And it’s not just people. The businesses that give them jobs have had enough of this marxist nonsense as well


It’s not just those who packed up and left after the now-confirmed election steal from President Trump—the Socialist Paradise has been losing those who employed them in droves for some years now.

Even the ‘nuts’ and ‘fruits’ who live in the Caliph of California commune are finally smelling the coffee.

Hoover Institute confirms that there are, “74 known California businesses that have relocated their headquarters to another state in the first six months of 2021—double the rate for each of the three previous years. We have identified 265 headquarters relocations out of California since 2018.”

Not meaning to name-drop, but have you ever heard of ‘Tesla Corporation’?  Yeah.  The guy putting rockets in outer space, on Mars, and making the most elaborate designs, vehicles, and technology on earth?

You’ve heard of Elon Musk? Smart guys like him are grabbing their dime bags and sandals after looking for a shaker of salt, to get the Hell out of Pelosiville too. Elon has moved his empire to Texas.  Smart man.

And this is the ‘white supremacist’ beating Pelosi’s nephew, Gavin Newsom, in the ‘caliph’ recall election

Yes, this fine black American hero, Larry Elder, has been called a ‘White Supremacist’ by the Marxist media and left-wing nuts.

Will my non-white, non-supremacist ally, Larry Elder win?  There’s the rub, isn’t it?  Americans can no longer trust elections—thanks again to the Marxists now running many of these once-great States like the Caliph of California.

He will win in the actual vote by a landslide, being a South L.A. native black man who worked his way up to national fame, but the Pelosi/Getty/Newsom mafia have already been caught cheating—stealing ‘mail-in’ votes out of mailboxes—and worse.

I’m not sure a real candidate like Larry Elder has a chance with ‘mail-in voting’, even though he leads the marxist boy by a legion in the polls.  No legitimate candidate can ever win again in the caliph as long as mail-in ballots are allowed

“According to a report from KTLA5, over 300 California recall ballots, drugs, and multiple driver’s licenses were found in the vehicle of a passed-out felon in Torrance, California.”

This is just one of the reports of the mail-in vote fraud going on at this moment during the Caliph Recall Vote—but this story broke the ‘protect Marxists at all cost Media’ because these  Democrat operatives were busted on video.


Police verified that these Democrat operatives had “a USPS post office master key” indicating a co-ordinated fraud—just like the 2020 election steal including the Postal Service—and this was not a one-off event.

“In Valley Village, another Los Angeles neighbourhood, hundreds of more ballots were stolen out of mailboxes of a multi-unit housing complex.”

Just like the 2020 election, the Marxists are out en masse stealing another one to save Gavin Newsom from being recalled by the voters, using the best-known method of election fraud—‘mail-in’ ballots.

They flood the zone with unrequested ballots, which are then ‘harvested’ by felonious operatives having nothing to lose, then filed as votes for the tin-horn dictator they serve, which in this case is Gavin Newsom, the hapless Marxist hack who has taken California from greatness to a homeless junkyard in just a few short years.


From the day the Marxists start registering and/or taking our means of self-defence is roughly a decade before they start building their ‘camps’—they’re just using the CCP-flu to speed up the Marxification process in my homeland and Australia. 

New Zealand and Britain may already be too far gone to save.  We’ll have to invade and take them back from the new Nazis just as we did the last ones.

And for the snowflakes and perpetually stupid, calling a prison ‘quarantine’ or ‘sheltering’ does not make it anything else.  It is still just a prison—but one without due process or law as required. 

Australia’s concentration camps are being called ‘quarantine facilities’ and America’s are called ‘non-congregate sheltering’ but make no mistake—it’s dissident jail which is their endgame

Australia’s Toowoomba concentration camp for the non-vaccinated is well underway, but I’m in hopes that the Truckies will refuse to deliver the barbed wire.

“Queensland’s announcement follows that of Victoria, where construction on a 1000-bed quarantine camp in Melbourne’s north has already started.”

And if you had any hopes of ScoMo stopping this madness, “According to ABC News, Prime Minister Scott Morrison asked Commonwealth officials to prioritise the project which is set to be completed before the end of the year.”

Just as an historical aside, once they herd the vocal and bold into the barbed wire, only the sheep will be left—so be appreciative of those speaking out and protesting rather than joining the lost souls in Government and Media who sycophantically prop up tyrants—until it is too late for you to switch sides again.

The Communists running California have already established their prisons for those who choose not to take the poison ‘jab’ as well. 

When I asked the Los Angeles county health officials, ‘Who decides who is put in these camps?’, the reply was, “Referrals to these sites are made by the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health (DPH).”

In non-bureaucratese, that means an unelected local hack appointed by the Marxists will decide who gets shoved into these prisons—and you can bet they will start with those speaking out against their tyranny.


As always, after gun registration/confiscation (one always follows the other), crime spikes because only the criminals are armed.

The headlines say it all—“New Zealand Gun Crime Hits 10-Year High After Strict Gun Confiscation.”

New Zealand has gone from 1 per million in gun-related deaths to 2.4, which for those who studied maths in America where 2 + 2 can now equal 5, that means death-by-gun is up 240% now that they’re illegal.

Any thinking person can simply look at the battle zone of Democrat-run Chicago, which has the most restrictive gun laws anywhere.

Under the Marxist’s ‘disarm the people’ mandates it should be the most peaceful of all cities, but instead, 742 have been murdered, just so far this year (2021).


CCP-flu was the excuse for lockdowns and rigged ‘mail-in’ vote in U.S., but big businesses all stayed open?  Why?  Churches, small businesses and meeting places were shuttered—to keep us apart?  None of this made sense, but it was all related

It’s not ‘Build Back Better’ as the Biden Bolsheviks are chanting in Amerika, it’s ‘Build Back Bigger’ where they control everything—as the Party of Davos has been telling us all without the least bit of shame.

The new Karl Marx says it every chance he gets—so we don’t have to guess what they are thinking

Make no mistake about it—none of this is by mistake.

And all our Western leaders from BoJo in Britain and ScoMo in Oz, to Biden and Ho in America and Macron in France are a part of the Party of Davos ‘reset’ to feudalism. 

China is intended to ascend while our nations descend economically, militarily and we as people lose our freedoms.

So wake up and resist.  The time is short.

Once their dissident gulags are functional, our days as free people is at a sunset.

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