The most racist president since Woodrow Wilson—Biden now doubles down against all Americans in favour of foreigners

You want free housing, a gift of $15,600, not have to show an ID to fly, have your kid taught in a classroom, and get your vaccination ahead of anyone else—all for free?

It’s simple under the Bolsheviks.  Just go to Mexico and then walk back across the border!

No questions.  No pesky forms.  You will be bussed or flown at the expense of American taxpayers anywhere you want to go!

And Bolshevik B & B’s are being expropriated hourly with an $87 million inside Biden ‘no-bid’ deal to put you, your family, your gang members or cartel child-trafficking herd and prostitutes up for as long as you want all for free, in a very nice hotel!

You want to go to New York?  Great.  Don’t pay any attention to the thousands of American citizens and veterans sleeping on the streets!

You’re different!  You’re now a ‘special’ Marxist voter in grooming, so we’ll give you $15,600 just for being here!

Illegal immigrants protesting for even more in New York

And don’t worry about that mask ‘thingy’.  That’s just for American citizens who are locked down in their homes.  You’re different.  You’re a Marxist voter in grooming, so there are no ‘rules’ for you.

Schools?  Don’t worry about it as long as you’re an illegal alien—ahem… I meant a Marxist voter in grooming—you get anything you want!

Americans are not allowed to attend schools, but you?  Forget about the damn rules! We’re sending teachers to you, while Americans are being forbidden that right—even in the same county!

Don’t worry! Americans have to live on the streets—even in rich San Francisco—but for you?  We have lovely hotel rooms for free!

And just because the Marxist governors aren’t letting American citizens gather, go to church or celebrate holidays together—once again—you are special! 

Not one church that caters to illegal aliens has been bothered.  Not one!

The shut downs and arrests apply only to those pesky white Americans! 

And they’re mostly those crazy evangelicals Christians and Catholics who don’t yet understand that under Marxism, the State is God, so you don’t need another one—(or get to have one if we can stop you—but we’ll get to that later).

So plan your Cinco de Mayo party, amigo, all night long and maskless—and until we get you fully groomed and converted, hell, go to a church where there are other illegals and you’re cool!  No problemo, amigo!

And hey, if you want some real fun, go riot, loot and burn down some black neighbourhoods—that’s no problem either!  We’re done with them.

It’s all cool—just don’t go to anything pro-American—but that’s not a problem for you, is it?  We’re not too big on pro-America stuff you know.

We’re Biden Bolsheviks—and we’re here to make sure you will be one too!

Reality Check

If you think I’m making any of this up, I ask you to check out each of the links above.  The human trash occupying my nation’s White House and positions of authority are doing all of this to destroy the nation.

Illegal law-breaking invaders, under Joe Biden, walk across the border, unimpeded and receive all these goodies. Why? Because a minimum 2/3 of them will vote Marxist, which is why the Democrats are employing the strategy they condemned not too long ago. 

The Bolsheviks are bringing them across by the tens of thousands to be put on the fast track for next year’s election, while Democrat/Marxist governors lure them to their individual states with taxpayer-funded goodies to pad their own voter rolls in hopes of re-election, which is ever less likely from American citizens who suffered their lock-down tyranny.

Biden has also promised them a fast track to citizenship—which he has no authority to do—but if their efforts to squash election reform succeed, it won’t matter.  They’ll just steal the election like they did last year and have these hombres ready for 2024.

And yes, that is exactly what is going on, but that’s not all—the Bolsheviks are targeting white conservative men

Biden’s Bolsheviks are bigots against all Americans but if you’re white, Christian, Jewish, or conservative, you are literally now being hunted.

Biden ordered a purge from the military of Trump supporters and conservatives—including any who voted for Trump!

The Marxists have actually begun a purge of conservatives from the nation’s military, while putting drag queens and transgender ‘recruits’ in their place.  I know, it sounds too crazy, but they’re saying it out loud.

In fact, Joe Biden’s nominee for Defence Secretary, retired General Lloyd Austin, has made opening the military to transgenders and eliminating white conservatives who voted for Trump his two top priorities.

Sounds bizarre, but “he has started a purge within the US military to get rid of the Trump supporters or those who merely voted for him in the elections. Sounds dystopian? Well, it is the harsh truth and there is no other way to sugarcoat it.”

The fool doing this for Biden is somewhere inside that hat

Austin even called for a ‘stand-down’ of the U.S. military while they make this braindead switch from fighting men to confused ones.

But it gets worse

The FBI has also established a network of 15,000 spies whose mandate is to target and inform on white conservatives—Trump voters—without cause, consent, or reason. 

It’s a Soviet-style pogrom. “The FBI’s undercover RAT squad is in full bloom and the target is not ANTIFA or terrorists. It’s white men. Conservative white men, who are fed up with crooked DC politics and institutions like the corrupt FBI and are vocal about their disdain.”

If one reads the history of any previous takeover by Marxists, Biden’s Bolsheviks are strikingly on plan in their ‘Take down America’ project—but there just might be a glitch.

There are roughly 80 million people who voted for Trump and might be a tad difficult to dislodge.  Why?  Because they will be better armed than Biden’s transgenders, probably better marksmen—and legally fighting not only for their homes and families, but their way of life.

And this organisation, of which I am an avid supporter, will deputise entire counties if necessary as the last line of defence against Biden’s bolsheviks and unconstitutional mandates

The most powerful man in America—under the Constitution—is not the president, but the county sheriff

An elected sheriff of a county or parish has more power than anyone.  If federal officers attempt to violate the Constitutional rights of his constituents, the county’s sheriff can arrest and hold them.

If misguided federal troops were mistakenly ordered to attack local citizens for acting within their rights, the sheriff can deputise the entire county to resist them with deadly force, as some have already promised to do when the Democrat’s Antifa/BLM militia wing was burning cities last summer.

Clay County Florida sheriff said he’d deputise all lawful gun owners in his county to prevent lawlessness—and that is within his constitutional authority (July 2020)

“If we can’t handle you, I’ll exercise the power and authority as the sheriff, and I’ll make special deputies of every lawful gun owner in this county and I’ll deputize them for this one purpose to stand in the gap between lawlessness and civility. That’s what we’re sworn to do. That’s what we’re going to do. You’ve been warned,” he said.

That, in fact, is the sworn duty of a sheriff, as this amazing organisation has reminded them. Let me repeat what these soldiers of the Constitution are saying, and I hope you’ll share that with your Constable in America, Australia, or any under Anglo-Saxon jurisprudence.

“If we can’t handle you, I’ll exercise the power and authority as the sheriff, and I’ll make special deputies of every lawful gun owner in this county and I’ll deputize them for this one purpose to stand in the gap between lawlessness and civility.

That’s what we’re sworn to do. That’s what we’re going to do. You’ve been warned,” he said.

This attitude is now spreading wildly from sheriff to sheriff across the nation and many will follow this path if necessary to prevent an overreach by federal authorities to steal the guaranteed rights of their constituents.

As the nation awakens to the horrors brought on by this stolen election—and the tsunami of evidence pouring forth every day now proving it—the Bolsheviks may soon be in for a surprise.

And giving that hope some support, General Michael Flynn just wrote minutes ago on Telegram, “President Trump will be back in the White House soon.  I promise you that.”

But if that doesn’t happen and the Bolsheviks try to move on my home nation militarily, they will meet a force no one can conquer.  And I promise you that.

Howell Woltz (no more Facebook or Twitter—find me on Telegram)

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