Yet we see it under the microscope. Graphene oxide was patented in 2015 as a ‘hematological bioweapon’. It reduces one’s lifespan by roughly 20% per ‘jab’ so this is an important question to ask


Howell Woltz has been looking into claims that Covid Vaccines contain graphene oxide. What he has discovered so far is not looking good. Read on, check the links and make up your own mind:

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“According to Karen Kingston, a former Pfizer employee, graphene oxide is in the vaccines but not listed directly on the patents because its use is a trade secret. It is the main ingredient in hydrogel [component in the mRNA].” 

“Karen Kingston claims that the ‘Pegylated lipid’ [yellow] in the above illustration contains graphene oxide. It is made by SINOPEG in China. Lipids in the patent are listed on SINOPEG’s site.”


When I saw MSM ‘Hack-Checkers’ were trying to get ahead of the exploding graphene oxide question on behalf of Globalist Masters, we knew they were starting another Big Lie—and were correct.

The most notorious of Fake News ‘Fact-Checkers’—Snopes—says this is false because, “Graphene oxide is not included in the ingredient lists of any filings for either the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines.”

That’s like saying Colonel Saunders’ KFC chicken is ‘salt-free’ because it’s not listed as an ingredient of “chicken” without mentioning his Secret Sauce.  As the Pfizer employee admitted in tears, graphene oxide is the ‘secret sauce’ in Pfizer’s Covid-19 jab—and it’s deadly.

The more ‘jabs’— the more bullets in the gun

In fact, Pfizer’s ‘secret sauce’ is almost 99% graphene oxide—also now confirmed by (real) scientists, so read on.  This is important.


Why is this so important?  Because when Steven Fishman asked “Dr. Mylo Canderian, Ph.D. [born, Corfu, Greece, 1938], who developed the patent for Graphene Oxide for use as a Hematological Bioweapon in 2015” [yes, you read that right] Dr. Canderian described ‘us’ as, ‘Useless Eaters’, who need to be euthanised as quickly as possible.”

Perhaps more disturbing,  Wuhan Flu’s father, Anthony Fauci, and the NIH have been funding this research since the cabal chose ‘vaccines’ as the means of reducing our population beginning in 2002—and like the virus, it’s origins harken to Ralph Baric’s lab at the University of North Carolina.

“U.S. patent 7279327,5 filed by the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, describes methods for producing recombinant coronaviruses. Ralph Baric, Ph.D., a professor of microbiology and immunology who is famous for his chimeric coronavirus research, is listed as one of the three inventors, along with Kristopher Curtis and Boyd Yount.”

Anthony Fauci was father, co-founder and funder of this disaster and deserves ‘special attention’ once justice returns to my homeland with the restoration of the king

Here are the Receipts: “Methods for Producing Recombinant Coronavirus,” April 19 2002[Patent 7279327]


“This invention was made possible with government support under grant numbers AI23946 and GM63228 from the National Institutes of Health. The United States government has certain rights to this invention.”


“The present invention relates to methods of producing recombinant nidovirus vectors, particularly coronavirus vectors, and expressing heterologous genes from said vectors.”

The conduit for the recombinant nidovirus ‘vectors’ became graphene oxide in 2015—reassigned in 2020 as you’ll see in the next paragraph—but the development of the virus and treatment goes back two decades.

But look at the updated add-on patent for a real shocker—

“The new corona vaccine contains graphene oxide, carnosine, CpG and new corona virus RBD; binding carnosine, CpG and neocoronavirus RBD on the backbone of graphene oxide…”

And it is worthy of note that in 2020, this patent was reassigned to the CCP’s Shanghai National Engineering Research Center for Nanotechnlology Co. Ltd.—yes, just last year.


Dr. Jane Ruby showed examples of what happens when our cells are exposed to or attacked by Graphene Oxide in an interview with Stew Peters.

Dr. Jane Ruby—20yr pharma research veteran—shows the evidence that fake ‘fact-checkers’ are lying—again—to cover for the globalists, Fauci, Gates, and Big Pharma

Dr. Ruby says in the interview about graphene oxide now proven to be in Pfizer and Moderna:

“It destroys literally everything inside the cell. It explodes the mitochondria. It creates a situation where the body is on a 10-alarm fire truck and inflammation, cytokines, chemokines.

This is incredibly violent… inflammatory storm comes in and it has particular affinity for creating acute inflammation of the lungs, it creates an inflammatory storm in cardiac tissue and in brain tissue… There’s no other reason for this to be in [the vaccines] except to murder people.”

Department of Engineering at Spain’s University of Almeria in its Department of Engineering did real ‘Fact Checking’—under electron microscopes

Their new study, titled “Graphene Oxide Detection in Aqueous Suspension: Observational Study in Optical and Electron Microscopy,” proves that, in fact, both Pfizer and Moderna ‘jabs’ are mostly graphene oxide—the delivery agent for the mRNA and nano-particles. (Electron images can be found here:

Like KFC chicken has no salt, but the Colonel’s ‘secret sauce’ has tons of it, the vaxes have enough graphene oxide in each ‘jab’ to reduce your life by 20-30%—according to man who patented it—Dr. Mylos Carderian.

And while graphene oxide isn’t on the ‘label’ it’s the delivery agent that gets Pfizer and Moderna’s mRNA time bomb inside your cells.

Here’s a video that shows the actual photos from the electron microscope:


In tandem with their attempt to put Huawei 5G electromagnetic towers across all Western nations—even in the most remote of areas—the CCP has been busy using electromagnetic ‘stimulation’ to activate graphene oxide inside the human body, which adds an even more frightening dimension to this attempt to decimate global populations—except in China, I might add—where these vaccines are prohibited.

The Spanish study estimates that the Pfizer and Moderna shots have zero virus material (as a real vaccine would have) and are simply graphene oxide (up to 99%) with nano-MRNA to create spike proteins which spread and duplicate throughout the body

Colour me ‘crazy’ but if graphene oxide, which makes up 99% of these ‘vaxxes’ is being used to burn up tumours (using the same range of frequencies as 5G) in a “Functionalized graphene oxide-based thermosensitive hydrogel for magnetic hyperthermia therapy,”, could rumours that the ‘jab’ is positively activated by 5G be true?


True, and it doesn’t list the other elements (Carbon, Oxygen Chromium, Sulphur, Aluminum, Chloride and Nitrogen—which make up graphene oxide) but show up under spectrographic analysis of the ‘jab’.

Please note, 5G electromagnetic energy is within the (red) danger zone of being able to activate graphene oxide in your blood—according to NASA.

NASA—“between the microwaves and the terahertz waves creates a significant heat effect. Coincidentally, 5g radiation [see the red bar] falls directly in this radiation area.”—


Karen Kingston, the former Pfizer employee, when asked by Peters if graphene oxide was present in the corona vaccines, she replied unequivocally: “100 percent, that’s irrefutable.”

Kudos to Stew Peters finding these witnesses to the crime—and getting them to come forward—Stew Peters show (on Telegram)

Kingston suspects that this ingredient is not mentioned in the patents of the vaccines because it is toxic to humans and because it can literally connect to the Internet. “They’re studying how much they can inject humans before they die. We are the guinea pigs.”

When activated, they can cause damage and death.

“Activated she said, right?”, which leads us back to 5G.


“The former Pfizer employee explained that graphene can conduct electricity. When graphene has a positive charge, it destroys everything it comes into contact with [like the tumour treatments discussed above]. At the moment, the particles are neutrally charged. When activated by an electromagnetic field, they can cause damage and death.

“It depends on how many nanoparticles are in the body and where they are,” Kingston said. When she read the information, she cried violently. “I didn’t know a woman could cry so much,” she said.

“These are biological weapons. It is a planned genocide.”


There is a way to neutralise graphene oxide—using large quantities of anti-oxidants

One would be hard-pressed to find cancers in humans before the advent of unnatural chemicals, which largely entered our world last century.

That is because our bodies don’t know what to do with such unnatural compounds we’ve never faced—or the ‘free radicals’ they produce.

An example is fluoride (a by-product of making aluminum) unknown before WWII—which is now dumped in our water supplies—though knowingly a major cause of cancer! (That’s another story).

Anti-oxidants from fruits and vegetables bond with these free-radicals—including graphene oxide—preventing cancers, cell-damage and in this case, death from the ‘jab’.

It works, and when you have a few minutes, this illuminating Ted Talk by Dr. William Li explains the simple mechanism to prevent/cure cancers and stop graphene oxide from killing you, using only anti-oxidants.

Our research has also found some super anti-oxidants that can be taken to neutralise the poisonous graphene oxide for those who took the ‘jab’—as we want to save you ‘vaxxers’ too—but don’t do it again!  OK?

“Biocompatible N-acetyl cysteine reduces graphene oxide and persists at the surface as a green radical scavenger,” as published in the National Library of Medicine

That’s right, Nurse Ratched.  So don’t give me that look like I’m trying to get Harry sued by the Globalist Drug Lords!  The National Library of Medicine published this information on a U.S. Government site—which actually surprised me.

N-acetyl cysteine supercharges the system with antioxidants which bond to  harmful free radicals (like graphene oxide) flushing them out of the body.  Enough anti-oxidants and you can free yourself of this poison—and many other cancer-causing chemicals—never meant to be in our food and water.

Another super natural product is muscadine grape seeds, which pack more anti-oxidants per dose than anything on earth—and come in capsules or a super-charged extract, which I’ve seen stop cancer on more than one occasion (and as verified by studies from Wake Forest University in the United States). 

Both the capsules and the extract are available from the U.S. (Nature’s Pearl—is available on Amazon now—even here in Eastern Europe).  I know, I hate Amazon too, but these are difficult times.

Or start gorging yourself on foods and fruits high in anti-oxidants—but start cleaning your body of these poisons now.  The life you save may be your own.

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