Just one group owns the most powerful corporations on our planet—and it is owned by the most evil people among us—a match made in hell

“Vanguard Consumer Staples ETF (Symbol: VDC) Experiences Big Inflow, (September 22, 2021)”

Question.  What $7 trillion entity could possibly grow 4.2%, week over a bloody week, in such uncertain times—throughout all of the misery of the past two years? 



The same mega-corps and oligarchs who co-ordinated, planned, caused and profited from the Scamdemic is the answer—and they’re all part of a global consortium known as Vanguard.

They’re either owned by it, or it is owned by them—in every case—without exception. Take a look at the full list: https://www.holdingschannel.com/all/stocks-held-by-vanguard-group-inc/


The most evil monopolies and conglomerates of the world have profited handsomely from each ‘jab’, each lockdown, each mandate and false flag operation since this series of events was intentionally put in play in October of 2019. Yes, I said intentionally, and I said October, 2019.

Wei Jingsheng, Chinese whistleblower, revealed the truth this week, much to the cabal’s chagrin.  I hope he has life insurance that includes ‘Clintoncide’

This week, Chinese whistleblower (and defector) Wei Jingsheng, admitted that the Fauci/CCP-virus was intentionally released in October, 2019, at the Military World Games in Wuhan.



If you think for one minute that these Vanguard scoundrels don’t know each other—and haven’t been collaborating for decades—here they are almost twenty years ago in New York together, giving each other awards in an organisation they controlled (The Carnegie Institute) for how great they thought themselves to be.

The Vanguard squad all agreed even then that there are just too many of ‘us’ and they must do something about it!

That’s Bill Gates’ Dad (a eugenicist) in the back, with David Rockefeller—longtime population reductionist; Ted Turner, founder of CNN and Club of Rome (whose treatise, Limits to Growth, called for this outcome); and their serial vaxxer population reduction pals, Tony Fauci and George Soros in 2002—and they were all on the same page about getting rid of ‘us’.

Now, take a look at the companies in the Vanguard dungheap (PRIMECAP Fund) and tell me there is any way all these wealthy death beetles and Marxists could have accidentally come together under just one worldwide, highly integrated $7 trillion consortium by accident.

They could not have.  This was without doubt, the most effective conspiracy in world history—and they might still win if the sheep under their spell do not awake before the cliffs are underfoot.


Vanguard owns not only regular FakeNews media from CNN (via ownership of AT&T) to Fox (Murdoch’s News Corp), MSNBC (Comcast) and Disney (ABC), but Social Media as well—including all the Globalist Marxist players from the Tweeters to Fake Fact Checkers owned by Gates and Facebook (Poynter Institute).

Take a look at the recent year of our discontent, as example.

Dorsey and Zuckerberg ran interference on social media while they stole an election using Soros/Zuckerberg financed CCP machines and pumped the virus scam while co-ordinating with mainstream media to shut down opposition (and competition from any other voices).

Meanwhile, Bezos (Amazon) and CCP (Alibaba) took over most online retail and made FedEx/UPS the only games in town while you were locked in your homes.

Walmart/Sams/Costco—the Big Boy stores—were wide open every day, for the disease caused and cured by Gates and Soros—sucking up all sales at pedestrian retail level.

Got it?  You can’t catch germs in Vanguard facilities—only private ones.

What do these very rich reprobate marxists all have in common—besides strong ties to the CCP and wanting to reduce our numbers? Their companies are all part of Vanguard—and they own Vanguard in return

Do you see it? While every small business in the Western world was shuttered, the massive Vanguard corps and their CCP components took over complete control of our private markets!

You want to eat?  Go to Vanguard owned McDonalds or Kroger Stores, but don’t think about your local neighbourhood restaurant or a Mom’n Pop shop! 

“What do you want to do, kill people?,” the political hacks and media said.

No gyms allowed—except McFit of course (open 24-hours a day near me) and don’t forget the Heinz ketchup on your Big Mac (also Vanguard/Climate Czar, John Kerry/Teresa Heinz-Kerry owned). All of those corrupt companies, in fact, are Vanguard—as part of its 161 core holdings of the cabal in the link above.  Go take a look.  I’ll wait.

Ok. It has nothing to do with the story—but I said I’d wait while you looked at the evidence.

Big Pharma?  These guys don’t care if you go Pfizer, Moderna—even Soros’s Gilead (Remdesivir)—for your jab poison, cause they control all of them—and you can buy them at Vanguard-owned Walgreens Boots Alliance pharmacies anywhere in the Western world—while the smaller chemists are locked down and disallowed from selling real cures like Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine.

So it doesn’t really matter to Dorsey or Zuckerberg whether Twitter/Facebook are making money or not, because their massive holdings in Vanguard let them share in all the Racketeering with the past generation of thugs during the transition to their Reset.

Jack Dorsey, Mark Zuckerberg, Sergei Brin along with their ilk are the bridge from the aging Bushes and Clintons (as well as Rothschilds and Rockefellers) to the modern day Robber Baron thieves believing themselves to be Robin Hoods—for Karl Marx—and themselves.

Their companies are just tools for the cabal (as are they) but they know they will inherit the reins to the Globalist/Marxist cabal once the ancients among them like Soros and Klaus Schwab are in Hell—so they are thugs-in-waiting—Princes of Darkness, if you will indulge me.

Never did trust this Russian plant, Sergei Brin, mates!  A bit shady from the start, and his original financing rang dusty bells in my head two years ago!


This one? We’ve covered Sergei for two years, and he’s definitely on the inside of this worldwide scam, if not perhaps co-ordinating it.


But his company, Google?  Sergei Brin could give a damn, as he’s now using Vanguard’s executive toilet—metaphorically—and a direct shareholder in the mother company, just like Bill Gates, whose Microsoft is also Vanguard owned/controlled bitch-company.  IBM?  The same.

Those behind the curtain who control our governments, institutions, weapon makers, media, food production (and distribution), Pharma, communications and transportation—like Sergei and his spook counterpart, CIA Director Brennan—have all done quite well as Vanguard’s vanguard.

Vanguard’s airline holdings, for example—American, Southwest, United, Alaska Air, Delta to name a few—and even UPS’s fleet for that matter—are on the dole and in the Vanguard hole. 

You thought they were losing money?  Think again.

Vanguard’s airline holdings are being paid handsomely by ‘us’—the taxpayers—billions, for not flying, which is quite profitable in the end.

Are you starting to see how this works?

If you are Vanguard, the taxpayers are your slaves.  Don’t work, go broke, sit on your hands—as long as you are in the cabal—you’re on the teat.

Poisoning our food supply with GMO?  There is nothing you can do about it, because Monsanto is on the inside as is Archer-Daniels Midland—and all the largest commodity suppliers in the world—owned and controlled by the Rulers of that same World—Vanguard—whose corporate masters control our governments.

Hey!  You taxi drivers and unions!  Don’t like Uber?  Screw you.  Look up number 157 on the list above and you’ll see why all opposition to that company suddenly disappeared overnight. 

They went from being banned in many nations to a more protected status than a California three-tongued snail darter.  Uber’s on the inside now, boys—part of this criminal ‘family’ —so back off!


That’s because it was—and is.  Bankers, politicians, Mega-Corps, transport companies, Big-Box retailers, communications and every form of reaching the public have been intentionally gathered, consolidated and co-ordinated to take over our world, from AT&T and T-Mobile, to the foods we eat.

We can only buy from them, bank with them and listen to their co-ordinated propaganda.  We can only eat their contaminated food with their dangerous chemicals—and alternative medical treatments are verboten in Vanguardia—their new Utopia.

Where our governments end and Vanguard begins is like trying to distinguish limbs on two teens in the back seat of a car while en flagrante.

It’s a useless exercise—meaningless—because the shot-callers of Vanguard control who gets in what position in the enforcement mechanism formerly known as representative government.

They pick, approve, promote and put whomever they want in office.

They even control elections—as we’ve seen—and those who count the votes, which is the end of our nations unless soon reversed.


While it is true that Sergei Brin’s immigration history sounds like a KGB asset implantation scheme from start to finish (and his Marxist outcome seems to confirm it), Russia has changed, and appears to have become more of a truth teller than its assets—or my own home nation for that matter. 

You want disinformation today?  You turn on Vanguard’s CNN instead of reading Pravda.

From Russian research on the cabal, for example (Vanguard scares Putin as much as it does me, I think):

‘Vanguard, Fidelity, BlackRock and State Street. All of them “belong together”, but if to check out [sic] carefully the balance of shares, it turns out that in reality all these companies [sic] controlled by Vanguard. So, all of these partners or “competitors” of Fidelity, BlackRock and State Street belong to Vanguard Group.’

Sorry for the sentence structure, but as I said, this was Russian research.


And the largest and most corrupt banks in America—JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America, Citibank and Wells Fargo are valued at $7.88 trillion—and all controlled/owned or their owners are neck-deep in Vanguard.

You can’t get away from them.  Even the smaller guys like Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley (actually two financial whales) are also Vanguard.

Any financial company of note that you can name is controlled by them: “Berkshire Hathaway, FMR, State Street, Vanguard Group, Capital World Investors, BlackRock, Wellington Mgmt, AXA, T. Rowe and Davis Selected Advisers,” to name a few more without belabouring the point.

Get the picture?  That’s why they hated the former president—you’ll learn more about that in Part II—and you’ll learn what he’s doing about it.


Does anyone know which president is missing from the Vanguard family photo shoot below? 

Yep.  I noticed too—and you’ll want to tune in for Part II, as we have some blockbuster info on what the missing man has done to bring down the Vanguard cabal when he is re-instated.

My own nation’s investigation and intelligence ops are in the pocket of Vanguard—former CIA Director, John Brennan, for example, being directly involved in the corporation—so they are of no help, but the Russian “Appendix” report tells even more about who’s who on the ownership side:

According to it, all of global major corporations are eventually controlled by Corporation Vanguard and the Corporation is owned by “Dick Cheney, the Rothschilds, the Bushes, the Rockefellers, Clintons, Donald Rumsfeld and many other influential people and owners of the Federal Reserve.”

In a word, these people are the rulers of the earth, who, through Corporation Vanguard, control all mega corporations such as Monsanto, Google and Microsoft.

Yep.  Partners, buddies and pals.  We see you boys!  Nothing makes friends like raping humanity for team Vanguard, eh?

The author of the ‘Appendix’ report, Mr. Benjamin Fulford, suggests that other criminals besides the American politicians and oligarchs named above (the Bushes, Clintons, Rumsfeld, Rockefellers, Rothschilds, Cheneys “and senior Khazarian mobsters”) also have rule over Monsanto to control the world’s food supply and Greystone for private military special forces (formerly Blackwater, Academi, Xe etc.).

You want bombs and missiles, you go to Vanguard’s Raytheon division.

For private armies—Greystone—as long as it’s one of their ‘causes’.

THIS CLIP SUMMARISES THE EVIL OF VANGUARD (thanks to a reader who remains a King in our Hearts)

This Canadian gentleman made a private clip in his car from his own research—quite concerned it seems about how long the information (and himself) might survive.

He also offers a download that has a lot of interesting evidence against the Globalist criminal cabal’s racketeering entity—Vanguard.

Here is the download package, which he suggests should be put in safe keeping as this story and information on Vanguard becomes breaking news. No doubt, he is right.  The cabal will not be happy.

VANGUARD DOWNLOAD- https://wonnation.ca/wp-content/uploads/2021/09/Evidence-Package-FINAL.pdf


Many of us have asked for some time ‘who is behind this’.  We knew in our hearts that it could not have happened without some serious influences bent on destroying our amazing Western Civilisation—and it is clear that we were right.

The ‘who’ has been rather obvious to many—Soros, American leaders in his control (which is most of them, unfortunately), the Davos boogie-men and CCP puppets—plus all of Europe except Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic and our amazing Central European allies who lived the Communist ‘dream’ and know what a nightmare it always turns out to be. 

Vanguard didn’t just corrupt my home nation. Western heritage leaders from BoJo to ScoMo and Macron to Trudeau were bought, purchased, threatened and cajoled by Globalists/Communists into defying our heritage and beliefs—as were our institutions of education—but I must admit that the actual financial scheme used to reach such a fine-tuned level of co-ordination for our destruction remained invisible to me.

This highly co-ordinated wheelhouse of global control should have been inevitable! How else could this have happened in the most successful  Western nations on such a global scale in such a short time?

We should have been looking for the biggest financial powerhouse on earth rather than the global institutions.


The clip above of the Vanguard whistleblower—from our intrepid reader in Australia—opened my eyes and I have not slept since discovering the Devil’s Crossroad, which is Vanguard.

The facts are clear.  The Vanguard owners (and the owned) are of public record.  They’ve hidden this in plain site, but it is all in black and white now.

We have the precise name of the enemy—and much of their consolidated wealth ($7 trillion, growing by hundreds of millions each week)—is in one place.  In other words, we now know where they live.

The Champion is in waiting.  He’s tan, ready and rested, mounting the podium to declare war this Saturday night in Georgia.

May the Devil be on notice.

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