Free the Patriots


A group of patriotic Trump supporters who entered the Capitol building on January 6th are still being held illegally in dangerous prisons, without due process.

Sadly, there is no reason for them to still be there. If their lawyers actually knew the relevant laws, they could have them released immediately.

The silver bullet – no longer taught in Bar Association curriculum law schools – is a section of The Speedy Trial Act of 1974, 18 USC § 3161, et al.

It is still very much the law (based on the Sixth Amendment), but attorneys of both bar and bench usually ignore it completely.

Why don’t the Bar Association monopolies want this active law taught – and why do the Bar Association Bolsheviks in the courts ignore it? 

That is because:

1) the judges would have to do their jobs and get cases to trial within the constitutionally required 70 days rather than playing golf, and:

2) the prosecutors couldn’t just lock up citizens until they plead guilty to “something/anything” – to escape gladiator school county jails, and:

3) the plea merchants (a.k.a., defense attorneys) might have to actually go to trial once in awhile and earn their exorbitant fees.

None of the bar monopolists want it – so it’s up to these patriots to file their own briefs.

That’s right.  It’s not that hard and it might save their lives.

They simply file a motion to the court listing their case number and name, and file for case (indictment) to be dismissed pursuant to 18 USC § 3162 (a)(2).

When I was illegally incarcerated, I just copied the format of motions I saw, but I later learned from many famous cases (most recently, Fifth Circuit, Morgan v. Quarterman) that it would have still done the job even if it had been on toilet paper.

And how is one charged with an insurrection when Nancy Pelosi’s Capitol Police invited them in? Yes, it is clear the protesters were invited into the Capitol–while Antifa/BLM stormed the front.

COMMENT: If patriots’ attorneys were working for them, they’d have filed motions to dismiss indictment pursuant to 18 USC §3162(A)(2) and they would all be free—so for whom are these feckless DC attorneys working?  The Biden DOJ?

Just imagine being locked in a dangerous D.C. jail – hundreds of you – for being invited by police into your own building – The Capitol.

Imagine if you had been walking peacefully past those same Capitol Hill Police as guests, until the Antifa thugs and John Sullivan arrived at another entrance – with a CNN reportorette filming it – to stir things up?

Sullivan was paid $35,000 each by CNN and NBC to commit this crime – but only The New York Post reported it


No.  John Sullivan-a Marxist BLM Chieftan– was outside riling up his Antifa/BLM thugs on film to put on Trump-looking gear and get violent—and he then stormed the capitol—but he was released with no charges?  

“What was that about ‘White Privilege’, Johnny-Boy?”

Marxists are more protected than a California snail darter or a fellow pedophile under the Biden Bolsheviks.  Sullivan walked the next day.

Lawless BLM agitator, John Sullivan—already convicted in another state—walks free the next day, uncharged, while non-violent patriots remain in jail months later—inviting the notion that there is no justice in America

That’s right. Violent Democrat militiamen – like John Sullivan – were not even charged, only Trump’s America-First Patriots.

So, I want to know if any of our readers know DC attorney Joseph McBride (representing Richard Barnett) or Elisabeth Pasqualini (representing Ryan Samsel, who is about to lose an eye from guard beatings by Mayor Muriel Bowser’s Marxist prison guards).

If you do, please get word to them to get off their asses and file motions to dismiss the indictment for failure to try their clients within the constitutionally allotted time, pursuant to 18 USC 18 § 3162(a)(2).

The Bar shills will claim ‘excludable delays’ and other legal nonsense but they didn’t have to agree to those delays – and only a handful of them under 18 USC § 3161(h)(1) are allowed to stop the 70-day clock for trial.

They might want to look that up because few attorneys know the laws that protect defendants.

In my experience, they simply allow the prosecutors’ illegal actions so as not to rock the boat with brother counsel as they call each other.

When they moan and whine about making the judge and prosecutor angry, call them the worst names you can think of and then tell them to look up 18 USC §§ 3164 (b) & (c).

That statute allows no one – even those labelled as ‘high risk’ – to be detained beyond 90 days without some reasonable means of bail being set – automatically – by the court.

These Trump Patriots have been in jail longer than Joe Biden has been president while his militiamen of Antifa and BLM are still burning cities (Portland’s entire riot squad quit yesterday, their job has become so dangerous) without charge or punishment.

Trump’s Patriots committed NO CRIME–they were invited in–and have been there long beyond the time demanding their release under law and Constitution.

Worse, Revolver News released a story this week proving that the main provocateurs that day–had been recruited by the FBI and Homeland Security to stage the riot! This whole mess was created as a false flag operation to turn Trump Supporter’s into outlaws and attack the Second Amendment it seems. (

Unfortunately, as I learned the hard way, these ‘defense’ lawyers work for the other team, not their clients and the judges are last-place students who couldn’t make a living practicing law.


I had to get the names of these Biden DOJ-jailed Patriots from The Daily Mail in England as media in the United States works for the Marxists who are using this unarmed ‘insurrection’ as cause to go after and destroy Trump supporters.

So far, my list is incomplete by hundreds of names, so please help me, as I want to send all of these Patriots their guide to freedom.

Here are a few of them besides those named above:

Guy Reffitt

Lisa Eisnehart

Joseph Hackett

William Isaacs

Thomas Caldwell

Donovan Crowl

Jessica Watkins

Sandra Parker

Bennie Parker

Graydon Young

Laura Steele

Kelly Meggs

Connie Meggs

Kenneth Harrelson

Roberto Minuta

Joshua James

Joseph Hackett

Meet Lisa Eisenhart of Grandmas for Trump being escorted by Nancy Pelosi’s stormtroopers who set BLM rioters free. Check your white privilege nana.

I’ll send all of them this book at no cost to the D.C. gulag, but let’s get it to them so they can defend themselves since their lawyers apparently won’t!

Let’s put some pressure on their attorneys to dismiss the indictments, as required by 18 USC § 3162(a)(2).

That is a positive law saying the indictment “shall” be dismissed upon motion of the defendant.

Which means that corrupt judges don’t have a choice but to do it.

If they don’t, then they are violating the defendants’ rights, which is a crime on their part (18 USC § 242 violations of rights under colour of law) and will soon be punishable by our Citizen Courts if my new project is a success –  watch this space.

The story is packed full of case and statute law—so prisoners can fight for their rights

And just for context – this is John Sullivan’s crowd of “Peaceful [BLM] Protesters” – with no arrests.  Does any of this make sense?

Only in a nation being subjected to marxism by marxists

If any of you know or can reach any of the hundreds of Patriots illegally incarcerated in D.C. right now, or their lawyers, I’d like to send them Justice Denied: the United States v. the People, at no cost so they have the tools to mount their own legal defenses. 

It details the laws that not even their attorneys have studied.

That’s because they don’t teach ways to help defendants in the Bar-ruled law schools in Ameryka (which is now all of them, and that was not a typo).

Having a few years on my hand – about seven of them – I read the entire criminal code (Title 18), page by page, statute by statute.

Those crafted to protect ‘us’ are simply ignored, and no authority presently exists to protect ‘us’ from them (corrupt judges and prosecutors) when they do not live by the law–which is what our new Citizens Courts will be about–independent jurists with the power to grant relief to those wronged and hold accountable bad government seeds acting under colour of law.

But that is how I know about these laws that attorneys never studied – I read them – all – and then applied them to free others.

In fact, so many “Motions for Dismissal of Indictment pursuant to 18 USC § 3162(a)(2)” were filed in the Western District NC Court while I was illegally incarcerated there on diesel therapy, that Judge Frank D. Whitney ordered all authorised attorneys to appear before his court, and demanded to know which of them told ‘us’ about this incredible law.

The testicularly-challenged attorneys all told the truth. It was none of them.  It was me who taught their clients to write and file these motions.

Some of their clients accepted my help but then sold me out to their attorneys when asked who authored their motions to dismiss. 

So, I was ripped from sleep in Pod 6800 at midnight and taken to the Georgia-Florida Border and held in one of their private prisons.

That was because I’d also alerted federal authorities that the Mecklenburg County Jail had 83 of us sleeping on the floor in just one housing ‘pod’ (6700) that had only 60+ cells—which led to my broken shoulder in a massive brawl caused by overcrowding.

That was a huge breach of law – and I learned later in another prison from one who was there that night, that the Feds lined the guards up against the wall at 2:00 a.m. and asked for me.

I was the Complainant – but I had Georgia on my mind and didn’t know it! 

I was in the wind before they got there and had to file a habeas corpus petition on notebook paper from the private prison (Irwin County Detention Center), selling my scant tray of bread and juice for an envelope and stamp while sleeping on the floor–with an untreated broken shoulder.

Within days, my petition was surprisingly granted by a West Virginia Court.

By then, a federal court in Virginia had also forwarded appeals on my whole incarceration back to the court of jurisdiction in the Western District of jurisdiction as valid and stating cause for release, recommending a review.

Unfortunately, my appeals – all of nine of them – were poached and dismissed by the foreign court of Judge W. Earl Britt.

This court was two jurisdictions away (EDNC) and had no more authority to hear these appeals than Mickey Mouse.

So yes, I know these animals, but I also learned how to defeat them using law.

I was returned to a federal prison in West Virginia within days of my habeas petition (via the western state of Oklahoma for unknown reasons where I was stored in a shipping container).

The prison guard union boss at FCI-Beckley, John Grimes, met me and told me the Feds planned to kill me. 

His greeting was, ‘What the fuck are you doing back here?  You’re supposed to be dead!”

As usual, rumours of my death had been greatly exaggerated and using the law worked – for me, as well as for others. 

Using a golf pencil, notebook paper and the law, I got men freed and myself moved out of danger all over the nation.

That is why I wrote this book as a story so I could put the law into each chapter as part of a biography, that would not be banned by the prison thugs as a ‘how to’ or law book.

The information in this book can also be used as a basis for filing Bar complaints against prisoners’ attorneys for failing to act on behalf of their client, rather than just being a shill for the prosecutor and DOJ.

Readers of the book can cite the law as written, including parts of the Bar’s own Code of Conduct which is violated daily by most defense attorneys.

If I can file these motions from jails and prisons all over America (they moved me 29 times to stop me) then their sorry attorneys can do it.

That is their job, not sucking up to DOJ prosecutors and currying favour with the Marxists now running my home nation’s capital.

The time to shut down the Bar monopolies and get a better class of lawyers will come, but for the moment – let’s focus on getting Trump’s Patriots free from the Biden Marxist’s gulags in D.C. – right now.

Please help me find the addresses, prisoner numbers, and families of each of these Patriots, and the International Centre for Justice will send them help.

NOTE TO OUR READERS – I apologise for this U.S.-centric plea, but if Marxism is allowed to stand in America, you know who’s next, don’t you?

Howell Woltz

The Richardson Post