“If CCP virus came from Wuhan lab, Dr. Fauci is its father”- Dr. Peter Navarro

The Richardson Post was one of the first worldwide to report that the origin of the Wuhan virus was the CCP’s P-4 lab in Hubei Province, from one of our contacts there. (March 16, 2020)

The courageous Dr. Li-Meng Yan, escaped to the West and told the world the rest of the story – so Big Tech banned her. Why? Good question.

Dr. Yan is from mainland China but worked as a scientist in the World Health Organisation reference virology lab at the University of Hong Kong. 

Dr. Li-Meng Yan escaped from China to tell us what happened, but the media cabal and big tech kept it quiet—until now—why?

Once safely in America, she went public, ‘saying that it was not just created in a specific Wuhan lab, but was actually an “unrestricted bioweapon” which was, in fact, intentionally released.

So Let’s Follow the Money

There is one man behind this evil, and his name is Dr. Anthony Fauci – the highest paid person in all the U.S. Government – $417,000 per year. 

Yes, the Father of the Wuhan Virus makes more than the President of the United States

Just last week he was caught bragging to drinking buddies at his favourite bar in Bethesda, Maryland (The Barking Dog) that he was paid an extra $9,000,000, according to journalist, Keith Richards (who doesn’t moonlight with The Rolling Stones– Ed).

When asked if the money came from vaccine sales, Fauci refused to answer, but pulled a copy of a bank statement from his briefcase and showed his drinking buddies around the table the transfer.

This is the worm responsible for sending the virus to the CCP, authorising its weaponisation and paying a total of $7.4 m to do it

“Gain-of-function” experimentation was determined to be too unsafe in 2011 and shut down.

That didn’t stop Fauci and Friends who surreptitiously kept it going, while patenting every possible derivative for when it ‘escaped’.

Fauci partnered with Peter Daszak of Eco Health Alliance and spread the seeds of millions with his Globalist pals – Rockefeller (David), Gates (Bill’s Eugenicist father), George Soros and even the Rothschilds (who patented the virus’s biometrics in 2015 and 2017 in both The Netherlands and the U.S.) – before its release in 2019.

Sounds crazy, right?  Not to Globalists who were trying to ‘reduce our numbers by 80%’ according to the sponsors of this event.

Ted Turner (just behind Fauci, in the back row with Bill Gates, Sr. And David Rockefeller) is on video saying our number must be reduced by 80-90% or we would become cannibals – by now

Yes.  Ted Turner, one of the Founders of Aurelio Peccei’s Club of Rome said it and meant it. 

In 1996, at a similar event he said, “The total population of 250-300 million people is ideal.  That means a reduction of 95% from present levels, which would be even more ideal.”

So how did they propose ‘getting rid’ of 95% of ‘us’?

Their virus expert, Dr. Anthony Fauci, and his friend, Bill Gates, had some ideas on that as far back as 2002 – a virus and a vaccine. 

Gates is even on video in a TED talk saying that vaccines could be used to reduce populations which not even his Facebook ‘Fact-Checkers’ have been able to remove, but I digress. 

Back to El Wormo, Dr. Anthony Fauci.

On May 10, 2021, Dr. Peter Navarro said that Fauci was responsible for ‘killling millions’ and then laid out what he calls ‘the receipts’ begging the media hacks to try and fact check him

Dr. Navarro first met Dr. Fauci in the Situation Room of the White House  in January of 2020, where the two men argued. 

Fauci was adamant, arrogant, and ‘pissed off’ that Dr. Navarro was telling the President he must immediately shut down all travel from China.

Why would a supposed ‘virologist’ not want to stop the flood of infected people who were carrying this new deadly disease?

The question answers itself – as does Fauci’s bank account

Dr. Navarro has laid out the facts for the media bunglers who vilified real journalists stating the facts now for a year, as they are slowly forced to admit they were either wrong or more likely, lied for the Dems.

This is not only a manmade virus, but one made and paid for by U.S. Democrats surreptitiously, using taxpayer millions, in collaboration with my home nation’s greatest enemy – the CCP – you know, the ones who just helped the Democrats steal the 2020 election to remove Donald J. Trump.

When former CDC Director, Robert R. Redfield, Jr., recently admitted the Wuhan lab was the only real option as the virus’s source, the MSNBC bobbleheads didn’t just clutch their pearls, it was more like watching a slow motion stroke on camera.

Rachel Maddow has had that constipated look on her face ever since the ‘scientists’ admitted Trump was right about the virus

Then CNN’s go-to-doc, Sanjay Gupta, also admitted that this was the most likely source, causing an online meltdown. 

They’re still picking up the pieces of the shattered egos and chips from their Pinocchio noses.

Dr. Nicholas Wade, a noted science journalist, then left them bug-eyed after his long epistle in Medium finding no other plausible explanation than a manmade virus escaping – or being released – from the Wuhan lab.

And then the hammer came down from homegirl, New South Wales native writer/journalist Shari Markson, in The Australian, laying it all out. 

Now known worldwide for her no-nonsense reporting, Shari has a book about the Wuhan lab leak coming out in September proving the case.

So here are the now indisputable facts laid out by Dr. Peter Navarro (Twitter banned me when I wrote about them last year) as stated yesterday on Steve Bannon’s Warroom Pandemic Show:

  • Fact:  Fauci funded Wuhan lab through NIH [National Institute of Health]
  • Fact: U.S. taxpayer funds to Wuhan laundered through Peter Daszak
  • Fact: Fauci reinstituted “gain of function” research capability at Wuhan
  • Fact: Gain of function tools can weaponise viruses
  • Fact: Daszak bragged about using gain of function to alter viruses in Wuhan
  • Fact: No proof viruses jumped from animal to humans (unlike SARS 1)
  • Fact: Growing number think virus came from Wuhan lab – Redfield, Gupta, Wade, Markson

Why would the world’s richest people want most of us dead with a manmade disease?

That’s the real question, isn’t it? 

The Club of Rome was founded in 1968 with this goal and purpose as published in their 1971 dossier, Limits to Growth, which its author, Alexander King, concluded by saying, “so humanity is the problem,” meaning the only way to solve it was by getting rid of ‘us’.

Ted Turner was not only giving his personal opinion that our numbers must be ‘reduced’ significantly.

It was, in fact, the Club of Rome’s official position, adopted by the President of the European Commission, Sicco Mansholt, in 1972, when he told his colleagues that the Club of Rome message had to become “the fundament of the European Union.”

Charlie Chester admits on undercover camera they’re swinging back to the climate hoax from covid for their fear porn – “fear sells,” he says

But the Covid story is dead or dying and we’re not!

That’s right.  They didn’t expect Trump to listen to Dr. Navarro and stop travel from China or pull out the stops on a vaccine that even Fauci said would take until 2030 – so the 80-95% didn’t die.

Yep.  Charlie admitted it.  CNN is propaganda – for Democrats – and he says without them, Trump would not have lost!

So now they’re pivoting back to the Global Warming Scarefest.

And what is really troubling about that is that Charlie Chester and CNN are doing this even though there has been a record drop in global temps since 2016 – and they know it.

Two things in closing…

One – Dr. Anthony Fauci and his enabling billionaire buddies are criminals of the worst order who should all be in prison or hung for what they just did to ‘us’. 

There are rumours that Bill Gates, the Rockefeller Family and George Soros have already been found “criminally liable” by the nation of Peru for their part in this virus and its intent.

If true, then Fauci just needs to be added as the Father of the disease and convicted as well.

We have millions dead, economies in shambles, children damaged for life and a stolen election to put Marxists in power in service to America’s greatest enemy – the CCP – all planned, and all done on purpose.

Two – the Global Warming Hoax is as fabricated as their laboratory disease. 

Temperatures have dropped more since 2016 than in a century – eliminating the reduction goals of both their Green New Steal and the Paris Climate Accords, which had nothing to do with ‘Climate Change’ in the first place.

That’s why the real president, Donald J. Trump, pulled out of all ridiculous ‘climate’ deals and showed the Green New Deal and Agenda 21 for what they were – Socialist power-grabs.

They were and are intended to decimate the United States financially and destroy its ability to compete on world markets.

Fool us once, shame on you.  Fool us twice – well it ain’t happening anymore.

As for the new name, “Climate Change” it’s called ‘weather’ and the closer we are to the sun in our elliptical orbits (100,000 year cycles) and  Milankovitch Cycles (19-26,000 years) the warmer – or cooler – our planet will always be.

That’s the ‘science’ and in a few weeks you can see a book that explains it all – The Global Warming Plot: its roots and ramifications in a cooling world.  Send your copy and I’ll sign it if you like.

But it’s time we all join together and take on these people who want to kill and control us, and meet them head-on as one. 

The gilets jaunes calling for civil war in France to stop the Islamification of their homeland are our brothers and sisters.

The patriots in Spain, Germany and England storming their streets to condemn tyrannical lockdowns and senseless immigration policies, are with us.

The 167 million Dalits in India and the billion Hindus escaping Muslim violence are family with our cause.

The Deplorables in America rising up against unconstitutional Marxist policies and a clearly stolen election are no longer alone.

And the billion lao baixing of China seeking to breathe freedom as the CCP loses its ‘Mandate of Heaven’ – are our brothers and sisters as well.

We must determine that we are the ones who will control this planet and our futures – not ‘them’ – the self-appointed Elites – be they the Klaus Schwabs and Soroses, Xi Xinping and his CCP, or the Islamo-Nazis of Dar al-Islam.

We win or lose against this Triumvirate of Evil – by standing together, instead of falling apart as the so-called ‘Elites’ hoped and expected.

Howell Woltz

The Richardson Post (please join me on Telegram)