New federal state of China was founded in front of the Statue of Liberty on anniversary of Tiananmen massacre, June 4, 2020

The first anniversary celebration of the New Federal State of China was held in New York this week, and before I could e-mail myself the first speech, it was ‘disappeared’ like a Chinese dissident. 

I was in China 32 years ago during the Tiananmen Square massacre today, so this is personal—as well as being the most important story of our times.  All others are simply sideshows to this main event.

America’s media is silent. 

They shuffle-foot and say, “Yes, Boss!” to every CCP order and Big Tech is nothing but a pocket square for Xi and Beijing—both of which are blocking any mention of this most auspicious event.

Why do I say it was the most important event of 2021?

I’m very glad you asked. 

Long ago we told you today’s ‘Breaking News’.

Like the election was stolen in 2020 (and we showed how it was done) as well as specifically identifying the P-4 lab in Wuhan as the origin of the CCP-Fauci disease—a year ago.

Suddenly, it’s all now ‘Breaking News’ though these facts were available at The Richardson Post—from sources within China.

We even told you Saint/Dr. Anthony Fauci’s role in making/funding this bio-weapon (and were booted from social media for it as heretics)—so all of this is old news to The Richardson Post and it’s readers. 

Been there done that while the rest of the media is suddenly discovering it all (after working overtime, lying for the CCP and Democrats to cover up the election steal, the CCP disease and America’s part in it all). And we told you how all of these things are intertwined and related.

This heroic lady, Dr. Li-meng Yan, defected and brought the evidence to America (smuggled out by Steven K. Bannon and Miles Guo’s Rule of Law Society Foundation) to tell the world the truth about the virus and its CCP origins

And it is this confluence of the lao baixing (old hundred names of China), the Deplorables as we are known in America, and all lovers of their nations and cultures from Europe to Down Under—now joining hands and voices.

That’s the thing those seeking to divide us cannot stand.  It is their worst nightmare.

That’s why this week’s event was monumental. 

It has the Marxist Maniacs of our pathetic governments, media puppets, culture dictators and political sycophants of the CCP having paroxysms and conniption fits.

Why?  Because everyone from Mayor Rudy Giuliani and Lt. General Michael Flynn were there taking stage, hugging and loving Dr. Li-Meng Yan—the Chinese whistleblower—and Mr. LuDe of LuDe Media, who blows the truth through the Chinese firewall in mandarin every day.

All are happy to be together under the auspices of Steve Bannon and Miles Guo’s creation, The New Federal State of China—which is now active as the CCP’s expat Shadow Government, acting for the people of China rather than against them.

The speakers tied the wrongs of the virus, the stolen election, and the sins of the CCP against its own people together, addressing mankind’s common enemy—the Chinese Communist Party.

This happened in a beautiful setting atop New York City on the 102nd floor of The World Freedom Centre, filled with American Patriots, Chinese whistleblowers and the diaspora of the real China—the lao baixing—who are demanding their freedom from the CCP.

This is monumental and the last thing ‘they’ wanted or expected

The Globalist/One Worlders’ plot was to keep us scared of one another and full of hatred, but that’s not happening, as you will see in the clips below.

I’ve trapped these speakers and words as they are constantly being crushed, but I highly recommend watching them at or choosing the ones you like below.  I recommend all of them.

Steve Bannon kicks it off, followed by Jack Posobiec (speaking in fluent mandarin, then English), Mr. Bill Gertz, Dr. Lawrence Selling, Gen. Michael Flynn, Natalie Winters, Mike Lindell, Dr. Li-Meng Yan, Mr. Lu De (completely in mandarin, so we’ll have to get a Democrat to interpret—but the energy is amazing), Raheem Kassam, Mayor Rudy Giuliani, as well as Dr. Peter Navarro.

It is a stunning array of speakers—and I believe a watershed moment in The Fourth Turning, forcing the Marxists, Globalists, Controlled Media/Culture Gang —‘them’—to realise that ‘we’ are all together on the other side and very much against their shared concept of Global rule. 

According to Asian journalist, Take Harada, the Chinese diaspora have spread to 90 countries worldwide, but I would beg to differ. 

They’re more likely in every nation—and can be the catalyst now for freedom rather than CCP tyranny, and I believe that they will be turned to this end, as the New Federal State of China asserts itself throughout the world.

That will scare all the tyrants to their Satanic cores, so watch these heroic speeches and know that we are on the ascendancy:

Steven K. Bannon-

Mr. Jack Posobiec-

Bill Gertz-

Dr. Lawrencee Sellin-

Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn-

Natalie Winters-

Michael J. Lindell-

Dr. Li-Meng Yan-

Mr. Lu De of Lu De Media-

Mr. Raheem Kassam-

Mayor Rudy Giuliani-

Dr. Peter Navarro-

Pick your favourites and share them, please.  This is the biggest breaking news and movement of our times. 

If there were bigger news—I think we’ve proven by now that you will find it here ahead of anywhere—and we don’t know of anything more important than letting the tyrants from Tech to Tiananmen know that their days are coming to an end.

Howell Woltz (now on Telegram)

The Richardson Post