

That’s the troubling part, and I intend to start looking at what turned these other Execs into Marxist apologists as we start the worldwide boycott movement that – I hope – brings them all to their knees.

Yes, friends and readers – we’re going to take Home Depot to the mat along with Ken Langone’s new Comrades

This Woke nonsense started with the far younger and more liberal scumbags now running Coca-Cola and Delta Airlines, speaking out against the State of Georgia’s Election Integrity effort – after the most massive voter fraud in history taking place there in November of 2020.

Meet the CEO of Delta airlines, Ed Bastian, paid $17 million a year, driving his company into the dirt— now getting ‘woke’

But these extremely wealthy losers Ken Langone wants to like him, really think he does not belong in their corporate class.

“How many Home Depots do you have in Communist China, Ken?,” is a question these snooty bastards might ask, as getting along with the CCP and hating America is their new litmus test.

And there are dozens and dozens of similar kids from the cheap side who are seeking approval of the petted Ivy Leaguers – and they’re all in with Marxism like Ken Langone now appears to be, if the cool kids like them – or let them sit at the Pinko table.

Next scumbag we’re taking down

James Quincey will be out by Christmas—(or kwanzaa)

Yep.  Coca-Cola’s Marxist is our target for takedown as well, as he probably started the avalanche.  But we can’t just switch to PepsiCo’s sugar water, because they jumped on the Karl Marx bandwagon as well before Coke even lost its fizz.

Over the weekend, 100 more huge companies came out for the Marxists on a Zoom call – you know – the ones like Home Depot who were allowed to stay open seven days a week while Harry’s Plumbing Shop was locked down – and we must stop them.

And though some of them–like Ken Langone–did not ultimately sign the petition attacking free and fair elections, they damn sure haven’t disavowed it either! They should all be shouting from the rooftops against the steal, not supporting the Marxist who want to make the fraud permanent.

The Big Boys realised Marxism – when under their control – allows them to destroy competition

You think there’s no relation to Amazon’s Jeff Bezos supporting Marxism when he gets to be the only place one can reliably buy much of anything, or Ken Langone’s virtual fellatio when Home Depot alone can open, eh?

And now it’s all the conglomerates who’ve operated while we couldn’t, who want to cement the Marxists who did this for them into power.

So no more business for American Airlines, United Airlines, Levi Strauss & Co., Walmart, ViacomCBS, Ariel Investments, Twitter, AMC Theaters just to name a few – and we’ll build out the entire list.

These companies hate you, your freedoms and what our nations once stood for, so we must stop supporting them in any way to bring them down.

So, what is it they are so against?

Voter ID.

They claim black and brown people are too stupid to do this or get one—which is real racism by the oligarchs

I’m not kidding. That’s it. 

Georgians (and I think everyone else in the world) would like to know who the person is that is voting in our elections and if they have the legal right to offset our own votes when they do it.

But the unforgivable hypocrisy is the most infuriating!

Try setting up a PayPal account without an ID – you can’t.

Try getting on a Delta flight without an ID – you can’t.

Try setting up a Home Depot Account or pick up tickets to an MLB (Major League Baseball) game without one – you can’t.

But casting a vote for the leader of the free world or Stacey Abrams? These same miscreants say that it’s ‘Racist’ to even ask for one.

Yes. Let’s all stand up against real Racism!  No more Delta Airlines!  No more Home Depot!  No more MLB!

So, let’s make the marxist bastards live by their own rules for a change

But don’t stop there.

Any company’s CEO who wants to play this game needs to lose his or her job, and we can do it simply with our wallets.  STOP BUYING THEIR STUFF AND THEIR SERVICES!

FedEx, PayPal, Under Armour, Dow, HP, Microsoft, Uber, Estee Lauder (not hard for me to give that one up) and many more have now expanded the list over the weekend to 200 of the world’s richest transnationals.

As we are now working to expose them all. Many of these companies are supporting slave labour in China and crushing free speech, while joining hands to stop fair elections in the United States via overt intimidation – like the MBA – who just signed a deal with the CCP last week, to make more millions playing ball for the Communists.

The overlords of sports and the excessively compensated millionaires and billionaires who play games for them, are just fine with Uighurs being systematically raped and murdered by their CCP pals, or Christians being imprisoned for loving God instead of the State, but asking to see an ID to vote puts them in a pearl-clutching panic!

Time to quit playing and get serious – YES – This mouse is about to roar and so should others who still remain in the free press

Today we begin an effort to get everyone, worldwide, to stop using the services and products of these 200 companies – yes – all of them.

And we’re not just asking you to do it – we are as well – in every aspect of our lives.

This week, for example, Editor Harry took a major step and shut down Amazon (AWS) as The Richardson Post’s Server company in preparation for what we know is to come.

Yes.  This is us.  The Richardson post is about to roar and be heard

The Richardson Post will be on private servers that can’t be suppressed or de-platformed for telling the truth.

It will hurt our exposure and revenue, obviously, but this is war.

Jeff Bezos can’t de-platform us if we’re not there, and we’ll take the hits, but keep on putting out the facts about what they’re doing to us. 

We’re working on the entire list of 200 “woke” Marxist transnationals and will keep adding them as they come out of the closet.

I admire Harry’s courage for doing this.  It’s a great start.

So, let’s close with our talking points

  1. Saying that requiring an ID to vote is racist, can only be said by real racists who believe minorities are too stupid to get or use one.
  2. Companies who deal with the CCP are immoral and have no authority to credibly speak to anyone.  They have blood on their hands, and we need to say so, loudly, at their board meetings and in public venues.
  3. Supporting huge transnationals without loyalty to their own nation of founding is braindead.  Don’t do it anymore.
  4. Giving our business to those who hate and despise us is not wise.
  5. Turn their playbook against them.  Get personal and go for the win – which is for them to be silent and stay out of our politics – or even better, go broke as a lesson to others.
  6. We don’t need violence – just our voices and wallets – to win this war.

Howell Woltz

The Richardson Post (no more Facebook or Twitter – I’m on Telegram)