He bet a fiddle of gold against Stacey Abrams’ soul, he’d get the votes from her secret deal


In a nationally televised interview with 60 Minutes in January of 2021, Georgia Secretary of State, Brad Raffensperger, stated unequivocally that the election count was accurate.

“We had safe, secure, honest elections.”  This week, Brad had to walk all that back.  He’s been outed in spectacular fashion by investigative reporter, John Solomon, of Just the News.

Raffensperger’s lie was perhaps the biggest since President George H.W. Bush said, “Read my lips. No new taxes,” just before jacking them up.

But the dam broke this week when Just the News found and released a 29-page memo from Raffensperger’s own official website proving a cacophony of outright crimes and intentional vote malingering that will ultimately force the Georgia Senate to flip the 2020 election.

If that sounds like an overstatement, please read Seven Hills Strategies’ memo for yourself, keeping in mind this is Raffensperger’s own consultant – not someone actually looking for fraud – the fraud found him!

Independent observer, Carter Jones, detailed 29 pages of illicit conduct and disclosed that the election was run by “Happy Faces.”

The workers from this organization were overheard (by the consultant, Carter Jones) in the elevator at the Zuckerberg vote-switching centre (Atlanta’s State Farm Arena) saying they were ready “to fuck shit up,” as soon as they got into the counting room – and then they did just that–all night long.

Jones asks in his report, “What is Happy Faces doing to vet the people who they are sending to make sure that they are not sending in people who do actually want to ‘f*ck sh*t up?’”

Let’s ask Stacey-girl, their boss.

Yep. That’s the bombshell.  Guess who owns a chunk of ‘happy faces’?  My girl, Stacey Abrams—the queen of the steal

I’m really not picking on Stacey Abrams – in fact, I respect her – it’s just that every story we do on voter fraud rolls right back to her Happy Face.

She ran for governor against the pathetic Republican, Brian Kemp, who was talked into illegally buying $107 million worth of Dominion Vote-rigging machines just prior to the 2020 election.

That action required legislative approval – but was done in complete secret. Did Stacey know? I think so.

Stacey threatened the victors – Governor Kemp and his hand-maiden in crime, Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger – into signing a secret ‘consent agreement.’

It was this agreement which would allow her to commit illegal vote harvesting in 2020.

The agreement also required approval of the Georgia Legislature, making both acts either criminal or at very best, malignant abuses of power by Kemp, et al.

Attorney Lin Wood has accused both Kemp and Raffensperger of receiving serious bribes from Dominion to buy the vote-rigging systems.

He has since begged both of them to sue him so he could depose them under oath. 

It is probably not helpful to Kemp’s whining and protestations that his Chief of Staff was also Dominion’s salesman who organised the deal.

And all three co-conspirators, Kemp, Raffensperger, and Abrams have obfuscated any serious audit of the election in every conceivable manner.

They have called the simple act of wanting to secure elections (and find out who really won them) as somehow being ‘racist’. 

You’ll have to figure that one out on your own, as it makes no sense to me.

Raffensperger just admitted that they are ‘missing’ required documentation on 18,000 of Stacey’s mail in ballots, voiding them under state law—in a race Biden ‘won’ by only 12,000 votes


The memo from Seven Hills Strategies to Georgia Secretary of State Raffensperger was completed on November 7th, just four days after the election.

It proved so much fraud and illicit behaviour that it should have been impossible for him and his partner-in-crime, Governor Brian Kemp, to certify the election to Congress – but they did it anyway.

They claimed that it was “fair and honest,” sealing their guilt in this writer’s opinion.

They knew in November that 18,000 of Stacey Abrams mail-in ballots (98% for Joe Biden) had no chain of custody.

These votes simply appeared out of nowhere – rendering them waste paper rather than votes.

And just yesterday, Raffensperger suddenly realised that 100,000 of his voters were not Georgia residents and another 18,000 had died – before what is proving to be the most corrupt election in history in 2020.

Same guy who told the world Georgia’s elections were “safe, secure, and honest”— knew the truth last November and lied to cover up what he, Governor Kemp, and the CCP had been up to

In a stunning revelation, Braindead Brad suddenly awoke to his job and stated to Channel 2 News in Atlanta – almost eight months after the rigged election that: “These people [100,000] don’t live in Georgia anymore! Then you have 18,000 people who passed! So, they are not going to be voting anymore. You need to have accurate voter rolls and proper list maintenance!” 

No kidding, Brad.  Perhaps you should have listened to Judicial Watch last summer when you were told that those non-existing and dead voters should be removed – but you refused to do it, didn’t you, Brad?

Suddenly, these RINOs (Republicans in Name Only), Kemp and Raffensperger, are scrambling to get back in good graces of The Man.

Presumably, they have hopes of avoiding prison when the election is overturned, and they have to face President Donald Trump – but it’s too late. It’s GITMO for them.

They’re toast and should be hiring criminal defence attorneys about now.


I’m glad you asked.  Forget the now proven vote-switching from China via the Dominion machines and all of the bizarre lengths to which the criminals of the national Democrat junta went.

All you have to do, is remove the dead voters and Trump wins, not just Georgia, but Pennsylvania as well.

Fraud is coming out faster than we can catalog it everywhere, but Georgia is proving to be “a cesspool” as Dr. Peter Navarro has proven in his incredible election report.

And besides the 100 batches of absentee ballots missing in Fulton County, PJ media disclosed that, “More than two dozen batches of absentee ballots were identified as having been double-scanned on the tally sheets.” 

Even worse, “Five sequential batches of absentee votes each appeared with the exact same vote count of 392 for Biden, 96 for President Donald Trump, and 3 for Libertarian Jo Jorgensen

That was a count that state officials admitted was a statistical impossibility.”

So, Raffensperger – how about this.

Just remove 18,000 of the fake ballots stemming from Stacey Abrams “consent decree” that you and Governor Kemp secretly signed to allow illicit vote ‘harvesting.’

Those votes required a chain of custody even in her agreement – but also needed legislative approval to be valid.

Ballot harvesting and the consent decree are both illegal! Under the U.S. Constitution, only the State Legislatures can change voting laws! That’s all we need for now–then de-certify.

Republicans are also out to disenfranchise dead voters!  How dare they?  Pennsylvania was just ordered to remove 21,000 dead voters as well!  How will democrats ever win again without them?


By simply removing dead Democrats or the fake Stacey Abrams mail-in wastepaper that was counted or the votes from non-Georgians – any one of the three – Trump flips the first domino, but guess what? 

That also sends two Marxists who stole down ballot races home in political body bags as well, or to prison (if they knew about it, which had to be the case in my humble opinion).

Granted, the Republican candidates, Loeffler and Perdue, were not exactly stand-up Constitutionalists or Trump stalwarts.

But they still beat the hell out of Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock – avowed Marxists who benefitted from Stacey’s Steal.

That would stop the Biden Bolshevik’s drive to Make America Venezuela in its tracks as the Senate turns Red–with at least five extra Republican Senators and a host of House members, as you’ll read ahead.

The Senate is 50%/50% at present, but the inimitable Kamala Harris can break tie votes as Vice-President.

She has had to do that on more than one occasion.

Sending the two Georgia Marxists home and putting in the Senators who were actually elected by the people will free her up to get her growing backside down to the border.

That is her duty as ‘Bidet’ Biden’s chosen ‘Border Czar’ so she can’t ignore what she and Joe caused any longer.


Once the audits are complete in just those three Sates PA, MI, & AZ – Sean Parnell, John James, and Martha McSally, will replace the Corruptocrats who Zucked them.

Then the Marxists can just sit and watch – while Trump supporters retake the reins of government this time rather than RINOs and Wall Streeters – so real change can occur.

On June 14th, President Trump turned 75, and I’d say he had one helluva week full of presents.

Happy birthday, Mr. President—next year we’ll celebrate it in Washington

As Bumbling Biden (nicknamed ‘Bidet’ by his European cohorts) bungled his way this week through the G-7 photo op and Vladimir Putin humiliated him as the demented fool he is, the audits and outpouring of evidence prove that Donald Trump was right all along about pretty much everything.

The sad excuse America has for media had to reluctantly add their hydroxychloroqine lies, Wuhan lab cover-up, election steal and January 6th FBI-staged Capitol riot to the long list of other fabrications (Russia Hoax, Ukraine Hoax, SpyGate, and multiple impeachments over fairy tales) putting President Trump at 100% and the Rachel Maddow/Chris Hayes CNN uni-thing at zero.

It was like a cascade of truth, relentlessly smacking the traitors and haters in the face all week long, making them look like the pathetic fools they have proven themselves to be.

I have some pretty serious sources who booked suites in the Trump Hotel in Washington, DC for August 14-21 on Wednesday of this past week. 

They claim to know something, and they say they are coming for President Trump’s Second Inauguration.

I’ll just leave it at that – as my bet was September. 

Howell Woltz

The Richardson Post (now on Telegram)