Gibraltar proves the fallacy of of ‘the jab’ as the primates look on in wonder. “how stupid are these humans?”

“Fully-Vaxxed Gibraltar Sees 2500 PERCENT SPIKE in COVID-19 Cases Per Day, Initiates New Lockdowns.”

For those who have never travelled to this famous rock, it is more inhabited today by our cousins (on the left in the picture) than by humans—perhaps because they have better and brighter leaders—or simply refuse to follow dumb ones such as those running most Western nations. 

When something does not work, our cousins in the primate world realise their error and move on.  They try something else.

But not the modern homo sapien—oh no!  We watch an ideology like Marxism, for example, cause the death of 167 million souls last century (and so far in this one) and then commence a global rush back to its tenets for more death and destruction.

Pretty stupid, right?

Concurrently, we allow the compromised criminals running most of our governments (on behalf of their Globalist masters) to

1) create and fund a disease that will kill us,

2) patent an alleged ‘cure’ two years before the disease’s release that will cripple us, and

3) allow them to subjugate all of us to feudalism under lockdowns and forced vaccination with their experimental treatment—and we are doing so it seems without a whimper.

Meanwhile, “cuz”— our far more pragmatic (and free) relative—now rules gibraltar in our stead

In this up close and personal visit with him, it was clear from his aloofness and condescending manner that he considered my branch of the family to be far inferior—and after watching this most recent episode of mankind’s stupidity, I’m unable to argue, especially on his rock, where the madness reached a level of 99%+.

That’s right.  These once-proud Brits and Spaniards who people the small overseas territory of Gibraltar succumbed to Vaxx Madness—99% of them took the experimental ‘jab’—and now they have their just reward–more masks and lockdowns on their way back to feudalism 2.0, while “Cuz” sits free on Gibraltar, looking on in wonder.

“Throughout the West, government have begun to re-impose the mask mandates due to the lack of efficacy of the vaccines, which is then blamed on the individuals who refused the shots by the mass media and the so-called public health experts,” according to this article published just yesterday in Big League Politics.

Who will they blame on Gibraltar where all took the jab?  Fool me once….shame on you, but fool me twice….?

To put ‘Cuz’s’ disdain for our branch of the family in perspective, the 6.7 kilometre square territory of Gibraltar became the first and best laboratory for ‘jab’ failure on the planet with everybody there—99%—taking the experimental gene therapy shot (not to be confused with a ‘vaccine’).

A month later?  The supposed disease against which they were promised to be protected spikes 2,500%—and the braindead Globalist puppets demand Round 2 of the now-proven worst response to the problem—masks and lockdowns.


Even “Cuz” is thinking about moving.  His family’s been on Gibraltar since escaping a ship from Africa hundreds of years ago, but his key to survival through all has been keeping a sense of perspective and living free.

Watching 99% of his distant relatives choose to be subjugated to foreign powers, Big Pharma and Globalists is just too much for him, when the evidence of what works is just common sense—even to a monkey.

The best way to end any virus is for everybody in the ‘troop’ (as monkeys in numbers are called) to get it as it spreads and nature takes over from there. 

The virus—which is smarter by far than most Western leaders—knows that killing all of its hosts is as stupid as voting for Marxists. 

It may sound kind of fun at the time, but it’s not a good long-term strategy as it will cause it’s own extinction.


“Sweden, a country that shunned lockdown, is approaching close to zero daily coronavirus deaths”

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist—just a real one—to know that the Big Pharma jab salesman and his Globalist ‘death to 90%’ partners did not have our best interests in mind, but Sweden’s leaders did.

While the Feudal lords like Gates, Soros and Klaus Schwab plotted our demise with their front line dummies to return free people to serfdom—Biden, Boris, Merkel, Macron, Jacinda and Sco-Mo come to mind—there were exceptions.

Trump was one, of course, which is why they had to remove him ‘by any means necessary’ to quote more than one of the Marxists in my home nation, but Sweden also stood up and stood firm under withering attack, unafraid of the Globalist thugs–at least on Covid–though dumb as a rock on immigration (rapes are up 1,300% since the Social Democrats’ open-border policy).

Stefan löfven’s Covid approach needs to be cloned–but bifurcated from his incredibly stupid immigration policy.  Sweden’s leaders quietly but effectively resisted media muppets, globalist puppets and ‘scientism’ of fake pharma hacks, by using common sense and science instead of fear porn and fake data


If Media hacks, compromised officials, Big Pharma, Big Tech Censors, Globalists and Marxist are all singing in unison—then you know whatever they’re singing about is a damn lie and meant to harm you, so start breaking it apart and examining everything.

If Media exhorts a narrative in unison—you can be sure it’s false.

If these hack leaders try to force it on you—then it’s no good, don’t do it.

If Big Pharma is behind it—it’s not about (or good for) you.

If Big Tech won’t allow questions—then the narrative is fake.

If the Globalists are for it—then it is pure evil.

If the Marxists are in favour of it—then you should fight it to the death.

Let’s prove ‘Cuz’ wrong about us.  He thinks we’re stupid and before my next visit with him, I’d like some evidence that he’s wrong.

He’s ashamed of us at present. He thinks we’re a disgrace to primates

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