“You will be held personally responsible for harm and death caused by covid vaccines!” Warns doctors for covid ethics and frontline workers refusing vax mandates—among more and more worldwide!

“Doctors for Covid Ethics, a group of doctors and scientists from 30 countries, sent letters to all European Parliament members giving notice of [personal] liability.” https://doctors4covidethics.org While Frontline refuses vax

The foul-hearted PMs, MPs, Congressmen and Would-be-Dictators lost their fig leaves over the weekend, called out not only by Doctors for Covid Ethics, but the inventor of mRNA treatments, Dr. Robert Malone, and his new worldwide group of doctors and scientists to stop the vax mandates.

“Explosive! Public health data: 80% of COVID-19 deaths in August were vaccinated people,” read the headlines yesterday on Natural News about new government reports.


When the man who invented the mRNA jab tells the world it is being misused—and can be deadly—people are finally beginning to listen, including some of the political rats profiting from the scheme it seems.

Why?  Because Dr. Malone and doctors in 30 nations are calling them out for their ongoing crimes against humanity—and reminding them of their own legal liability for forcing it without informed consent. 

Politicians may have given Pfizer and Moderna a legal pass or immunity from liability, but no one can resolve them of their own crimes—but God.

The deadly facts are coming forth, so these spurious characters are looking for cover.  In fact, the finger-pointing began last week in America.

Joe Biden’s own Food & Drug Administration Board ruled against him and his Marxist thugs regarding adding a ‘booster’ to increase Pfizer’s bottom-line, writing, “There is no compelling reason to get a third dose now.”


I’m not sure if you realise how big that is, but when the government apparatus created and controlled by Big Pharma is rebelling, saying ‘No’ to the evil ones behind this, that is a turning point not to be taken lightly.

That means they know the truth is out…. and they can no longer stop it.

FDA Board Members don’t want to be on the beach when the tsunami hits in days to come—so they’re turning the wave toward the real perps— Fauci, Pfizer and Biden. Please note I said DAYS not weeks or months—as the irrefutable truth is already out there and now exploding in the United States.

People worldwide now know the truth

From Time Square in New York City, to the streets of Portugal, patriotic protesters called out repressive vaccine mandates and the power-mad thugs who ordered them this weekend, saying not only ‘No’, but ‘Hell No!,’ as real doctors and scientists reveal the jab’s now-proven dangers.

France was on fire last week and the streets from Sydney in Oz to Ottawa in Canada were filled with anti-vax-mandate Patriots—though my favourite protest was in The Netherlands, I must admit.

The Dutch know how to turn even a protest into a party! Dancing, drinking and singing all at once, while putting the Pharma-Marxists on notice!

The data proves—as we’ve speculated and written—that the Delta ‘Variant’ of this un-isolated manmade disease is the jab itself!

Look on pages 7 and 8 of this report now that most Western nations are highly vaccinated and watch the cases go straight up the wall.


No other explanation but— ‘the jab’ is doing this

Now ask yourself why Africa and India—using only Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine and Zinc therapeutics—have few if any cases or deaths afterwards? 

Then ask yourself why they refuse to take the Fauci-CCP-Gates jabs—yet are surviving much better than the rest of the world—with no one in government getting rich? Hmmm.


Here’s your first covid concentration camp in Australia—so why not fill it with lying politicians corruptocrats, and Gilead/pharma killers for what they’ve done to the good people of Oz?

This photo of a new Covid Concentration Camp in Australia is from a French article, Mates—not America or England as it should have been—indicating they are hiding the truth in their new Biden Sub Alliance.

With all of those satellite snoopy things in Five Eyes, why were no ‘eyes’ on your own welfare, Australia? 

If Biden and ScoMo hadn’t shafted France last week in the Sub Deal, would you even know about this? But while the Frenchies are informing you, they’re also making fun of you—and folks from Down Under can only take so much of that!

Here is your translation, and if that doesn’t make you mad—at ScoMo and your own governors—then you’re not Australian:

They’re not wrong—about Australia’s idiotic leaders—but the same is not true of its people, so let’s switch it up. 

There are many, many more of you than ‘them’—just like in America—so let’s have our local Sheriffs start locking up those who profited, promoted or forced what is now proven to be a potentially deadly poison on us.

Local Constables must now put them in jail—as ancient Anglo-Saxon jurisprudence demands. His/Her authority as Sheriff matches or exceeds that of a Prime Minister as the highest local authority with authority to apply the law when a crime is being committed.

Would they allow Muhammed’s Halal Shop to continue selling meat poisoned with cyanide?—bad example—of course they would—but how about if a Christian Australian owner of Bobby’s Burgers served just one sandwich with a touch of salmonella

Bobby would be in Golburn Gaol within the hour.

Local authorities must start treating these killers in Government just like other terrorists who’ve tried to murder us in the past.

That, my friends, is precisely what our governments have clearly done to us—or aided and abetted in doing—for money, I suspect the facts will show, but definitely for unrestrained power.

This is criminal conduct, and now that even the inventor says the jab can be a poison—how can political thugs continue applying it under threat of force without penalty to themselves?  Lock ‘em up, Constable!


The Clinton/Bush/Obama cartel built hundreds of concentration camps like one in now open in Australia, under FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) as a headfake—recently moved over to Homeland Security for their real purpose—which is to put an end to all dissent in our Western nations as part of their big Global ‘Reset’.

So why don’t we ants use them instead?  Shame to waste all those tax dollars the Grasshoppers spent on them, eh? And if you ever wonder how we ants can take on the Grasshoppers— just remember there’s about a million of us to each of these Global Resetters—maybe more. 


Yes. This crime was premeditated—for profit—so there will be no place for them to hide. In my home nation, it is the same people who are behind flooding America with terrorists and third worlders, who have also been behind and a part of this depopulation plan—as I covered in my recently published book.

And it appears the evil master—George Soros—is behind this one as well.  His Welcome:US council is basically the “Global Reset” mafia of America:

“The Honorary Co-Chairs of Welcome.Us include Barack Obama, George W. Bush, Michelle Obama, Laura Bush, Bill Clinton, and Hillary Clinton.”


“The group’s National Welcome Council includes representatives from the New York Times, the Soros-funded Atlantic Council, Obama’s former Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson, Maria Shriver, establishment pundit David French, and Jeb Bush.”

Those of us who smelled the coffee some time ago have been doing everything possible to inform the world—but it seems everyone had to see all of this for themselves.

And I firmly believe that they have—but what power do we have now that our eyes are finally open, you may ask?

We may be the ants—but never forget that it is we who control the earth—not the Grasshoppers who feed upon our labour rather than work for it themselves.  We store and harvest while they dither, then they steal the fruits of our labour to survive the Winter.

But this Winter—they will starve—and you must have no mercy on them, or we will not win this battle.

There are about one million of ‘us’ to each of them—that’s the power we have! See the clip at  https://youtu.be/8jknnnrkylm.  It is very entertaining and enlightening.  Better, watch the whole movie ‘a bug’s life’

And yes, I say that at last, we’re ready to stand up to the Grasshoppers.  In fact, I don’t think it—I know it.

My proof that we are ready to take them out and take our world back is quite simple—though I believe, quite compelling—like the brave Australians defying harsh lockdowns and battering sticks last week, when cops were even beating an elderly woman in the street.

Or how about the hundreds of brave union members of CFMEU ignoring the lockdown in Melbourne this week calling out John Setka as a Daniel Andrews puppet for going along with suicidal vax mandates?

Remember, just one year ago, when Americans were stupidly kneeling like a bunch of cowed sissies at ballgames for imagined but uncommitted crimes against people who have never suffered the injustices of which they complain yet seek penance from those who never harmed them? 

How about those dozens of Bobbies in the streets of London on their knees to anti-Western Marxist reprobates, sowing division between races, genders and creeds—with the intention of taking down our nations?

Remember?  That was just last year!

But at least in America, we’ve finally been united!  And guess who did it?

Not Donald Trump.  It was Joe Biden.


I’m glad you asked, as many of you know quite well I’ve never found the man tolerable, including back when he could still form a sentence.

But even as plagues and attacks forge enemies into alliances on occasion, this plague of malign-governance has once more forged America into a common force to fight against it.

While this pathetic man’s popularity has dropped into the 30s—the average age of a Smores-eating Antifa perv still living with Mommy—the entire nation is now singing Joe Biden’s name in unison!

Yes.  You heard that right.  My countrymen are singing the same chant from sea to shining sea—even at once-divide sporting events—with both teams and their fans on either side of the pitch, up to 50,000 in number, joining their voices as Americans once more. 

Not only massive crowds in the stands, but concerts and bars in Marxist western cities—all the way to the crime-ridden streets of New York’s Times Square, including left-wing universities across the fruited plain.

It’s the same wherever you go.

Since roughly September 5th, America is once again united, singing this now famous refrain:

There is even something of a contest now, which The University of Kentucky claims to have won this weekend past.


We’ve finally found something upon which almost all Americans can agree—that this is the worst president in American history—but many of them had to see it for themselves before their eyes were completely open.

Just like much of the world had to see just how far the Globalists would go before believing what were until recently considered ‘conspiracy theories’—but now everyone sees it was true all along.

And I believe the jab mandates did it, especially when we saw that we ants were being forced into a potentially deadly treatment while the Grasshoppers simply fed on our labour, and are given special treatment.

Now that we know from the inventor of mRNA technology and real scientists worldwide that this jab can be harmful or deadly—yet they keep pushing it on us.  Why?  And now we’ve learned that their next target is our children and even our babies!


Pfizer made their intent public just yesterday to push the vax on kids 5 to 11 years of age, saying it’s ‘safe’ while encouraging the FDA to quickly push it through to begin stabbing them in October.


But the FDA fact sheet which can be viewed here (see page 25, table 5 on-wards) tells quite a different story, as “the clinical trials carried out by Pfizer on children aged 12 – 15 reveal that 86% of children who were given at least one dose of the jab suffered an adverse reaction ranging from mild to serious.”

Our own research indicates sterility and miscarriage are being linked to the vaccine—as reported—“More than three dozen cases of women experiencing miscarriages or stillbirths after receiving the COVID-19 vaccine have been reported to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System.

“It’s estimated that less than 1% of vaccine reactions are reported on VAERS.”  So in reality, that 36 miscarriages and stillbirths at 1% reporting x 100 is 3,600—and that was back in March, before the vax mandates.

Losing babies and even sterility is a serious potential side-effect of the jabs—and Pfizer knows it. 

Now that the full extent of the Globalists’ plot to reduce our population as the ‘ants’ of the world has been outed, that’s why they’re so desperate in the waning hours of their scheme to prevent our children from having children.

That move puts them on track for a battle they’ll never win—with the Mama Bears of America.  Blonde, Brunette, Redhead, Silky Black or Fro, you’ll never meet a fiercer foe….Joe….and they’ll eat you and your Bolsheviks for lunch.

So we near the end.  It will take civil disobedience—but as is beginning to happen in America and France—the police, sheriffs and officials will simply stop obeying the tyrants and ‘elected’ officials sending them to the streets to bash citizens wishing to speak their piece—and turn to join them.


Yep!  The bastards are all in on poisoning us ants—while protecting the grasshoppers—and future democrat voters flooding the nation!

I believe our neighbours and friends in arms to ‘serve and protect’ will not only continue to side with ‘us’, but they will also encourage others to join.

When the Marxist Resetters like those in our governments lose the front line enforcers, they’ve lost their means of oppression, so let’s talk one-on-one with our Constables.

Ask them how they can support ‘leaders’ being paid off to kill us, our babies—and their own.  How can any real man or Mama Bear be OK with that? 

Go see your sheriff and ask where he or she stands. In America, introduce them to Sheriff Mack’s group https://cspoa.org/category/sheriff-richard-mack/ and he’ll tell them how to do it under Anglo jurisprudence.

They all took an oath to serve ‘us’ not the politicians—and when the people are now being told they must poison themselves and their children or be treated as a second-class citizen in violation of everything we’ve stood for since the Magna Carta—it’s time for those with guns who swore to protect us, to stand up.

The time for this to end is now—and we’re the ants who can do it—as long as we stick together.

Howell Woltz (now on Telegram)
The Richardson Post (now on GETTR.com)