Former Arizona Secretary of State, Ken Bennett (in the picture)—the s Senate’s chosen Director for the audit—has the marxists nationwide shaking in their Pradas and Guccis


I’ve actually started watching CNN—not for news, of course—but to enjoy the nightly meltdowns. 

Rachel Maddow and Chris Hayes make monkey faces as they talk about the audit and how the fever is spreading faster than the Wuhan flu.  And they’re right.  The people are pissed.

The Georgia Convention of Republicans already has 700 signatures demanding an audit in that state and the actual event is just starting today in Jekyll Island, GA.

Yesterday’s headlines in The Conservative Brief announced, “GOP Files Emergency Measure After Ballot Discovery in Swing State.”

Wisconsin Assembly Bill 198 aims to stop one of the Marxists’ best election fraud tools known as ‘curing’ (changing) ballots after the fact to make the vote go in their direction, and an audit is being planned there as well.

Yeah.  They thought it was funny when it started, but not anymore

Former Army Colonel, Pennsylvania State Senator, Doug Mastriano, just left Arizona with his delegation, planning to copy their audit procedures back in Pennsylvania, where voter fraud was on an industrial scale, as we’ve reported for seven months now.

Senator Mastriano pledged yesterday to prove what happened and fix it—which could include recalling Biden electors as well as fixing down-ballot fraud.

This would put Sean Parnell in the U.S. Senate, changing the entire balance of power in Washington, overnight.

A Michigan audit will send John James to the U.S. Senate, return Martha McSally from Arizona after the audit, and add two more Republicans from Georgia when the fraud is reversed, so this is big.

I’ve lost count of the Congressmen who were robbed on November 3rd, but we identified at least five in California alone.


This plot to steal the White House was prepped for 2016, but they had no idea how big the vote would be for Trump. 

The scheme fell short, so they ramped up the fraud to unprecedented levels in 2020 to lock it in this time, with help from Biden’s handlers in Beijing—the ultimate owners of the Dominion Voting machines at the heart of the steal.

George Soros, the godfather of the Marxist Shadow Government, is responsible for turning an unknown community organiser from Chicago into a president, so he knows what he’s doing, and he began putting key enforcement officials in place to give cover for what was being plotted for 2020.

Corrupt DAs in Philadelphia, Chicago, Atlanta, St. Louis, San Francisco and other major cities have one thing in common (other than corruption).  They were all funded and put in office by George Soros.

In Maricopa County, Arizona, Old George bought the Sheriff, Paul Penzone, knowing this would be a major centre of the fraud, as that one county has 60% of the state’s voters.

According to reporter, Greg Piper, Soros chunked in $2 million to insure Penzone won—in a sheriff’s race in just one county of a southwestern state.

The Silicon Valley mafia pitched in the rest, but try as he has, Penzone has thus far had to settle for harassing the legal audit (and auditors) only making it clear to the Maricopa public who rules him.

So this was not a poorly planned or thought out steal.  It included thinking downline about how to rig the legal system as armour against getting caught. 

Soros’s law boys refuse to apply the law and his DAs refuse to prosecute—as we saw all last summer with Antifa and BLM burning cities and black neighbourhoods across America, without prosecution.

Damn clever of Old George and the Marxists, but he’s going to lose this time.  The Audit train has left the station, headed for the White House.

And Georgy’s boy tried to stonewall the audit, but that is the sole responsibility of the Senate, not a county mounty


  1. The audits are spreading like wildfire, which will force this matter into the courts.

2. The entire election fraud on November 3-4 was trapped, including immutable PCAPS (Packet Captures) showing not only the vote switches from the CCP and its surrogates in Iran, Britain, Sweden and Italy, but the sending IP address—and the election machines on the receiving ends in the swing States.   

Also, sender switch info, and receiver—all taking from Trump and giving to Biden, with the addresses on both ends. Just reviewed it—and it’s bad news for the crooks.

3. A dump of internal NIH e-mails this week proves not only that the Wuhan Lab was the source of the gain-of-function virus (news broken first here) but the tech and funding came from Dr. Anthony Fauci—whom we also busted.  Bye-bye Tony.

4. The economic news of a 13% drop in income—worst ever—combined with a staggering 3.1% inflation just last month has even the Marxists wondering what the hell they’ve done allowing the CCP’s man to sit in Donald Trump’s chair.

In short, this thing is playing out just as we called it.


This puts the nail in the coffin for the marxist traitors and will have major ramifications for the CCP upon Trump’s return to office

This twenty minute film is headed to the U.S. Supreme Court, which is why its maker, Mike Lindell, named it Absolutely 9-0, stating unequivocally that all nine justices will have to agree what happened after seeing this data.

Mike forgets that these black robed monkeys are also lawyers—a less than honourable bunch in my experience—but I must agree after watching the piece that a majority will have to recall the election due to the most prolific fraud in history. 

These U.S. Government white hat hackers have it all.

“Fraud vitiates everything,” as the court ruled before in United States v. Throckmorton, 98 U.S. 61 (1878), and there has never been such a fraud as this in history. 

The Supreme Court—no matter how corrupt—will have no choice as the only court of jurisdiction but to hear the case.

That is because Lindell’s attorneys are bringing this as a demand for a writ of quo warranto, which is a legal proceeding challenging an individual’s right to hold office or governmental privilege.

He has the smoking gun(s) showing Biden has no such right, and he used United States government’s top specialist to provide the evidence from the PCAPs that were trapped on the night of the election—and the day after when most of the vote switching occurred.

In a blatant act of war, the CCP conspired with U.S. traitors (a.k.a., Democrats) to steal the election from Donald J. Trump as well as down-ballot races to take over the nation—as you can see for yourself.

The President—the real one—just tweeted out a statement that China should pay $10 trillion for what it has done to the world, which is my first economic disagreement with Donald Trump.

Ten trillion should just be the down-payment, Sir.  We need to take down the CCP for what they’ve done, and hang Dr. Tony Fauci for his part in it.

We’ll see you back in Washington before the leaves start turning autumn colours, Mr. President.

Howell Woltz (on Telegram)

The Richardson Post