‘Sleepy Joe’ Biden ‘won’ Arizona by just 10,000 votes—via the greatest internationally co-ordinated marxist fraud in history

Arizona Election Audit Summary Report says that there were 173,104 “Lost Votes” and 96,389 “Ghost Votes” in the 2020 Election – Maricopa County was “un-certifiable”


NOTE: This is NOT the Audit that the Arizona Senate Conducted and Still has Not been Released. This is the results of the Independent Audit done by Liz Harris and her volunteers who knocked on thousands of doors to gather this information. The Arizona Senate Audit is expected to be released next week.

This private citizen group “We The People” organised and built an app to canvass Maricopa County, AZ in three precincts. 

The Marxists in one precinct became so hostile and disruptive that Harris’s group had to end it, but the evidence of the remaining actual ‘knocks on doors’ is devastating.

“We didn’t stand in a mall, we went to the homes of the voters,” said Harris on Steve Bannon’s War room (September 9, 2021).

11,708 doors were knocked on, and 4,570 of them answered, but while many had voted, the ‘official’ Maricopa County record said they had not!

Where did those votes go and who ‘disappeared’ them?  That extrapolates to a conservative estimate of 173,104 votes vanishing in just one county!


This was not a partisan canvass. “During the canvass,” Harris said, “volunteers would visit the homes of registered Maricopa County voters.”

At the door, if the resident answered, the volunteers would identify themselves as private citizens conducting voluntary election integrity research and ask if they would mind answering a few questions.

Next the volunteer would ask the resident’s name and then verify it in the county data. Then the volunteer would say, “We’d like to quickly go through each registered voter at this address.

First, we will start with the name identified initially and go through the other registered voters at this address.”

The questions which followed were:

  • What method did you use to vote?
  • How many ballots did you receive in the mail for yourself?
  • How many ballots did you receive for person(s) who do not live here?
  • What did you do with any extra ballots received?
  • How many registered voters are there supposed to be at this address?
  • Total number of registered voters who voted in the November 2020 election?

Non-partisan, basic data—and 34.2% of those respondents had voted—but the Maricopa County officials had not counted them!

American Democrats love to emulate Soviet Communist Dictator, Josef Stalin, who famously said, “It doesn’t matter who votes; what matters is who counts the votes,” and the bastards took it to heart in 2020.

But as heroic Trump staffer, Dr. Peter Navarro, says almost daily, “It’s the canvass, not the count.”  He’s also right. 

If someone—like Liz Harris—hadn’t gone door-to-door for months (since last December of 2020, in fact) asking the voters directly, this fraud by Maricopa County officials might have lain dormant—which is why the Marxists are freaking out about it.

As reported here, Dr. Navarro wrote three devastating reports detailing and quantifying how the vote was stolen


I’m glad you asked.  These were fraudulent ‘mail-in’ ballots that were sent to and registered at an address where the person did not live—meaning, these ‘ghost voters’ most likely do not exist.

That’s why the Marxists running the Biden Department of Justice threatened Arizonans of some unknown charge for doing any canvass. 

By law, mail-in ballots cannot be forwarded, so these ‘ghosts’ could not have legally been in possession of them, rendering them void—which is another reason the Biden Bolsheviks will do anything to suppress this.


Recycled ‘red’, Pamela Karlan (now in Biden’s Dept. of ‘justice’) penned the threat on behalf of Bolsheviks, without legal authority under the constitution, because that’s what marxist thugs do

So, what did the fascist D.O.J. thugs do? They sent a three page letter by e-mail to the Arizona State Senate President, Karen Fann, threatening her if she or anyone asked these questions of actual voters.


And on May 5th, 2021—the same day—the courageous (Colonel) Arizona Senator Wendy Rogers, responded:

Colonel Rogers is now a national hero


I honestly don’t know, but if it wasn’t, it should have been. 

Had the State of Arizona started any official canvass, Biden’s Marxists in the Department of Justice would have deployed armed, badged thugs to stop them, completely outside of law, for sure, then sending it to the courts to languish for months or years, while riding out the clock on Biden’s stolen presidency.

But private citizens doing a voluntary post-election integrity survey was something the Bolsheviks could not have stopped—as their own Marxists do similar ‘surveys’ and door-to-door prospecting all over the country constantly, seeking new comrades.

While DOJ thugs tried to call this ‘voter intimidation’, how does a voluntary post-election non-partisan survey intimidate anyone? It doesn’t and they know it—but they’re now watching their political lives flash before their eyes because of Liz Harris and her team in Arizona. 

Biden just tanked into the 30s with independents, so we can put a fork in these pathetic reds—legally—but they will now turn to false flag attacks and anything they can to divert the public’s attention from their failures and theft of the election.

And those thousands of Maricopans denied their right to vote via fraud by County Election Officials, are absolutely livid, including Democrats, Republicans and Independents.  They want justice done, as this is now personal.

Latest People’s Pundit poll showed 20% of Democrats who voted for Biden would now vote for Trump, which is incredible

Harris’s canvass should result in an official one, now that the evidence of fraud is so clear—and has been witnessed by citizens in both parties and independents who were robbed of their vote.

The cover of the ‘We the People’ canvass says it all—an empty lot at 2058 E. Wildermuth Ave. in Tempe, Arizona where mail-in voters are registered.

I wonder if the thousands of Democrat ‘ghost voters’ registered at empty lots across the nation are intimidated by election integrity canvassers?

Recounting ballots and calling it an ‘audit’—like Georgia and Arizona officials claimed to do—is like bankers who launder counterfeit money getting caught and trying to prove their innocence by simply recounting all the money—including the counterfeit bills.

That’s what these corrupt State officials in Georgia and Arizona did—twice—but the counterfeit, fake, and false ballots were just recounted.  Only by a full audit and canvass will the truth ever be known.


While many readers let me know they thought I was crazy last year for saying the man who won the 2020 election would be returned—you are now seeing why I was so adamant just from the numbers that this must eventually happen.

Fourteen million more votes than voters did not add up—even in Democrat critical math theory—putting any sensible person on notice that there was a major fraud.

And it wasn’t just ‘fraud’. This was a coup, co-ordinated between domestic traitors and at least one foreign government.  Many of these traitors are within the U.S. government itself—and some of them are now running it.

What the CCP and Democrats did in the 2020 election was an act of war—which made it the business of the military when they saw this happen almost one year ago on election night—as I wrote on November 24th, 2020. 

They have the packet captures and can prove it at the military tribunals.

“TRUMP WILL WIN – HERE’S WHY” (richardsonpost.com)

The men cited in the article, “Trump will win—and here’s why” are still in charge of the special forces side of the U.S. military—because President Trump invoked the Insurrection Act, empowering them to remain until this is sorted out.

While we are all impatient, I believe they chose—as Trump continues to say—to allow the steady disclosure of information until the public sees it for themselves.  Now they have—as well as seeing the fruits of socialism in the Homeland—so it is time to act.

As also predicted, they would wait until Biden’s approval sunk into the 30s—which just happened.  Even the Economist Magazine—the globalist’s handbook—admitted it yesterday.

So, this story is far from over.  In fact, we’re just at the end of the beginning, so stay tuned.

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