For the price of one Rav-4, this braindead Japanese company risks losing billions to support radical agendas in my home nation


With the $1,045 destination charge and off-road package, that’s what this RAV-4 was about to cost me and my wife here in Europe.  If you’re an Aussie reader and were ordering it from Singapore, you’d pay twice that much.

Toyota just lost that $55,000 sale, because I will not buy a car from Woke Companies supporting Marxists in my home nation or anywhere else.


I’m glad you asked. 

As you’ve read in these august pages, the FBI and (other) Marxist Democrats planned and staged an event at the U.S. Capitol on January 6th, 2021, to set up a second impeachment hoax to take down President Trump (so he could not run for office again in 2024 after impeachment—but their scheme failed).

One unarmed female Trump supporter was shot in the neck at point-blank range by a crazed black Capitol Policeman (Lt. Michael Leroy Byrd, as you also read here first) and a black Antifa/BLM thug (John Sullivan) led the way into the Capitol with a CNN reporterette—while the police waved them through.

But all the Marxist Media pundits—on cue—called it an Insurrection of White Supremacist Trump supporters (though led by black John Sullivan, convicted BLM thug), before a single investigation or probe was done.

Marxist Media then lied about the damage and injuries, while covering up the murder of the white female Air Force veteran (Trump supporter) Ashli Babbitt by a black cop whose name you had to read here first as it was blacked-out in the U.S.S.A. by the CCP-controlled press. 

Great job media.  They’ve also avoided the facts about their ‘insurrection’ being staged by the FBI, Marxist Democrats and other government filth.

Trump’s DOD Chief of staff, Kash Patel, offered Nancy Pelosi and the Capitol police thousands of soldiers and they turned him down as that would have prevented the false flag event to frame President Trump impeachment-2

“You have to ask yourself, what happened on Jan. 6? I was chief of staff on the Department of Defense on Jan. 6,” said Patel. “We had offered the Capitol Police and Mayor Bowser of Washington D.C. thousands of National Guardsmen and women two days before Jan. 6, and they turned us down.

So it could have been prevented.” (EPOCH TIMES) Yes. Marxist Speaker, Nancy Pelosi and Senate RINO capo, Mitch McConnell, were warned the FBI plot was imminent—but both allowed it in an attempt to destroy Trump—by blaming it somehow on him.

Meet the dumbest Japanese man on the planet—Tetsuo “Ted” Ogawa —President and Chief Executive Officer of Toyota Motor North America, Inc. (TMNA)


Back in the 1980s, we thought the Japanese would take over the world between their brilliance and work ethic—but “Toyota Ted” just put an end to both myths. He’s dumb as a rock—and the headlines prove it:

“Toyota is latest corporation to cave to the woke mob: Carmaker stops all donations to Republicans after staged Capitol attack.”

Do ‘Toyota Ted’ and his bosses think theses 81 million Trump supporters will ever buy another one of their automobiles or trucks?


It was the cost of one RAV-4—$55,000—donated to a total of just 37 Republicans. 

You did not misread that—just $55,000 spread out to 37 politicians.

That’s not even $1,500 each, which is less than the cost of appetisers at The French Laundry where Democrat Marxists held their private parties during lockdowns of The Proletariat (a.k.a. Deplorables) last year.

So, Toyota Ted just lost that one RAV-4 sale—worth $55,000—from me

The Woketoids are slow learners.  We cost Gillette $8 billion last year when they went ‘woke’ promoting transgenderism to their male customers—and we got an apology in Australia from their CEO.

But then came American Airlines, Coca-Cola and others calling Georgia’s Voter ID law ‘racist’ though you can’t get on an American Airlines flight or drink a Coke & Bourbon without one, so here’s what happens now:

I’ll never buy another ticket on American Airlines.

I’ll never buy or drink another Coca-Cola.

And now, I’ll never buy another Toyota—unless Ted is immediately fired—and Toyota International apologises to both President Trump and his supporters for their CEO’s stupidity and support of Marxists in this scam.

To help the Toyota Executives make this simple decision, let’s compare the markets for those who support President Donald Trump with those who support the Usurper, Beijing Biden.

The Commander and Chief’s rally
The usurper and hanger-ons rally

Case closed, Toyota.

You still have time to save yourself—and I have a personal reason for giving you this one last chance at redemption. 

My wife really wants that RAV-4.

Howell Woltz

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