How will Australia’s tyrants and American dictators explain no food to their remaining city supporters?

Note: Due to the complex nature of this protest the date stated in the article may change at the last minute.

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Australian truckers will shut down their nation’s economy to protest State governments’ authoritarianism lockdowns and dangerous mandates forced on a continent with hardly any Covid cases—and their American Mates appear ready to join them against Biden Bolsheviks on August 31st!

“This is a power move by a population fed up with police violence and government despotism and one can only hope nothing untoward will happen and the government indeed stands down and leaves the halls of power so the people of Australia can rise in freedom once again; a breakthrough for the rest of the world as well.”


And the truckers’ test run at Australia’s TOLL Trucking and on July 17th in Sydney, have already shown the efficacy of their incredible strategy— plotted by CB Radio on the roads—outside of Marxist control.

Toll truckers alone can shut down fuel, food, Fed-ex, 7-11, and Woolworths in Oz!  Now Americans are set to join them!

Entire facilities of idle trucks will soon become a nationwide strike, so stock up boys and girls for a rough ride—until the tyrants are broken.

“Good morning, Australia,” the man begins, hand-brushing back his white hair. “I just f**cking woke up.”

“We need you and everyone else’s support to watch this video, hand it up, and let everyone in Australia know the truckies are gonna shut down the country,” the man continued. “What that means is you need to go shopping now, get what you can for the next week or two, load your fridge, freezers.

“The truckies are comin’ and they’re gonna pull this country down, and we’re all gonna do it together and remove the sh*t government,” the man went on. “The vets are in, the truckies are in, I’m in. I’m willing to go to jail to save my country and my children.

“If you wanna do this, you gotta do it together as one,” he added.

And once again, Australians and Americans are locking arms to take down the Nazis—and hopefully, our brothers in Britain and Canada will join us.

God bless these Road Warriors and please support them as they keep the tyrants on ‘lockdown’ for a change!

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