We’ve got the goods on them—but what happens now?

The Investor Business Daily headlines roared, “U.S. has 3.5 Million More Registered Voters Than Live Adults  –  A Red Flag For Electoral Fraud,” back in August of 2017, but no one other than President Trump seems to have heard it.

And for any who want to argue my claim of no global warming evidence – we just had the sharpest decrease of temperatures in a century.  That’s right – and I’m writing a book about it.

You want to argue, Fake Factcheckers?  Call NASA about that, as I’m busy right now on the book.

But unlike various Climate Hoaxes in my life – Cooling and Warming – there was massive voter fraud in 2020

Let’s dig into Arizona as that reveal is coming right now in real time.  The Marxists blinked when the judge ordered them to put up $1 million or shut up last Friday and they folded their hand – but only for the moment I suspect.

The Republicans’ Royal Flush trumped Marc Elias’s hand. The Democrats didn’t even have a pair.

I would have bet the ranch that Hillary’s bag man would have ponied up the dough just to keep the scam on the down low, and I’d have lost.

His paymaster, HRC, is allegedly ‘out of town’ for good, so they folded. (More on that story another day), but I never count the Alinskyites out.

The Arizona audit will prove just in terms of illegal votes, this is what the Democrats did:

Absentee ballots cast from non-voter address                     19,997
Absentee ballot returned before mailing                          22,903 
Double vote                                                         197 
Ghost votes (person not at that address)                          5,790 
Mail-in ballots past registration date                          150,000 
No address on file for voter                                      2,000  
Non-citizen voters                                               36,473 
Out-of-State voters                                               5,726 
More votes than registered voters                                11,676 
ILLEGAL VOTES IN 2020 ARIZONA ELECTION                          254,762 

This does not include the now proven Dominion Voting Systems fraud, vote-switching, or use of non-watermarked, illegal ballots.

Ladies and gentlemen, that means (thanks to Dr. Peter Navarro) the Democrat fraud is at least 24 times the alleged Biden victory margin of 10,457 votes.  Remember, that doesn’t include the machine fraud.

Just for fun, let’s do one more state – GEORGIA

Absentee ballots cast before or after deadline                   305,701
Dead voters                                                       10,315 
Double voters                                                        395 
Felons who voted illegally                                         2,560 
Ghost voters                                                      15,700 
Juvenile voters                                                   66,247 
No address on file                                                 1,043 
Non-registered                                                     2,423 
Out-of-state voters                                               20,312 
Voting machine irregularities (fake ballots & spikes)            136,155 
Votes not registered in the county                                40,279 
 ILLEGAL VOTES IN 2020 GEORGIA ELECTION                          601,130 

This, again, does not include the now proven Dominion Voting Systems fraud, vote-switching, nor does it include all the illegal ballots, such as those found that were printed in Communist China to pack the vote.

Ladies and gentlemen, that means the Democrat fraud is 51 times the alleged Biden victory margin of 11,779 votesagain, thanks to Dr. Peter Navarro.

And it will prove to be much, much more – from folds and watermarks – or more correctly, the lack thereof

Real ballots are watermarked and some are isotopes seen only under ultraviolet light

So yes.  The Democrats are busted, big time, as that is the first thing the investigators are doing as they scan in the ballots in Maricopa County. 

Democrat’s Chinese ballots don’t have a watermark.  Oops!

They put them under ultraviolet light to see if the ballot was real or fake.

Watermarked ballot paper is used even in Nigeria and Uganda. Here’s the California Secretary of State’s order for ‘CA poppies’ as example.

Padilla chose the California poppy

Padilla is now in the U.S. Senate warming Vice-President Kamala Harris’s cushion while she temporarily holds that office.

Next in the game of musical chairs is Jovan Hutton Pulitzer

Mail-in-ballots were sent out in fraud states to the dead, those illegally in the country and to any names added to the rolls of persons who do not exists, by the hundreds of thousands in 2018 and by the millions in 2020.

The U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Pennsylvania just forced the hapless Secretary of State to remove 21,000 dead people from her voting rolls – over her objection – as example.

But if they were mailed out, they must be double folded and put into an envelope, even if a dead person received them, right?  That’s the way mail works, and ballots are folded by machine.

So how did hundreds of thousands of ballots nationwide (including Pennsylvania) come back in with no fold mark – and in many cases, no pressure points where the Biden vote was marked, as it appears to have been printed on the ballot instead?

These digital signatures of fraud can be picked up quickly and processed by the millions to kick out fake ballots and fraudulent ones, as seen in the short clip above.  It’s worth a watch.

That’s how the millions of votes added the day after the election will be outed, thanks to this brilliant man who invented QR scan codes and over 200 other useful tools in our digital world today.

OK.  The election was stolen, but there’s nothing you can do about it according even to The American Thinker!

I saw the article, but as a lifelong student of the U.S. Constitution – having written two books on it – I take issue with that claim.

First, we must remember that it was those States – sovereign in their own right – that collectively joined together to create the federal government, not as some superior body, but as one to co-ordinate the sharing of defence, trade and financial commerce amongst them – and they jealously guarded the power to control who served them at the national level.

Without getting too deep in the weeds, the State legislatures hold the keys to elections for national representation, and they do so exclusively.

Neither state or federal courts nor executives in those states can legally defraud them of that duty – yet many did in the 2020 elections.

The hapless Pennsylvania Secretary of State, for example, usurped that power as did Georgia’s executives and others, certifying an election over the objections of their legislatures just as the fraud was coming to light.

So that’s the start in each of these States – prove the fraud by a forensic audit – then take your sovereignty seriously and act like you own that power as you do under the U.S. Constitution.

You, the State legislatures, rule the process by law and Constitution, so stand up and act like it.


As the fraud is revealed in each state, the Legislature must officially decertify the election not only for Biden, but the down-ballot seats stolen as well, claiming fraud on behalf of not only their state election officials, but the Democrat Party, Big Tech co-conspirators (who illegally seized control of the count in six fraud states), and foreign nations and powers who co-ordinated and participated in the fraud.

By putting it in the laps of the traitors – both foreign and domestic – this immediately becomes a federal issue that no other court can resolve.


Officially and immediately recall any Senator or Representative proven by the audit to have been elected fraudulently, and address how to replace them as each State determines under its sole authority to do so.

It should be clear who won once the fraud is removed, so those individuals can be immediately seated on the authority of the legislature.  If the vote is still close – hold another election in that district using paper ballots and hand-counting to ascertain the winner, then send them to Washington.


Officially and immediately notify the Chief Executive in the White House that your State did not elect him and you are formally removing your Electors’ votes for him due to fraud.

Further, inform him the evidence is overwhelming that other States did not legally elect him either – so you therefore refuse to follow any of his mandates until his status is clarified and proven.

Your State also rescinds his ability to call up your state’s national guard, or to send troops inside your boundaries until he can establish his authority in a court with authority to do so – which is The Supreme Court of the United States.

Any mandates, Executive Orders, or fiats have no force of law in your State until the crisis is resolved.


Notify the Speaker of the House and the Senate Leader that no legislation passed by the faux representatives or signed by the faux president into law have legal or lawful force in your State, nor will they be honoured or enforced in your sovereign nation-state until all fraud is revealed and cured and no funds from your State may be used to finance this legislation.


Why do I say this?  Because this hot potato is now in their lap.  Those generally sedate hacks-in-black are wide awake for a change, and we’ll tell you why.

The Bolsheviks are on a two-track quest to pack the sorry, no-good, worthless Supreme Court of the United States from 9 members to 13.

Here’s marxist Senator Markey laying it all out how he’s going Venezuela

If it weren’t for the Marxists breathing down our necks to destroy my home nation, I’d be giddy about it just so the bastards could sit on the sidelines for the rest of their lives and watch, but we can’t allow it.

Beijing Biden has set up a ‘commission’ to study the idea as cover, but Senator Ed Markey – AOC’s co-sponsor of the Green New Deal designed to take control of all private property – has already submitted a bill to do it and is spruiking the idea to media allies seeking America’s decline.

Please keep in mind that this plot to take over control of all American property is also before the legislature and a packed Supreme Court will allow it, so the stakes are the highest in America’s history.

But I’m betting on the court only because this affects these spineless worms in their individual capacity, not because they want to save America (I exempt Justices Alito and Thomas from this characterisation as worms).

Now they’re paying attention and have a personal interest in getting justice done for a change

So this is how I believe the situation will work out.  The world is literally watching via nine livefeed cameras trained on the actual ballot recount in Arizona.

Complete transparency, versus middle of the night fraud, shows who is interested in integrity, but more than that it’s showing honest Democrats what was done in their name and many of them don’t like what their own party did even more than they hated Trump.

As previously reported, over half of Biden voters (52%) now admit the election was stolen and more or less all the Republicans and Independents know it, so that is changing the political landscape hourly.

Plus, this little taste of totalitarianism has made even Trump haters long for sensible governance – like borders, biology, budgets and business – to be respected rather than trashed.

As states put forth challenges that involve (and prove) acts of war by the CCP co-ordinated with at least six other nations – Britain, Italy, Pakistan, Spain, Germany and Iraq – and domestic billionaires acting as terrorists in co-ordination with the Democrat Party, it may move beyond the civil courts’ jurisdiction into the military – as many say has already begun.

But for those who say ‘nothing can be done’ – you don’t know my countrymen as well as I do.  Americans are not going to sit idly by as these dimwitted Marxists put our nation asunder.

And just for the record, don’t ever tell one of us that ‘nothing can be done’ when somebody starts trashing our nation – or our allies.

We’re the sons, daughters and grandchildren of the people who stormed the beaches of Normandy to save Europe and attacked impenetrable fortifications throughout the Pacific to save the same Chinese Communists now seeking to take down my nation with help from their Democrat allies.

They almost succeeded, but the battle is only now beginning.  It took us a while to realise that the rot was within, but we understand it now.

Now that we’re awake, if you think we’re going to let some demented Marxist fossils like Pelosi, Biden and Schumer conspire with Xi and Tech billionaires to destroy us without a reckoning, then we have some differences that words might not be able to settle.

And yes, we just heard that Hillary’s boy, Marc Elias, and the Democrats have somehow forced Judge Coury to recuse himself and his 72 fellow attorneys are swarming the capital like rats to buy off another – but that has not stopped the audit yet.

Further, the Legislature still holds the sole power to determine their methods and means, so those ‘co-equal’ branches in Arizona have no authority to compel otherwise, meaning they can be ignored if Elias and the Democrats buy (or threaten) a judge who tries to overstep his authority.

The first State Legislature that stands up will go down in history – and right now, I’m betting on Mark Finchem, Sonny Borrelli, and Karen Fann, the Arizona State Senators who are fighting this fight down in Arizona, to be America’s statues of tomorrow.

Will we win?  I still don’t know, but I can guarantee we won’t go down without a fight.

Howell Woltz

The Richardson Post