Jon McNaughton’s latest—Trump, Candace & Dinesh—a dying Biden (with mask) on the ground—and it’s sure to drive the marxists mad!!


That’s the way the CCP used weaponised Dominion Voting Systems (the CCP owns Dominion) with American Marxists to steal the 2020 election.

With indisputable evidence of massive election fraud now coming forth daily, I think we can say – with all humility, of course – “We told you so.”

Since last November when we first told the world the numbers did not add up; and we proved the electronic switching of votes by China’s Dominion equipment via Italy, Germany and Spain; and reported on ballots being made, added and forged days and weeks after the election in Arizona, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Georgia – I’ve  been vilified, de-platformed, attacked, maligned and received some pretty heavy snark – even from our beloved Richardson Post readers.

But that’s OK, because I knew we were right.  The election was stolen.

So do we just “let it go” like the Bush RINO Republicans and Marxists dream that we, the Deplorables of the world, will do?  Not a chance in Hell. 

“In January, Robb Pitts, the Fulton County Georgia Board of Commissioners Chairman, lashed out at President Donald Trump over his claims of election fraud in Fulton County Georgia.” ( but Robb feels a little stupid now that he’s been caught! We’re coming to get our house back, Robb!

This is a wound that will not heal, folks – like stealing my home through title theft fraud – and even perps like Robb Pitts in this picture who organised and carried out the steal in Fulton County, Georgia, have realised we’re not giving up.  It’s not revenge we seek, Robbie – it’s a Reckoning.

He knows he’s cooked, so Robbie called this week for all 159 counties in Georgia to be forensically audited – which should put the whole Democrat party in jail. He threw them all under the bus to take the heat off himself it seems. They’re turning on each other.

“If I’m goin’ down, I’m taking y’all with me,” will be our headline when Robbie is sentenced to life in prison – unless he decides to turn ‘State’ on the other Marxist cheats he supervised – or his boss, Stacey Abrams – who headed up the fraud Statewide.

Looks like a major expansion will be needed quite soon for Robb and his marxist crew!

And for those who’ve written to me over the months that there is no mechanism – “historical, legal or otherwise” – to undo this fraud, well you are very, very wrong.


That’s right.  Due to illegal harvesting and absentee ballot fraud, the election was overturned and 24 people have been charged with federal crimes as a result.

So please don’t waste my time (or yours) telling me it can’t happen.

And for those not familiar with my nation’s history, it was the States that got together and created the federal government, not the other way around.

For another history lesson, fifteen election results were thrown out in recent years alone over fraudulent mail-in-ballots – – the best-known method for stealing elections, according to none other than Democrat President, Jimmy Carter.

A 2005 commission led by former President Jimmy Carter (D) and James A. Baker III (R) concluded that mail-in ballots “remain the largest source of potential voter fraud.”

The Bidens’ alleged photo with the Carters is as fake as his mail in ballot election and the public is no longer buying either fraud
Clearly time for the bolsheviks to fire their photo-shopper.  Here’s a real picture of President Carter & Joe for comparison


First of all, it wasn’t my idea – though I liked it very much – but this reader comment was also historically incorrect.

Not only once, but twice in American history have one-term presidents lost re-election (John Quincy Adams and Andrew Johnson) and then won seats in Congress – House and Senate respectively – so there is precedent. 

But you’re right that a former president never became Speaker of the House – but so what?

Nothing precludes Trump from doing so, and without Trump’s support, there won’t be any Republican Congressmen and women in the House of Representatives next year anyway, so they’ll darn sure choose him as their leader if he runs and wins – which would be inevitable.

Just as an historical and legal note, the Constitution does not require the Speaker to be a member of the House, though all thus far have been–but Trump has them so worried, the Dems are trying to pass a bill right now requiring the Speaker be a member!

Trump should do it to spite Nancy Pelosi for tearing up his speech during the state of union when he was at her post

But my advice – in order to avoid conflicts with the 22nd Amendment to the Constitution – Speaker Trump just needs to take his time.

He and his America First Squad can have fun impeaching every single Communist in the military and Government while refusing to pass a single one of Beijing Biden’s Marxist ideas or approve a single appointment, as they undo everything the Bolsheviks did during their short time in office.

Just let them sit and flounder until two years and one day in office, Mr. President – then impeach Biden and Harris, which puts the Speaker of the House – Donald Trump – in the White House as president without even having to run for office or use his ‘Trump card’ – the stolen 2020 election.

This then allows President Trump to run again in 2024 – for a total of 10 years in office to Make America Great Again – and perhaps for a century.


OK, OK.  Yes, I said it and we can do it, but let’s think and be methodical.

Just yesterday, the headlines were, “BREAKING: Arizona Senator Calls For Recalling Electors After Bombshell Audit Hearing.”

So it’s already started. “I call for the Biden electors to be recalled to Arizona,” tweeted Senator Wendy Rogers.

Air force combat pilot, Arizona senator Wendy Rogers, also put Biden’s Attorney General on notice when he threatened interference, “you will not touch Arizona ballots or you will go to jail”

Keep in mind that the federal government has no authority over the States with regard to how they handle their elections under the U.S. Constitution – as long as the rights of the voters are respected – so the Feds have no jurisdiction in Arizona over the audit or Elector recall.  None.

The Democrats are just desperate to cover their tracks via federal interference if necessary, so Senator Rogers followed up with this:

“You will not touch Arizona ballots or machines unless you want to spend time in an Arizona prison. Maybe you should focus on stopping terrorism. The Justice Department is one of the most corrupt institutions in the USA,” she tweeted.

So Arizona will fall, and it will be quite soon as Senators Sonny Borelli, Wendy Rogers and Representative Mark Finchem have promised.


The president has to have 270 Electoral College Votes to hold office.  Joe Biden and the Lapdog Press (including Murdoch’s FOX) called Arizona with just 2% of the vote in on November 3rd and we now know that was a complete set-up to cover what was going on – and it will be undone – as will FOX News (whose ratings have tanked since this illicit act).

The scale of Democrat fraud in Georgia is so bad that even the officials who committed the crimes are calling for audits as cover for their misdeeds in hopes of blaming it on others


Once again, legislators are already demanding a recall of Electors after seeing the massive fraud uncovered this week by Garland Favorito of VoterGA – a private group, that used only public information – once they finally forced Secretary of State Raffensperger to give them access to it.

Garland Favorito and Heather Mullis disclose it on Warroom

This has infuriated Georgians of all stripes.  Why was a private group able to prove such massive fraud using only Secretary of State Raffensperger’s public data (once given over by court order) when it was his job to do so?

Georgia will fall now that this other shoe has dropped – and even Secretary of State Raffensperger is now in agreement – seeking cover and blaming others for his own crimes.


The winner had to have 270 Electoral votes to be President.  The Fraudsters ran it up to 306 on November 3rd for Biden, but between Arizona and Georgia recalling Electors, that will drop by 27 to just 279.

And guess what?  “Steve [Bannon] invited Professor David K. Clements from New Mexico State University and retired Army intelligence captain and former baseball analyst Seth Keshel to discuss their latest analysis on the 2020 election.

“According to Seth, President Trump won Pennsylvania by 6-8% in 2020.”

And Seth can prove it. 

We’ve reported ad nauseam about the fraud in Pennsylvania for months, so I won’t rehash it, but the legislators there have also had enough and are calling for a full audit and – you guessed it – a recall of the fake Electors sent over the legislators’ objections on January 6th, 2021 by the Soros-infected Secretary of State and Governor –  outside of their legal authority.

Even the apolitical Amish community supported Trump in Pennsylvania’s 2020 election.  It was a Trump landslide but Biden’s bolsheviks stole the title


Pennsylvania’s 20 Electoral votes, Michigan’s 16 or Wisconsin’s 10 – it really doesn’t matter – but we get our House title back. 

The Marxist thieves who tried to steal it go to prison and CCP Dominion voting machines are forged into plow shares (perhaps for the Amish?) as the biblical saying goes, never to be used as tools of war again.

And here is how it will be done.  Once Sleepy Joe’s tally falls below the required 270 Electoral votes as these votes are withdrawn due to fraud on the part of his party, the CCP and State Officials, he is no longer President – period.

What happens then?  I’m not sure, as it’s never happened before, but that’s where the guys you met above – Professor David Clements and Captain Seth Keshel – re-enter the narrative. 

Why?  Because the public outrage they are fomenting will force action by Legislatures, Courts or both.

They’ve set up The American Audit Channel on Telegram and now have groups in all 50 States organising audits and demanding them of every county in the nation.  Yes. Every single one.

And if you think that America First’s grassroots movement is not enough – think again.

I’m watching America First’s chat rooms in all 50 States right now on Telegram, and it is on fire – 50,000+ new members just over the weekend – all co-ordinating audit efforts and pressure campaigns on local election offices and officers – or suggesting those elected and hired officials find new work if they don’t, because the people will remove them.


As each county in America (3,142 counties, parishes or equivalent) begin this push over the next days, not weeks – this movement is already underway thanks to America First Audit –  the groundswell will overcome all obstacles.

Marxist Media’s snide snips and smirks will be subsumed by this tsunami of local outpouring as it manifests itself – just this coming week. 

Smug local officials who were in on the voting scam will freak out as their Superiors deny, denounce – and blame them – to avoid prosecution themselves. 

They will point fingers at each other and begin confessions as if it were Judgment Day – which in a way – it is.

Like their marxist predecessors in Cuba—1959—they will turn on each other


It will survive the Marxists – even Arizona’s RINO turncoat, Katie Hobbs.

Remember this term – Quo Warranto – as it will be known by every American quite soon.  As Mayors, Councilmen, Congressional Representatives and State Officials are proven to have been installed via outright voter fraud on the part of bribed RINOs (as in Georgia and Arizona) and Marxist Democrats throughout America – this will become the best known legal term in the nation.

That’s why Anderson and Katie Hobbs look so constipated. They know what’s coming

Katie Hobbs: “I am concerned about what happens when this report comes out because we know, number 1, the election that we certified – those certified results – are an accurate reflection of the will of the voters in Arizona and number 2, there’s nothing that can be done now to overturn the election even if this audit was valid.”

But Katie is wrong and she knows it, because “Fraud vitiates everything,” per the Supreme Court – and she was part of the biggest fraud in history.

Here’s an example of how it will happen:

“Secretary of State Hobbs [Arizona].  How did you certify an election and swear under oath to its authenticity to the United States Congress claiming it to be “an accurate reflection of the will of the voters” when you knew:

  1. 11,326 voters were added to the rolls after Election Day – and were then counted as having voted a month later on December 3rd? – and
  2. 74,000 more ‘mail-in-ballots’ were received and counted in election totals – than were actually mailed out by Maricopa County Officials?
  3. And 25,000 duplicate ballots were counted in your totals for candidate Biden, after certifying and claiming publicly that did not happen?”

This is when Katie turns and whispers to her attorney to cut a deal to keep her out of prison – but her crimes are too great – and after being a traitor to her own party, no one will come to her rescue.

After Katie Hobbs goes to prison, justice ‘fanboys’ will get busy.  They feed on winning prosecutions, and this will be like raw hamburger in a tank of piranha.

“By what right do you hold office?” (quo warranto) will be the question asked in every court from the county Register of Deeds and Election Officials – given the levels of provable fraud – to the White House, and it will then be incumbent upon the officials to prove they have a right to hold their office – which they can’t.

Congressional races will be overturned – as in my home state – and Senators elected by fraud will be sent home or to prison.

While I hope President Trump takes my advice and takes over Congress to ensure that Sleepy Joe and the Democrats self-destruct, he can also be restored to the Presidency as would be his right – or call for a new election, and the States or Supreme Court can demand it.

But if he takes our advice and goes for the long game – he will completely destroy the Democrat Party – once and for all.

This evil party of Slavery, Jim Crow, Marxism, Critical Race Tinkering, war-mongering and every evil in America will disappear forever – like flushing a toilet.

Without further ado, I’ll close with another McNaughton artwork.

The hands of history are upon your shoulders, Mr President

Howell Woltz (on Telegram)

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