Speaker Pelosi’s marxist ‘majority’ in the House just shrank to 2 votes and the Senate is 50/50! Radical marxist ‘reform’ is over


Let’s start with the unhinged crazy woman in this picture – Nancy Pelosi – lead gangster in the U.S. House of Representatives.

She’s upset, because today ends her March to Marxist Madness, and we’ll tell you why.

First of all, avid Trump supporter, Luke Letlow (R-La.), died quite mysteriously before getting to Washington during the lead-up to Nancy Pelosi’s second failed attempt to oust Trump. 

Healthy young Luke never even got there, and I personally suspect the Marxists had a hand in that.

So, Luke didn’t take office, but his wife, Julia Letlow, ran for his seat and won it.  Julia was sworn in yesterday in his stead, adding one more Republican, which is a big win.

Next, three of Pelosi’s best Comrades were recruited by Biden.

Cedric Richmond, Biden’s senior advisor on MAMA (Make America Marxist Again); Secretary Marcia Fudge, who is weaponising Housing and Urban Development against Suburbanites; and Secretary of the Interior, Deb Haaland, (who won’t last long away from the cosseting in ‘DC’ if she ever goes to the real interior) – so they are out of the House.

[Ed: once Biden takes Comrades from the House of Representatives into the Administration, they can no longer vote.]

Last week, one of the most corrupt of the Marxists, Representative Alcee Hastings, died of cancer. 

So as of this week, Republicans are +1: Pelosi -4, reducing her edge to just two votes.  Yes. That means just two Democrats with integrity, can save America – maybe the Western World.

Hastings has been featured in these pages before as another corrupt federal judge – caught on camera – accepting bribes in exchange for outcomes on three occasions before they finally forced him out, back in the early1990s.

Here’s ‘Judge’ Alcee Hastings starting a speech with a ‘kill Trump’ joke last year— but he died first—and Trump might be back in DC in time for his wake

So, this corrupt Federal District Court Judge, Alcee Hastings, ran as a Democrat for Congress and won. 

He’s their kind of guy you know.

Corrupt Alcee Hastings had been in Congress ever since – on the House Ethics Committee – and no, that is not a joke, but that is what a joke the Democrats have made of a once-revered Congress.

And every one of the Marxist Lilliputians who won in Trump districts last fall (in a fixed election) will soon be shaking in their boots after what I’m about to tell you.

They may very well be recalled, and if proven to have known about the fraud during their election, may go to prison, so they will be treading on eggshells and looking for political cover, you can rest assured.

Under the circumstances revealed, not even a gangster’s daughter like House Speaker Nancy Pelosi can keep them in line, if they think voting against her will help them in next year’s election – or keep them from being indicted.

These imposters will defect in droves, suddenly claiming to be moderates instead of Marxists. All it takes is two of them to do the right thing and she loses. 

So, the House that was on fire to pass its Marxist agenda just a week ago will be reined in, starting today, with Alcee’s obituary and Letlow’s swearing-in.

We gave you the new evidence provided by Attorney DePerno earlier this week, but another bombshell just dropped from Patrick Byrne today

“80 cyber attacks flipped 2.2 million votes in five swing states, and 19 of those attacks can be attributed to enemy action out of China”—these are now proven facts and acts of war

(Well that clip didn’t last long!)

For the record, Patrick Byrne did not even vote for Trump in 2016 or 2020 but has been fighting “both wings of corruption” as he calls the Deep State and Wall Street, since 2004.

He is a billionaire and has spent millions proving how the election was stolen, both in cyberspace and the more mundane criminal conduct such as having the Chinese print ballots to pad U.S. elections where needed.

Byrne’s patriots caught it all on camera and got copies of the Chinese printed ballots stuck to the insides of the shredding machines in Georgia putting a lie to Secretary of State, Raffensberger’s claims that this did not happen.

He’s got the goods, confirmed by federal inspectors.

Now, Patrick Byrne and the other heroes who’ve outed these crimes will take stage together to show the world the whole dirty story this week.

Yes. It’s all coming out this weekend in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Mike Lindell is dropping another hammer on the scoundrels this weekend with his third film, Absolute Interference, where corporate whistleblowers from Dominion Voting Systems and world-renowned experts prove beyond a shadow of a doubt exactly how the election was stolen.

Sidney Powell will reveal the evidence being filed in courts this week against Dominion Voting Systems and Smartmatic Software proving their collusion and lies under oath contradicting their previous claims.

Lin Wood will be dropping the evidence he and Patrick Byrne gathered on the steal in Georgia, while Mike Adams and Dr. Simone Gold blow the cover off the sister hoax of the planned CCP virus attack.

If you recall, that was the excuse for the mail-in ballot fraud that allowed the Marxists to steal the election from Trump digitally, while backfilling with fake ballots printed for the mail-in vote fraud from non-existing voters (and dead ones) to cover the fake numbers.

This led many precincts to have far more votes than voters.

No fraud there, eh?

So, it wasn’t only Biden who was illegally installed by this co-ordinated digital and on-the-ground fraud, but the whole power base including many down-ballot Senators and Representatives.

Many of these Senators will be headed to court next week to get back what was stolen from them.

Let’s pause here – as that is what has them truly frightened.

So, Pelosi and the radicals are down to just a two-vote majority in the House and the Senate is at a 50/50 tie. 

Imagine what happens next week when the complete evidence of the steal proving the CCP colluded with the Democrat Party is out?  What happens when the world sees that?

The evidence is seamless and indisputable as these disparate efforts and facts create a mosaic that can no longer be ignored or denied. 

The Democrats colluded with foreign enemies to steal the election from the White House down to the local dog catcher – which is treason – and means the election must be overturned, as a matter of law by some court, be it civilian or military.

Patrick Byrne’s independent survey of American Democrat voters this week found that 52% of Biden supporters admit the election was stolen.

Independents and Republicans have acknowledged this for some time in numbers as high as 95%, for example, in Trump’s party.

But that changes the political equation completely – in Trump’s favour. 

Many Americans don’t like him, but they like cheating and colluding with the enemy even less – even if it was their own political party doing it.

That means the overwhelming majority of Americans now know, in spite of the facts being buried by Big Media and suppressed by Big Tech that the election was stolen by the Democrat Party in collusion with foreign enemies – intent on taking jobs from the Democrat party’s traditional base.

And those media hacks have now admitted to being pawns of the Marxists.

Yes, CNN admits it was ‘all in’ to defeat Trump and that was their sole purpose – which destroys any credibility CNN once had as a news agency.

We have contacted CNN activists/producers, Barbara Levin, Matt Dornic, Jonathan Hawkins, Alison Rudnick, and Oliver Darcy today asking them if they could ever become a credible news organisation again without a complete shakeup from top to bottom. 

I’ll let you know if any respond (and will give you their e-mail addresses if you want them, which I cannot do in these pages under Australian law, but I can privately).

Let’s take a moment to review

Nancy Pelosi’s death-grip on legislation was just broken by fate.

The Media and Big Tech’s power over America was just broken by the facts and admissions they lied for the Marxists, up and down the chain.

No one can ever again believe CNN.

And the truth, by hard work and courage, has now come out thanks to the patriots on stage this weekend in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

The only thing saving these down-ballot Democrats who also won by fraud is the Big Tech suppression of fact and the Media blackout of truth.

I’m keeping my GAB, Rumble and Telegram accounts, but look forward to this platform which has the real potential to bring down Facebook, Twitter and Youtube or better yet, make them irrelevant

But guess what?  That’s about to change as well. Here’s the best part!

The intense reveal of the evidence this weekend at the Health & Freedom Conference in Tulsa, Oklahoma will be followed Monday and Tuesday by two major related events:

  1. The opening of frankspeech.com, the largest freedom platform in history that does not squelch conservative voices.  It’s like a combination of Twitter and YouTube (without the censorship).
  2. A 48-hour marathon starts Monday morning for the world to see all this evidence of the election steal from conservative voices and speeches as well as many truth tellers squelched and de-platformed by the Tech tyrants – and ignored by the Marxist media.

48 hours of straight truth from the suppressed voices telling it – as the platform explodes, worldwide – and the marathon emcee counts and posts the millions as they join from all over the world.

There has never been such a marathon or launch in history to my knowledge since Jerry Lewis’s Telethons when I was a child.

But instead, Frankspeech will be tallying patriots from Australia, Italy, England, France and China who want their countries back – asking for nothing in return

The world’s major conservative media influencers are already on Frankspeech according to Lindell, and their content has been filed, but no other material will be posted except comments for the first two weeks to prevent the inevitable bots and attacks.

Then?  It’s open to the world with only two rules – don’t take the Lord’s name in vain and don’t say just three impolite words. 

Just three, but Dominion, vaccine, hydroxychloroquine and Trump are not among them.

The idea is to offer the finest information from day one, while signing up conservatives worldwide on a platform that cannot be taken down.

Mike Lindell, the founder, spells it out on this episode of Steve Bannon’s War room.

frankspeech.com is completely independent of all others with its own server farms (four of them), designed to give free voices a place to be heard no matter from where they originate – immune from being de-platformed.

This is the end game – be it military or judicial – it’s over.

After this intense reveal in the court of public opinion on Friday and Saturday, those meant and paid to handle such matters, (State and Federal judges) can no longer hide under their daises pretending the steal didn’t happen.

If they do, they will be subject to impeachment or recall themselves – for which I will personally and vocally press as a U.S. citizen. 

Action will be demanded by an awakened public and while 52% of the Democrats already admit their party did it – all of them will know it by Monday.

Only the hardest-core Marxists (and participants) will deny it after this, and we’ll be able to spot the guilty by those who continue lying.

If the civil courts don’t act with reasonable haste, the military courts will be tasked with that duty – which is why the Bolsheviks are trying to expel patriots as quickly as possible.

They will replace them with transgender recruits during Lloyd Austin’s 90-day ‘stand-down’ for this stated purpose.

But they’re out of time and there are far more powerful patriots in the senior ranks of the U.S. military than Biden’s playtime Defence guy, Austin, who may not even know what’s in store for him.

This puppet, General Austin, is not even getting full briefings himself from the military – and his status will run out Monday, once it’s clear he was appointed by a fraudulent president and his confirmation was done by a fraudulent Congress.

Pelosi’s iron-fisted days are over, so her radical legislation will die on the vine. 

There will be no federalisation of elections to cement the 2020 fraud nationwide (HR 1), and no more bankrupting Green New Deal nonsense can pass Congress, if Republicans show even the least bit of spine. 

Biden’s new scheme to pack the Supreme Court with Marxists announced this week?  Dead on arrival.

Once they smell the coffee in Washington Monday morning, I expect a few Democrats will start talk of switching parties.

How many seats in the House were stolen by the Marxists? 

No one knows until the evidence being exhibited this week is tabulated down to each precinct, but political operative Dick Morris estimates at least seven were robbed by the Democrats, just in California.

And this is the turning point.

I believe those who won in reality will challenge the thugs in Washington, DC who stole their seats now that the evidence is in hand.

Not only in the House, but Senators from Michigan to Georgia were outright robbed as well, and the data proves it.

War hero, John James, will be the Senator from Michigan and RINO Republicans Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue who actually won in Georgia, will send Marxist operatives, Ossoff and Warnock back to face criminal charges in Georgia.

And that’s the ball game, folks.  It won’t all end next week, but the tide has turned in truth’s favour and it will wash this trash out to sea to feed the Kraken.

When just a handful of Congressmen get their seats back in California, and three Senators from Michigan and Georgia are in the Senate – guess what?

The entire power dynamic in America changes overnight. 

If all the rigged elections are examined, the Republicans will have a stunning majority by summer, thanks to the man at the top of the ticket last year, Donald J. Trump, and they will be seated without any further election as the numbers are in. 

Trump brought the good, the bad, and the ugly to triumph, whether they deserved it or not, and he will be due their thanks.

Sorry to interrupt, Sir, but you’re urgently needed back at the White House!

Maybe they will be grateful enough to actually do something when he’s back in DC as the real President.

For those of you who bashed the messengers all these months – no worries – but we also took a bashing from the real enemies of truth for telling it.

They suppressed us, sent bots to block our content (I never knew it until I  got a VPN and tracking software that identified Twitter, Facebook and Google bots were tracking and decimating content, even after I was off their platforms).

They throttled our reads or refused to post them to the point that we had to move off Amazon (AWS) to private servers last week and rebuild, almost from ‘scratch’.

But that means The Richardson Post was right over the target.  The bastards don’t waste flack rounds on those who aren’t.

So let’s all help Harry as he rebuilds what Big Tech and Big Media have torn down. 

We’re basically having to rebuild from the ground up just for being right.

His Tech team is adding back a Donate button, so let’s all use it!

Howell Woltz

The Richardson Post (Find me on Telegram and Gab-I’m no longer on the Censors like Facebook and Twitter)