Slavery? 100% democrats. The KKK? 100% Democrats. Antifa/BLM marxists burning America? 100% Democrats. All evil in my American homeland traces its DNA to this cult of depravity

The party of Donald Trump and Abraham Lincoln had its humble beginnings in Ripon, Wisconsin, for the sole purpose of ending the demonic Democrat institution of slavery.

It is a fact that no Republican ever owned a slave—which I initially questioned when the amazing Dinesh D’Souza first said it—but research has proven him correct.

When challenged by a famous professor saying, “Aha, Dinesh!  What about Ulysses S. Grant?  His wife inherited a slave!”

Dinesh kindly pointed out to the Marxist (the only kind of professor remaining in American academia) while that was true—Grant was still a Democrat! 

His wife’s inherited slave was freed so he could become a Republican!

And if you blow up the picture below, you will see that was the purpose of the Republican Party on both the State’s historical marker and the sign beside the door of its first headquarters– to eradicate human slavery.

The party of small, constitutional government was hijacked by the Bush globalists, but returned to its rightful owners under then and soon-to-be again president, Donald J. Trump


The Democrat Party traces its roots to the creation of the two-party system during the election of 1824, according to most historians, and “The Little Magician,” Martin Van Buren, is credited with being its father.

Van Buren would later become president, plunging the nation into its worst financial crisis (The Panic of 1837), highest unemployment, and bank/business failure in the nation’s short history.

As I say, not much has changed with the Democrats

In just 120 days, the same policies were applied by Biden and his Marxist  squatters in President Trump’s residence, having the same exact results—a devastated economy, perceived weakness on all fronts, and the enslavement of human beings as their main purpose.


Van Buren’s Democrat party only sought to keep blacks enslaved.  Biden’s Democrat Marxists want to put us all in chains.

The only real change?  They changed colours.  The Democrat Party’s militia wing in the old days—also 100% Democrat—wore white and were known as the KKK (Ku Klux Klan).

Only the shade of camouflage has changed

Today, the party’s fascist militia wing—again, all Democrats—wear black and call themselves “Antifa” and “BLM” serving the same Party—Democrat—for the same purposes.

Both the white-clad and black-clad gangsters are violent, like to burn and kill, and both have gone unpunished by Democrats who control the levers of government—back then, just like today.

Black neighbourhoods and Republicans were the targets of the KKK in the last century, and black neighbourhoods and Republicans are the targets of Democrat militias today—both sanctioned and protected by their handlers in the Democrat Party against penalty even for murder.


I’m glad you asked.

Historically black university, Tuskeegee Institute, published a study proving that, “between 1882 and 1964, there were a total of 4,745 lynchings; of those, 3,446 were blacks and 1,299 of them were white [Republicans].

In fact, in the earliest years of the study, more whites than blacks were being lynched each year.”

This is a real class and ‘teacher’, Ashleigh the Lion, forced on U.S. Government employees and American children by the Marxists—or they lose their jobs and don’t pass class—respectively and it looks as if her victims have to pay for such abuse (Paypal Me, the sign says)

Didn’t hear about all those white Republicans getting lynched in Critical Race Theory class, did you? 

White Republicans tried to spread the voting franchise to their black neighbours as required by law, but were lynched more than the blacks who tried to cast their vote in the beginning of the Democrat pogrom. 

But Ashleigh The Lion and all the other racist Marxists teaching this anti-American nonsense left that part out–as well as the Democrat Party’s complete participation and support of it.


Andrew Jackson is often cited as the first “Democrat” president, while technically, he was only the founder of its system of spoils. 

By that I mean that all of his people got a slice of the pie, while his political opponents got none.  Again—nothing has changed.

As historians Larry Schweikart and Michael Allen have written about the party’s founding under Van Buren, they controlled the conversation via absorbing/threatening the press to prevent any discussion of slavery—the real issue of the day—while condoning and protecting it as an institution.

And like I say—not much has changed.  Try talking about the Wuhan virus from the CCP’s P-4 lab, the amazing effectiveness of hydroxychloroquine or the dangers of the vaccine. 

Try talking about Hunter Biden’s laptop from Hell.  Try talking about anything that is really important, and you’re shut down or excluded—by Democrat Marxists of Media and Big Tech.

And for God’s sake, don’t talk about their censorship unless you want to be censored! 

The Richardson Post has been perhaps one of the censors’ main targets this past year—but recently re-instated by putting them on notice of new laws in free countries, which is a story in and of itself.


That’s an excellent question and one I’ll leave for the experts, as my answer would be ‘nothing’.

From their historical research, Larry Schweikart and Michael Allen, state unequivocally that the party’s founder, Martin Van Buren, wanted nothing more than permanent control by his slavery-supporting party, which he “sought to attain through the creation of a new political party dedicated to no other principle than holding power.”

They’re power mad and dedicated to one-party marxist rule ‘by any means necessary’—be it legal or not

And as president of the Republic, Van Buren showed the legacy of his party for all time, precisely how to do it 

Patronage, payoffs and protection from the penalty of law for its own—just as is done today—while lying, cheating and committing treason to harm their opposition.

While Van Buren took the concept to previously unknown heights, packing the U.S. Postal Service with partisan operatives and creating taxpayer paid positions from local to the White House with party ‘faithful’ (though there was no agenda at that time in which to have ‘faith’ other than maintaining power—and slavery), little has changed.

And here’s Joe Biden with his ‘mentor’, grand cyclops of the KKK—Robert Byrd—also head of the U.S. Senate

Today? It’s much the same. The Democrat Marxists teach racism in schools, colleges and government, and are now trying to force re-segregation through anti-American agendas. 

They have illegally installed a foreign puppet in the White House controlled by the CCP while domestic Marxists run their agenda.

A godless gang, dedicated to making the world safe for pedophiles and transgenderites, open borders for Marxist voters with the goal of disarming and subjugating their nation’s free people to their ‘ism’—with no purpose other than complete control and power over the purse and people.

And like the Jacksonian strategy of old, their followers each get a slice of the shrinking pie, while the country as a whole is left to run amuck.


Yes. In case you did not notice, the old Democrat KKK Grand Cyclops in the first picture preparing to French kiss the Queen of Darkness, is the same perverse racist holding hands with Joe Biden—who later eulogised Byrd as his ‘mentor’ when they were burying the old coot.

Like I said, very little changed from then to now—basically just two things.

Democrat militia changed the colours of their uniforms from white to black, and the Party went from enslaving just one race, to enslaving us all.

That’s about it.

But as soon as Trump is back and the House is retaken, it’s time this party of evil was outlawed for cause, and in their case, reparations are due—not just to blacks, but to all Americans.

Let’s take down the DNC (Democrat National Committtee).

Howell Woltz

The Richardson Post