Cheers for Darren Beattie pointing Revolver (news) at deep state/FBI plot against white Americans to fuel their race-baiting narrative

Meet Chris Wray on the Left and Elmer ‘Stewart’ Rhodes III on the Right.

Question – “What do these two scumbags have in common – besides being scumbags?” The answer is, “More than you could ever guess.”

The scumbag on the left is the feckless Director of the FBI in America who has overseen reducing the illegal but semi-respected agency to a dirty version of the Keystone Cops. 

He has lied to Congress and the American people on numerous occasions and now we find out that he may have been the overseer of the Capitol Riots on January 6th.

These riots are now being used as an excuse to hunt down and arrest White Americans.

The scumbag on the right plays the perennial bad white guy who has appeared in almost every anti-government conflict with the FBI since Obama’s coronation – but was never arrested.

He simply slips away like Arsène Lupin the French thief and master of disguise, while all of those around (and under) him go to prison.

He then strolls off into obscurity until his next FBI-sponsored gig.

In other words, it seems that the Scumbag on the right is the agent provocateur for the Scumbag on the left – his wingman if you will.

Both went to Yale Law School, which is well-known as a key training and recruitment grounds for Government Scumbags.

Both of them are also neck deep in what has now been uncovered by the intrepid reporting of Darren Beattie and Revolver News and it stinks to high heaven.

Elmer Rhodes and Elmer Fudd

This is potentially the worst plot ever by any government against its own people – the staging of an insurrection and then blaming it on the greatest Patriots of that nation.

Joe biden cancelled the Keystone pipeline – but kept the FBI’s keystone cops. Maybe he got it the wrong way around.

But it has been years in the making and Wray’s wingman, Stewart Rhodes III, has been his beck-and-call boy throughout Chrissy-Boy’s tenure as FBI Director.

That came about after President Trump fired James Comey, but he may have gone from worse to worst.


Stewart Rhodes, however, was shilling for the Feds long before that – all the way back to the green and salad days of Barry Obama – helping entrap Patriots for being…well…patriotic.

Remember back in April of 2014, when rancher Ammon Bundy had a stand-off with Obama’s federales as they tried to steal grazing rights from Nevada ranchers?  Guess who showed up to ‘help’?

According to Revolver’s piece, “Stewart Rhodes put out a call for all Oath Keepers special teams to fly to Nevada’s Bundy Ranch to help the Bundy family in an armed standoff, even if that meant violently resisting unconstitutional orders issued by the Federal government.”

But the Bundy patriots wisely surmised that Stewart Rhodes III was an FBI plant and sent him packing.  They literally had a vote – on film – and ordered him and his fellow infiltrators off the ranch.

“Rhodes would repeat this shtick in various permutations,” Beattie continues in the Revolver piece, “from 2015 and 2016 with similar outings, like the Kim Davis affair and the Malheur National Wildlife Reserve stand-off.

Stewart Rhodes was always there, doing what he does, and while others under his command were sent to prison for acting on his orders, he simply slipped away as he always does.

Maybe not this time, however, thanks to Revolver News and Darren Beattie. They linked Scumbag One to Scumbag Two.

Rhodes also tried to entrap several FBI targets (all Conservatives, of course) including Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio (later indicted), Trump confidant, Roger Stone (later charged, ruined, and pardoned), General Michael Flynn (ruined but overturned) and even InfoWars star, Alex Jones – by offering ‘Security Support’ trying to get close to them.


In previous reporting, we published that Rhodes’ right-hand man, Thomas Caldwell, was also a Fed (former FBI agent and Government contractor) – but he admitted his role publicly, so the Feds are now trying to bury him – using quotes from Stewart Rhodes (in Caldwell’s indictment) to do it, which we find very telling.

Meet Rhodes’ adjudant in command—Thomas Caldwell, also FBI—but with a secret i’ll show you in a minute that made him a target

NBC News reported that Thomas Caldwell – now languishing in prison after admitting he was FBI – “worked as a section chief for the FBI from 2009 to 2010 after retiring from the Navy,” and “has held a top-secret security clearance since 1979, which required multiple special background investigations,” according to Plofchan.

Caldwell also ran a consulting firm that did classified work for the U.S. government.”

Rhodes, on the other hand, has never been indicted or charged for anything, even though he is the admitted leader of the Oath Keepers Group.

This is the organisation alleged by Chris Wray and the DOJ Weasel to have led the charge – or ‘insurrection’ as they now call it – on January 6th.

Rhodes was even seen on film doing so.

But there is another reason the DOJ Weasel running this scam went after Thomas Caldwell and is leaving “Person One” as his indictment refers to Wray’s boy, Stewart Rhodes III, unindicted.

Here’s a hint, it’s not just because he let the cat out of the bag that he was an FBI plant in Oath Keepers. Caldwell had a much deeper secret that he kept from Wray and the Weasel

I refer to U.S. Attorney, Michael Sherwin, the sick prosecutor in this scam as ‘Weasel’ because I’ve dealt with this form of Department of Justice wildlife for over 15 years – and I know a ‘Weasel’ when I see one.

Look at those beady eyes and tell me Michael Sherwin is not a weasel! is he at the White House getting his orders from the Biden/Harris ‘woke’ squad on how to go after Whitey? I say yes


Not satisfied with illegally holding over 500 patriotic White Americans hostage (while Weasel let Brown BLM thugs like John Sullivan – real rioters – go immediately), Weasel Sherwin is still arresting grandmas as you can see in this picture below, for the crime of ‘being there’ – and being White.

69 year old Lois Lynn McNicoll on right, was just arrested in Los Angeles on monday of this week for being in DC on Jan. 6th—and being white?
This, however, made Caldwell ‘collateral damage’ for weasel & Wray, in my opinion, so they threw him to the wolves. Also, they wanted to keep us off the scent of the real skunk—Stewart Rhodes III— who they refer to as ‘person one’ 


If we at The Richardson Post could dig up this photo, I’ve got to believe that even the pathetic FBI could have found it as well – and in today’s Federal Bureau of Instigation, being a Trump supporter is all it takes.  The Seventh Floor (Management) of that corrupt agency declared war on Donald Trump the moment he came down the escalator of Trump Towers to announce his run for President.

And FBI Director Christopher Wray just told Congress that the greatest threat to America was not terrorists, ISIS, or the CCP – but White people like Granny in the picture above.

Granny is not just granny, you see – she’s a concept and a dangerous one at that – though none of these pathetic Marxists can tell us why.

White Supremacy – a relatively unknown concept in my home nation of every conceivable colour and creed – is the greatest threat, Christopher Wray tells us.

But now we know what agency has laboured so hard to create that misanthropic image of normal, patriotic Americans–60% of whom are White–and it is the FBI.

This organization was illegal from birth and is now on a mission to destroy my country.*

Wray’s apparent apparatchiks like Stewart Rhodes III (referred to as ‘Person One’ in all the indictments – though not charged himself) and the unknown thousands like him, have been inserted into every organisation in America by this KGB-like agency.

It is they who have sown these seeds of my nation’s destruction.

Perhaps after the sweep-out of Congress and the White House we can address this bastard agency and its corrupt underlings so intent on destroying America for the Globalist/Transnationals who own them.

We at The Richardson Post raise a toast to the amazing Darren Beattie and Revolver News, highly recommending all read his piece in full here.

Howell W. Woltz

The Richardson Post

*When President Theodore Roosevelt proposed his ‘federal bureau of investigation’ in 1907, he was told by the U.S. Senate (South Carolina Senator Benjamin Tillman being the messenger)  that a federal police force was ‘unconstitutional’ and it was refused consideration, so Roosevelt created the FBI on his own, using an equally unconstitutional tool he called an ‘Executive Order’ – and ordered it to report to his Executive Branch (as it still does today).   Senator Tillman was banned from the White House after that message of Constitutional fact.

Within days, Roosevelt’s new FBI agents were caught pilfering through Senator Tillman’s mail – after breaking into his office in the Capitol Building – which was a real ‘insurrection’ – and just like the one sponsored it seems by FBI Director Wray, it was caused and perpetrated by the FBI.

Conceived in sin and born in darkness, it is time to put this devil to rest.

(Source of history on FBI: Restoring America: by returning to its Constitution, Howell Woltz, (2018) p. 112)