And we’re not talking about polyester shirts and disco dancing

Inflation! Collapse of wages! Welcome to the Marxist utopia under Beijing Biden.

Personal income in America just dived by 13% – the largest drop in the nation’s history, including wars, depressions and disasters – but no disaster ever hit incomes like the American Marxists stealing the 2020 election.

And while incomes dive, the cost of living is shooting up like a rocket under their braindead America Last policies.

Inflation – Personal Consumption Expenditures Index – jumped 3.1% last month.  The basics that fuel inflation have risen astronomically since Biden and the Bolsheviks stole the White House.

Gas- +41%

Corn- +62%

Lumber- +176%

Copper- +50%

Can they be any more stupid?  Oh yeah.  Just watch. They’re Marxists.

Lenin was certainly right. There is no subtler, no surer means of overturning the existing basis of society than to debauch the currency. The process engages all the hidden forces of economic law on the side of destruction, and does it in a manner which not one man in a million is able to diagnose – John Maynard Keynes


I guess the Bolsheviks figure they can rig the next election like they did the last, so they’re destroying America while they can, but the tens of thousands of energy sector jobs they’ve killed will have a political price.

This is what it looked like the last time fools ran energy policy like the marxists are now doing to end American competitiveness 

Adding insult to injury for these tens of thousands of displaced American workers – the Marxists are buying oil from America’s enemy, Iran, instead of letting Americans make a living producing their own.


As an Economist, I can tell you that what Biden and the Bolsheviks are doing is textbook (and therefore, intentional) ruination of the United States economy.

Printing trillions of unbacked dollars – the Marxists’ latest budget is $6 trillion – on top of trillions in ‘stimulus’ has created a situation where too many dollars are chasing too few goods, which has already resulted in price increases across the board – but that’s not all.

American manufacturing, farming and transport of goods all run on oil. Within hours of the putsch taking over the White House on January 20th of this year, Biden’s first act was to shut down the Keystone Pipeline Project.

Then he ended drilling on Federal lands – killing energy production in America, to benefit who?

640 million acres—about 28% of the nation—is now shut down


If I were installed as a puppet of a foreign government to destroy America – oh let’s just say by Communist China, to pick a name out of a hat – I would mirror the madness of these Marxists.

First, I’d shut down America’s energy independence, which made the nation Great Again under Trump, restoring it as a competitor in the world, and I’d start enriching terrorists like in the old days, you know, like buying oil from Iran instead of using my own. 

Yep, first time they have done that since 1991 – and it’s illegal – but who’s watching when the Department of Justice and the FBI are in our pocket, and nobody in the controlled press will say a word!  Just watch!  You won’t hear a peep.

That will, of course, lead to some good wars which I can use as a distraction from what we’re doing back home. It will also make me a hero with the war industry.

And I’d invite the world to come to America by flinging open the gates and turning Border Patrol into a daycare centre for unaccompanied little children.

That’ll keep my Democrat and Hollywood fans happy!  They love little children, you know – especially ‘unaccompanied’ ones.

What’s more, we will teach them to love Marxism so they vote right.

My comrades in the Marxist Teachers Unions have already been doing that for years!

I’d also keep everyone locked down and scared of a flu that has the death rate of chicken pox to prevent the economy from recovering.

That will give my patrons in Beijing, who sent this bio-weapon to us, a head start in supplanting America as the world’s dominant power.

Got to help out my friends.

And I’d definitely move my madness into the military – making transgenderism the focus instead of battle-readiness.

I’d also mandate racist studies to divide the troops and make them unable to trust each other when under fire.

I’d keep the schools locked down except for online indoctrination in Marxism and racism.

Meanwhile, I’d give my comrades in the teachers unions fat bonuses and the promise of mis-educating kids as young as three once my power is consolidated.

I’d sign the biggest pork spending bills in the nation’s history to give my Marxist comrades billions as payment for fixing the election, while simultaneously taking the national debt to numbers never before imagined.

I’d rejoin the Paris Climate Accord, even though its goal of a 1.5 degree cap was reached by nature when the temperatures dropped by that amount in just two years, restoring our world to pre-1980s numbers.

But I’d rejoin anyway as that would wipe out another $134 trillion unnecessarily while not requiring anything of my pals in Beijing.  That’s right, not anything.

And I’d do all this using a power not found in the U.S. Constitution.

Rather than that messy process of passing legislation, I’d just do it all by decree and an invented power of ‘Executive Order’. 

I’d have the country on its knees before any court could or would challenge me.


The marxist may have taken America temporarily, but it’s not over till it’s over

That’s right. It’s not over. 

I say that because even the Marxists down for the Revolution didn’t expect to see their nation plummet from the highest job numbers across all races and the best economy in its history, to this.

The thing is, no one can blame it on the Wuhan flu as Florida, Texas, South Dakota and other properly run states have proven.

Those states have rebounded, setting records, while the Marxist-run states are largely bankrupt.

Plus, each week it seems, another State legislature – which Constitutionally hold all power over elections in America – are voting to audit what happened last November.

Do you think they’re happy with Washington plutocrats stealing their power and not leaving any for them?  Of course not.

And their crimes are becoming so obvious that few can ignore it, leading to major consequences.

The fake ballots we reported that were found in a Fulton County, Georgia warehouse with the Chinese documents still attached (by Patrick Byrne’s detectives) were ordered sealed and protected by a federal judge.

But this past weekend, as Georgia voted for an audit, the local police under the command of Atlanta Mayor – Soros-funded Marxist, Keisha Bottoms – were called off the watch and they left the doors open to destroy ‘chain of custody’, it seems by intent.

Her own website states that “Mayor Bottoms is responsible for the general management of the City and for seeing that all laws and ordinances are enforced,” but that is only if they don’t conflict with orders from Soros headquarters, apparently. 

Let’s be clear.  The Atlanta police can only be called off a federal judge’s orders by one person – Atlanta Mayor, Keisha Lance Bottoms – and she can only be called off her duty by the Soros clan.

Her illegal actions coincided with her announcement not to seek re-election.  Was that part of a plea agreement perhaps?

So, let’s check in on the first big audit

Maricopa County in Arizona has confirmed a level of fraud previously unseen as it finishes half the audit of 2.1 million ballots and just voted to do it again to remove all doubt.

This hero, Arizona representative, Mark Finchem, promises to take it all the way and just announced his run for Secretary Of State

Our sources close to the audit estimate that as many as 33,400 non-Arizonans and false ballots were included as will be found out, erasing the Marxist’s false win by 3:1 and proving us right once again.

What is done with this information is up to the Arizona Senate, not the federal government, the Board of Elections or the compromised Governor, so it’s game on.

The dead voters, fake registrations and vote-switching now proven by other patriots will likely drive this number of false votes much higher.

Even without those, however, Beijing Biden’s alleged 11,000 vote victory is gone already by multiples and the recount is only half over.

The Arizona Senate can now rescind its electoral votes for Biden which were improperly sent by Governor Doug Ducey, and improperly accepted by then Vice-President Pence.

That will throw the entire 2020 election into dispute – not only for the resident President but resounding up and down the ballot.

That will change the entire power structure in America overnight.

Michigan, Nevada, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Georgia and even smaller States like New Hampshire, are also moving towards audits, meaning this is far from over.  It is only beginning.

As Trump Campaign Strategic Advisor, Boris Epshteyn, told The War Room audience yesterday, “The freight train of audits is traveling across the country!”

Boris added, “To all of those on CNN/MSNBC who are absolutely obsessed with this story, here’s my message: You are right, you should be obsessed with this story because this is the biggest political earthquake in the history of the United States of America!”

In fact, our source just told us that Pennsylvania legislators were in Arizona today to view the audit process, planning a similar one in their own state.

The same fraud was used in all 50 states – as proven in these pages over the past six months – so the outcome will not ultimately accrue in the Marxists’ favour.

The elected President, Donald J. Trump, is tanned, rested and ready – several pounds lighter according to his most recent interviewer (former White House Advisor, Steven Cortes) and prepared to assume his second term.

With the stroke of his pen, all can be put right again.

America would return to energy independence and that would act like a defibrillator to its economy, returning tens of thousands of energy jobs and America’s birthright – self-reliance on its own resources – will once more prevail.

Borders will close and even legal immigration put on hold to allow assimilation as Americans, not hyphenated groups of malcontents, as was required a century ago and lasted until the 1960s.

Racist and Marxist teachings from kindergarten/university to military will be put asunder – and teaching of America’s true history and exceptionalism will return.

The federal bureaucracy – the heart of the Marxist movement – will be put on leave for a month, then fired, with any necessary (Constitutional) duties moved to the heartland, allowing billions of dollars in unneeded federal buildings to be sold to pay off debts or build a surplus.

Marxism will no longer receive federal funding in any shape or form in education, grants, international organisations or any teaching in the U. S. or abroad. 

This has been akin to forcing the Church to fund lessons in Satanism – the antithesis of its purpose – and it must stop.

American debt to China ($1.2 trillion) becomes a fund for small businesses decimated by their virus instead, and China’s railroad bonds from the last century ($1.6 trillion) still owed to American investors, are paid by increased tariffs on all Chinese goods until paid in full.

The private Federal Reserve then prints enough of its unbacked currency to pay off all debts accrued in that specie (nearing $30 trillion under the Marxists), and the United States moves forward debt-free with a currency backed by gold, silver, and verified natural resources under its federal lands.

And life in America returns to normal.

If you don’t think that can happen, you don’t know much about my country or its people. 

This is what we will do as soon as the real president is re-installed, which I believe will be later this year, judging by the rapid rate the fraud is being uncovered.

If you have any doubt–as many of you do–watch this 20 minute film proving what happened, and then call me crazy.

Howell Woltz