Note from Harry.

As you may know, I’m not really into conspiracies unless I can see some firm evidence. UFOs, chemtrails, bigfoot and the like, may be real. I just don’t know, so I avoid spouting about them.

Maybe Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci and the NIH are in cahoots trying to ethnically cleanse the planet of common folk like you and me. Again, I don’t know – but I have to say, this latest clip that Howell dug up is deeply disturbing.

If it isn’t a fake, then Gates is a bigger lunatic than I could have imagined. He is supposedly spruiking a cure for religious extreme views.

That may not sound too bad until you find out how he intends to do it. Gates is talking about genetically modifying humans through a genetically modified cold or flu virus.

What could go wrong with that?

I’ll let Howell explain the rest but please watch the video whist it is still up.



They’re removing it fast, but the fact that a DOD or CIA insider leaked it is very good news for the people.  This is a major find.


Gates was selling this gene-altering aerosol ‘vaccine’ idea to the CIA and Department of Defence back in 2005 to be used against “Middle Eastern fundamentalists” but I believe their actual target was much closer to home—our homes—in Western-aligned nations.

Patriots.  Christians.  Those with strong beliefs—you know—‘us’—as he describes those with an “over-expression of VMAT-2 gene.”  (Vesicular Mono Amine Transporter 2, named ‘FunVax’).

Listen to Gates’ short presentation to the goons (above) and see what you think—now that you’ve lived through the Gates/Big Pharma’s international CCP-flu/‘vaccine’ attack on free people worldwide.

This gene-altering bio-weapon was designed to be delivered in aerosol fashion–perhaps the chew-trails we see daily in certain areas criss-crossing the skies–as a treatment for ‘flu’ according to the speaker, which does appear to be Bill Gates, in my opinion.

While the Fake-Checkers are saying there is no evidence it is Gates, I don’t know of any other Satanic, pedophile nerd with that creepy body language who would think of vaxxing religious beliefs out of humans— other than this demented eugenicist.

It is also worthy of note that the Gates Foundation funds most of the fake ‘Fact-Checkers’ so they’re about as dependable as Joe Biden’s short term recall.

Don’t fret about the ‘pedo’ comment, Nurse Ratched.  We’ve got the receipts—and Jeffrey Epstein’s flight logs, remember?

For new readers, yes, it was The Richardson Post that first published not only the infamous Epstein flight logs to his Pedo Island, but his ‘Black Book’ full of other pedophiles, both of which can still be seen at

But we have found evidence that the proposal and film are valid from references to the program in CIA reports, written in 2007:

“In non-conflict zones, effectiveness [of the fundamentalist vaccine] could be measured by a decrease in the people attending religious activities.”
— Quarterly Report on the Pentagon’s FunVax (Fundamentalist Vaccine), 6/1/07

And as for ‘chem-trail’ conspiracy theories, it appears the CIA confirms rather than denies that in their own report referencing ‘high altitude release’:

The Pentagon report states that tests have been conducted on six different methods of dispersing the virus: “high altitude release, water supply release, insect transmission, diffusion by a ground level object such as a car, diffusion from a stationary object such as a bottle and infection of food supply such as cattle or produce.”

But none of the Gates-funded ‘fact-checkers’ dispute the program or the fact that the CIA followed up on the idea of spreading the gene-altering therapy to eliminate religious fervour as an aerosol flu–just that there is no hard evidence the nerd in the CIA film is their boy, Bill Gates.

Regardless, this amazing CIA archive of Gates’ (or whomever’s) gene-altering bio-weapon against religious folk is shocking—even for these reprobates. What else can be said?

Well….while we cannot vouch for the veracity of others’ reporting, journalist Michael Baxter may shed some interesting light on how this CIA video happened to become so public at this particular point in time.


Check out the testimony for yourself-

Vice Adm. Hannink, the officer allegedly heading up the tribunal, made his case on Day Two about Gates’ pedophilia from an eye witness (Steven Sharpe, Gates’ ‘fixer’)—including the murder of a 13 year-old girl Gates imported from Thailand for pedo-sex—and now moves on to his equally troubling history with Big Pharma in Day Three of the trial.

His recently divorced wife, Melinda Anne French (Gates), was the final witness on Day Two via Skype, according to Baxter, and said, “I’m just happy to be finally free of that sociopath and his machinations.”

While still not able to confirm Baxter’s reporting, could it be that the trial evidence of Gates’ CIA misadventures and Big Pharma weaponisation of ‘vaccines’ were accidentally leaked from his trial for CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY at GITMO?

We’ll know soon—as it is all coming out like a torrent.  We predicted some months ago, September would the month of reckoning, so stay tuned. 

It’s happening.

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