Led by special forces’ chiefs, Brig. Gen. Don Bolduc, Lt. Gen. Jerry Boykin and Maj. Gen. Gary Harrell—the gauntlet is thrown to Marxists

These brave men put their lives on the line for America and they’re ready to do it again

In just 120 days, the Democrat Marxists have instituted a radical plan to destroy America in service to the Globalist transnational corporations, the CCP’s Wall Street backers, and Democrat Masters in Beijing and Davos.

And the greatest military men alive just put them on notice

The Marxists have done the unthinkable to the United States in less than the lifespan of many of their fellow insects.  They have:

  • Thrown open the borders to any comers – and are paying them to come
  • Gutted the military, by turning it into a Marxist social experiment
  • Put the nation on its final glide slope to bankruptcy spending trillions
  • Introduced legislation to institute voter fraud forever
  • Instituted Critical Racist Theory in the military and schools
  • Decimated America’s energy independence, shutting it down
  • Started an inflationary spiral that will soon make life unaffordable for regular Americans
  • Unleashed tyrants to begin wars abroad to feed Globalist interests
  • Issued illegal mandates using ‘Executive Orders’ to by-pass Congress

Just take a look at the new ‘woke’ army recruitment ad and then tell me I’m overstating the case:

The CIA has one that is even worse if that is imaginable.

The generals who trained special forces fighting Marxism in other nations have the right stuff to stop it at home

The letter leaves no room for error—American Marxists are on notice that ‘enemies both foreign and domestic’ should look out

The letter can be read in its entirety on the Website, flagofficers4america.com, or by using this link:


Tens of thousands delta forces, green berets, seals & rangers revere these leaders who trained them and will heed their call

The forces of good will eclipse the Marxists

The 2020 election audit in Arizona has already revealed massive fraud including the fact that the Election Board – four of five are Republicans – were paid $3 million dollars by Mark Zuckerberg, and that money is now missing – plus, they didn’t even have passwords to the election process or keys to the voting equipment.

They farmed all that out to Dominion, who had two of their employees run the election instead – and now the backup data has somehow been deleted

The State of Wisconsin has ordered a complete audit, and the State of Georgia is next – ground zero of the massive fraud – with Michigan, Pennsylvania and Nevada headed in that direction as well.

Patriots are awakened and the non-Marxist Democrats are scratching their heads wondering what the hell happened to their party – and leaving it.

The plot was decades in the making and it will take some time to unwind it, starting with the corrupt education system run by Marxist unions who serve their ideology above America.

Two generations of Americans have been warped and brainwashed into believing that America is bad and that Karl Marx was a great man – while avoiding the fact that his ideology was responsible for the murder, starvation and imprisonment of 167 million souls – thus far.

This is a wound that won’t heal until the stolen election(s) of 2020 are unwound and corrected

We’re not waiting till ‘next’ election like usual– we’re going to fix the last one

The tides can turn quickly now that the evidence has been revealed.  The fraud was on such a massive scale that no one can ignore it any longer.  It is now being openly discussed even on the Marxist media – mockingly of course – but they’re having to start talking about it as more devastating evidence of fraud by Marxists at home and abroad is revealed daily.

103 million (66.7% of the 153 million registered) voters turned out on November 3, 2020, and somehow cast 158 million votes for Joe Biden, Donald Trump and Independents running for President.

Let me repeat that for any liberals reading this – 103 million voters, cast 158 million votes for president – which in an honest election is impossible.

I went to school back when 2 + 2 still equaled 4, and these numbers don’t add up.

As you may have noticed, I’m not giving up

Send all the hate mail you wish, but unless you grew up a proud American, you probably can’t claim to know my people like I do, and they will not in the end allow this type of criminal fraud to steal their nation.

Donald Trump will be back and several Republican Senators and Congressmen will be with him once the audits are completed, while the Marxists who stole their seats go home in shame – or to prison.

And these people will be on fire to swap out the limp-wristed Republicans in leadership and replace them with capable Americans ready to carve the cancer out of my nation’s institutions, starting with any university or college receiving federal funds while still harbouring tenured Marxists.

That’s where it started, so that’s the place to begin by hiring teachers and professors who love their nation and that for which it stands – while ending the Marxist unionisation of those teaching our children just as Reagan disbanded the Air Traffic Controllers.

Some jobs are too sacred to allow outside forces control over them. 

Teachers and professors taking our tax dollars work for us – the parents and taxpayers – not foreign powers or domestic traitors.

Howell Woltz

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