Biden family grifters are set to make billions more—for selling out America to their CCP master, Xi Xinping—in an unparalleled act of treason (thanks ‘Stu’ for the graphic)

Voters in 2020 never knew Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, was a perverted crackhead, sex trafficking in children – raking in billions from the CCP, Ukraine, Russia, Iraq and others for selling out America – by peddling his Daddy’s influence. And why didn’t voters know it? 

Because the Marxist Media/Big Tech intentionally hid it from the public.

Hunter Biden’s own laptop was in the hands of the compromised FBI who knew that “the Big Guy [his Daddy Joe] gets half,” of all the grift but still did nothing except hide it.  In fact, Hunter was whining to his fellow litter mates about having to support them all  – including Daddy – for thirty years:

“I love you all but I don’t receive any respect and that’s fine I guess. Works for you apparently. I hope you all can do what I did, and pay for everything for this entire family for 30 years. It’s really hard but don’t worry, unlike Pop, I won’t make you give me half your salary.”

They covered all of that up with their co-conspirators in the FBI (and CIA) so they could install Beijing Biden in office – though having evidence the year before the 2020 election of felonies from drugs, guns, and sex with kids to traitorous deals with the CCP – and they knew Joe was on the take.

Even 30% of Democrats – had they known this – now say they would have voted Trump, so Media/Big Tech/FBI lies and obstruction had deadly consequences for many Americans – and blood is now on their hands.


This family will do anything for a buck – no matter how many they kill.  As disclosed in previous articles about the Biden Crime Klan, I was personally subjected to their dark enterprise in the 1990s.

“The Big Guy” [then vice president, Joe Biden] got a direct ’10%’ on the Chinese energy grift at CEFC—and a full half of what Hunter made on all the influence peddling over three decades—but selling out Afghanistan to the CCP? That’s worth billions!

This time, however, along with selling out American interests, they cost many U.S. soldiers their lives after their middle-of-the night dash from Kabul to serve the interests of Master Xi in perhaps the most disgusting act of treason ever seen in human history – but for sure in American history.

Untold thousands of American hostages were intentionally left behind while carrying 130,000 terrorists and unvetted Muslims to safety – with only 6,000 Americans allowed on the flights. 

I can’t even think of a comparable crime against ones own people than this – and one of the Biden Administration’s ‘essential evacuees’ had 25 pounds of explosives strapped on his ‘mostly peaceful’ body, so he was invited to leave the plane – due to no vetting by this disaster of a State Department – while legions of actual American citizens were turned away at the airport gate.

Taliban partnered with Biden’s boss, Xi, before the blood dried
“China will be our main partner and represents a great opportunity for us because it is ready to invest in our country and support reconstruction efforts,” Zabihulah Mujahid said in an interview.

The Sharia rapes and killings have already begun – because Biden not only left the Taliban with 40-point biometric data on them all, which his incredibly diabolical State Department officials actually gave the Taliban – but also the sophisticated equipment to track them down for their Sharia date with rape and murder.  I have no words for this, so back to topic.


Here’s the linkage.  Electric cars require lithium batteries made in China to run, and fossil fuel energy to recharge them – making this a sick but very profitable scam for the alleged Greenies and a windfall for the Biden Crime Family.  So how can they make Americans buy electric cars?


Biden’s Bolsheviks first push was to federalise stolen elections to cement their Marxist-style power (HR 1), but that was closely followed by an Executive mandate that all cars in America are electric by 2030, knowing full well that what is saved in smoke out of exhaust pipes is made up for by fossil fuel energy plants producing the power to recharge electric cars.

And anyone who tells you that they can blow enough wind through inefficient turbines or use solar panels to do this is a stone-cold liar.

While hybrid makes sense, mandating electric cars in a fuel-rich nation is crazy, but that doesn’t matter, because it’s not about the environment – it’s about buying lithium batteries from the CCP – which brings us back to the intentional abandonment of people (and gear) in Afghanistan, so read on.


According to The Institute for Energy Research, ‘Afghanistan is “the Saudi Arabia of lithium” –a metal that is essential for electric vehicle batteries and battery storage technologies’. 

Demand for lithium is projected to increase 40-fold above 2020 levels by 2040, along with rare earth elements, copper, cobalt, and other minerals in which Afghanistan is also naturally rich.”

So, this move is not only stupid, it is an environmental disaster – but it’s not about that. It’s all about lithium control for the CCP and money for the Biden Crime Family 

Mining lithium in Afghanistan to be trucked to China where batteries will be made and put in cars to ship to America requiring constant fossil fuels for recharging has a BigFoot carbon print compared to almost any current combustion engine or hybrid technology made in America using U.S. fuel.

But any thinking person already knows this nonsense has absolutely nothing to do with the environment!  It’s all about Biden’s Benjamins.

What I want to hear is what the mothers and fathers of these brave young soldiers are thinking at this moment, now that it is clear that their loss was all to benefit the Biden Crime Family and Marxist/Democrat participants?

10% Biden-owned BHR is the chosen vehicle for the Afghan crime to take over lithium while mandating ‘electric vehicles’ in America, which must be recharged using fossil fuels—making this a zero environmental gain—but billions in grift for Bidens


BHR (Bohai Harvest RST (Shanghai)) was formed when Bohai Capital (a CCP firm) merged with Hunter Biden and his partner at Rosemont Seneca to create a vehicle for their influence-peddling schemes.

Biden’s partner, Chris Heinz, is the stepson of Obama Secretary of State recycled as Biden’s ‘Climate Czar’ – John Kerry.  Chris acts as that family’s bag man as Hunter has done for the Biden Crime Family for three decades.

Small grifts when Biden was a Senator became larger as Obama’s Vice-President. Today, even as a feeble, demented, unelected President, the world has become the Biden Crime Family’s oyster. 

And John Kerry – a Capo in the Biden’s criminal organisation–is now flying his private jet all over the world promoting lithium battery electric cars, which is understandable now that we know the facts and his part in the scheme. The Kerry-Heinz clan will also profit.

As Sec. Of state, Kerry turned ass-kissing in Afghanistan and iran into an art form prepping for this day. Now it’s time to harvest (here’s Kerry chasing prez Karzai in Kabul for a warmup smooch)

Biden’s cabal currently has a 10% stake in BHR (of which ‘the Big Guy’ gets half). BHR owns Contemporary Amperex Tech. Ltd. (CATL) the “world’s largest maker of electric vehicle batteries”, which need tons of rare lithium and Afghanistan is the world’s greatest source. 

Is all of this starting to fit together now?

So, let’s review the plot so far:

  • Steal the presidency from the guy who puts ‘America First’, has the Taliban running scared, and China in a dither.
  • Mandate electric cars in America using lithium batteries made by CCP
  • Brutally pull troops out of lithium-rich Afghanistan leaving a huge vacuum, with thousands of Americans still on the ground
  • Allow the CCP to immediately fill the void while arming their Taliban fighters with $83 billion in sophisticated American weapons and technology
  • Leave all your assets and allies’ biometric data files with high tech tracking equipment so CCP and Taliban can track them, kill them, or use them as hostages
  • Shut down America’s energy sector by cancelling pipelines and killing drilling on federal lands to make gas unaffordable – feigning that electric cars are better – though recharged with those same fossil fuels!

This was a conspiracy theory just a few months ago – but it has all now come to pass making it fact. Biden handed not only the keys to the CCP for Afghan’s mineral resources, but also everything necessary to arm their defence forces (a.k.a. Taliban).

Buying a Biden is the ‘gift that keeps on giving’!  Just ask Xi Xinping.  It’s Christmas every day when you own a Biden!

A partial listing of weapons bequeathed to Xi Xinping’s protective forces in Afghanistan (now that Biden ordered it removed from the Department of Defense website) included 33 Blackhawks, 4 C-130 transport planes, 63,000 machine guns, 22,000 Humvees, 42,000 military trucks, 155 mine-proof vehicles, 8,000 pick-up trucks, 29 Cessna spyplanes  – oh!  – I almost forgot!  –  and 600,000 automatic weapons and grenade launchers!


I’m so glad you asked that question.  By pulling the troops out first – and leaving all the sophisticated weaponry in perfect working order for the CCP and Taliban – a five-year-old could write the rest of this tragic tale.

The simple answer is that Biden abandoned thousands of Americans and allies, intentionally leaving them as hostages for Xi. 

As the CCP consolidates its control of Afghanistan’s riches and resources, the Taliban – now acting as the CCP’s defence force – will use hostages as pawns and cover while they build out their Silk Road fantasy across Central Asia. 

In other words, none of this was by accident.  This was a treasonous act by any measure, all in service to the CCP, the same entity that put Biden and the Marxists in power in 2020 – as we’ve covered extensively at The Richardson Post since December of 2020.

The election was bought, stolen and paid for by the CCP – and Joe is now paying the tab.

And Afghan lithium and minerals are just part of the purchase price – but it is not sitting well with Americans outside of the Marxist Media bubble – especially those who just lost sons, daughters and loved ones to the most ruthless savages on earth – Islamic Taliban murderers now working for the CCP.

Further, by intentionally leaving thousands of U.S. citizens on the ground, not even a real leader can bomb Kabul without killing Americans. 

Just as Iran used 52 American hostages back in 1979 as a shield – the CCP/Taliban will use the thousands left behind by Biden’s Bolsheviks as human shields (and leverage) for years – thanks to their puppet, Biden, the man who did this to the United States of America and its people for money.

Buying Biden was the best $1.5 billion the Chinese communist party ever spent!


“According to a Politico report, using leaked classified intelligence from the U.S. intel community, the Pentagon knew well in advance that a suicide bomber was coming to the Abbey Gate long before the explosion. “According to the leak, the military knew where and when the attack was coming; and Defence Secretary Lloyd Austin warned allies to avoid the area.”

The Dept. Of Defence knew this attack was coming a day ahead, but Biden let these 13 young soldiers die along with hundreds of bystanders in this ultimate act of treason in service to the CCP and its Taliban defence forces

Not only Defence Secretary Austin – the ‘Critical Race Theory’ creep dividing the U.S. military – knew it, but his Woke Joint Chief Chair, Mark Milley – also knew it according to Politico’s leaked intel, making them both traitors. In fact, it was just leaked that Milley was back-channeling with the CCP in Trump’s final days, promising to warn them of any attack!

Further, Central Command’s Kenneth McKenzie and his feckless co-conspirators in Kabul knew it – yet they left the gate open and did not even warn the U.S soldiers they ordered to guard it as the bomber neared, even though tracking him by drone – with locks on him to kill.

Instead of killing the bomber with minimal collateral damage, however, Biden’s perverted ‘brass’ were either ordered – or they chose – to allow a major blast that killed hundreds of American and Afghan civilians – as well as 13 of their own soldiers – while warning foreign allies and the enemy of the impending attack!

What sort of evil do these Biden generals serve, to leave their own to die unnecessarily while warning the enemy and others of impending danger?

This vile act is already going down as the greatest treachery by any leader in U.S. history and I hope Biden and his Bolsheviks burn in Hell for it.

This moves him and his Marxist military regime from feckless morons incapable of doing the job, to murderous, treasonous enemies of the State who intentionally served up their own soldiers, while aiding and abetting the enemy.

And make no mistake, a Reckoning cometh, and it cometh right soon.

This has awakened even the sleeping in my home nation.  The American Leviathan now girds his loins for battle – within the castle.

Prepare for a pivotal two weeks.  My people will not go quietly into the night. 

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