81 year old king of Saudi Arabia is near tears in shame (left) – as power is transferred to our champion – (along with his sword) – which is part of that story you probably never heard

Harry’s note: Today’s piece is rather wilder (and longer) than we would normally allow. We don’t have any evidence that this is true. On the other hand, we don’t have any evidence that it isn’t true and given the crazy things which are going on right now, we agreed to put this up as an interesting theory. Be aware that the bit with Trump tickling the Pope’s hand is clearly doctored footage but the body language is still telling. Also note that the part about the Vatican’s banker being found swinging under Blackfriar’s Bridge in London and the police declaring it a suicide is actually true, we remember it. He was very tied up with a shadowy mob named Opus Dei which is a powerful faction in the Catholic Church.

We are still keen to see part 3 and we love Howell’s enthusiasm, so make of this what you will. It sure would be nice if it’s true and that Donald Trump really is all over this, but only time will tell.

Harry Richardson

I remember Vanguard’s FakeNews media ridiculing President Trump for making Saudi Arabia his first visit as America’s leader, having no clue how crucial this stop was in his plan for changing our world for the better.

But when I saw 81-year-old King Salman personally standing at the foot of Air Force 1 to meet our Champion at the Riyadh airport for a red carpet reception, I found that very surprising.  Kings don’t do that.

Admittedly, I also had not a clue as to how important this visit would be – but it was clear that something of an historical nature was taking place.

When just two days later, 50 leaders of Muslim-majority nations worldwide gathered at the new President’s feet to hear his message of peace – and even agreed to it – I was shocked again.

Mission impossible?  not to our champion.  He held all the cards

Just two years hence – one-by-one – they began signing peace and trade deals with Israel. I thought, WTF did Trump have on these guys?

No one it seems had any idea how far-reaching this first act would be in world history (including me) and many still may not –  but will very soon.

Once the subject of jokes about genies and impossible requests, peace coming to the Middle East was so bizarre that no one could believe it, especially the war industry division of the Devil’s Vanguard.

“How the hell did Trump pull it off?,” Vanguard wondered, I’m sure.

This would be very bad for Satan’s finances and this Peace Maker Trump must be destroyed by any means necessary.

Instead of holding hands with Saudis like the Bushes or kissing their rings like their Houseboy Obama, Trump literally took the King’s sword!


President Trump’s first operation upon taking charge as leader of the free world was to attack the scourge of global child-trafficking.  Trump knew pedophilia was the Globalists and Royals’ favourite pastime – and it was a traceable crossroads of their depravity.

Add in their proclivity for global child-trafficking, there is a common thread connecting most of them as NSA’s military intel group has proven – Democrats, Royals, Hollywood and Global Elites.

The Q-Group, which is not some spooky secret insurrectionist group as Vanguard Media would have us believe, is the NSA’s internal affairs department, to ‘out’ U.S. Government crooks – which is a full-time job.

Q-Group trapped communications, photos, and high-resolution footage of many of America’s top officials in the Obama Administration having sex with children as well as their friends.

The footage implicated not only America’s Democrat elite and the Hollywood set, but dozens of Obama’s Saudi associates, including his mentor (and funder) Prince Alwaleed bin Talal Alsaud.

According to Julian Assange’s Wikileaks, Alwaleed chose most of obama’s cabinet as reward, with input, as we and human events reported, from one of Vanguard’s leaders, George Soros

Prince Alwaleed took credit for helping then Barry Soetoro (an admitted Muslim) get accepted into Harvard Law School via donations – and then financed the education of the man who would become Obama.

Upon arrival in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia – at the reception of President Trump, in fact – binders full of CDs and documents with the NSA’s evidence of extensive pedophilia, international child-trafficking involving dozens of Saudi princes and leaders, were presented to each of them.

To say this caused shock and awe is an understatement, and it resulted in an almost immediate capitulation to Trump for a simple reason.

In Saudi Arabia’s conservative Muslim society, public exposure of such heinous acts would lead to an immediate overthrow of the King and death for the royal family members involved – and Salman knew it.

Prince Alwaleed’s democrat allies tried to block Trump’s sale of weaponry to Prince bin Salman, but were unable to override Trump’s veto, cementing his power in Saudi Arabia

Trump had clearly prepared before this visit by allying with Prince bin Salman, who was disgusted by the behaviour of his uncle, Alwaleed, and so many of his own family and nation’s leaders in such depravity.

Who is Prince bin Salman? Look at the photo at the beginning of this article. Prince bin Salman is the man to Trump’s right, joyfully dancing at the Sword Dance – which under Saudi tradition, can only be held by the King.  Do you now see the significance of this event?

Who is holding the King’s sword?  Donald Trump – the new king.

So by Day Two of the trip – and Saudi tradition – the ‘king’ was Donald J. Trump, and by Day Three, he held sway over the entire Muslim world.

To put this in perspective, had the Saudi King not abdicated to Trump on Day One, he could have taken down the entire Family by Day Two. 

Instead, Trump immediately moved to supply Saudi Arabia with missiles to protect Prince bin Salman’s palace and plenty of new toys to defend his Kingdom in exchange for royals and the nation’s wealthiest pedophiles being jailed while outraged Vanguard Democrats in America (also pedophiles, as will soon be revealed) did all they could to prevent both.

While this whole tale may sound incredible, it is simply Trump’s Art of the Deal.  He had all the cards for a winning hand, including 8 x 10 colour glossy photos, before sitting down at the table – and yes, the story gets even more interesting as we move on to Israel and the Vatican.


Good question – and a bit disappointing.  The Democrat perverts are temporarily in power in America – put there by Vanguard Globalists – but they are rapidly losing steam. 

Joe Biden’s popularity hit the 20s amongst Independents this week, so Trump’s plan seems to be working.  By seeing the disaster of a Globalist Socialist government, the American people are awake – and they are angry.

Just today, the long-awaited results of the Arizona audit dropped and it proves Democrat/CCP fraud on steroids, with at least 57,000 fake ballots.

CCP-owned Dominion and compromised AZ officials deleted files (as we’ve reported), changed votes and committed so many crimes that there are more ‘resignations’ for jobs in their government today than applications. 

People are going to prison, as they should.

But if you meant ‘what happened to the Saudi child-traffickers?’, dozens of them were arrested and their wealth confiscated by Prince bin Salman (with the new ‘king’s’ help, I suspect) and while not the punishment they deserved, they were imprisoned in Riyadh’s Ritz Hotel.

They should have been in dungeons tortured by their victims for the rest of their lives, but at least they were ‘unavailable’ to attend Obama’s super spreader birthday event in Martha’s Vineyard.

No more palatial kingly jets for Alwaleed though he retains massive holdings as #2 shareholder (behind vanguard) in Fox News, which I think Trump will soon use to fix him & ’the fox’ that helped steal his election

Obama’s mentor, Prince Alwaleed in the jet throne above, as example, had to forfeit $6 billion in assets to be freed, and to this day is under constant observation of ‘the king’ – and Prince bin Salman – the Saudi figurehead.

And that – in short – is how the following day, Trump convinced the leaders of 50 majority-Muslim nations to agree to 1) stop funding terror, 2) stop funding terrorists, and 3) recognise Israel.  All of them.

It wasn’t just U.S. Democrat and Saudi perverts on those tapes, you see. 

Trump had the means to ruin many if not most of all leaders present – as these are very common practices amongst wealthy Muslim men – child brides as early as age 4 (because Mohammed did it) and bacha bazi – “abuse between older men, involving sexual slavery and child prostitution.” https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bacha_bazi

Pedophilia with little boys and girls, you see, are the hallmarks of those with no morals and unrestrained power – be it on sand or soil – in America or the Middle East.  Pervs will be pervs.

And I predict that many Democrats will soon receive their own ‘binders’ of evidence prior to the 2022 elections.  There will be dozens of resignations followed by a defeat of their ilk as never seen before – but Trump had to let America and the world see all this for themselves.

These are evil people with no regard for life (but their own), willing to do anything to control others and profit for themselves.

Vanguard presidents Bush I & II, Clinton and Obama promised to move US embassy to Israel’s capital – but only Trump did


With the tough side of an historic Middle East Peace deal secure, Saudi King Trump – I can’t say that enough – moved on to Israel to confirm with its leader, Bibi Netanyahu, that there would be peace – and that Trump would keep the broken promises of Republican and Democrat presidents alike to move the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem.

As a side-note, promising to move the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem and making peace in the Middle East is very popular with Americans who’ve sent so many of their children there to die – but not with the Globalists. 

War is Vanguard’s gravy train. Just look down the enormous list of holdings and you’ll find every major war toy maker is owned by them. (https://www.holdingschannel.com/all/stocks-held-by-vanguard-group-inc/)

And on that point – that’s why Biden/Vanguard recently gave the Muslim regimes that did not agree to Trump’s plan (Iran and the Taliban) $83 billion in sophisticated weaponry, large amounts cash and hundreds of American hostages to use as future bargaining chips.

I’m telling you right now that the Democrat-Vanguard alliance laid this plan as predicate for returning – and becoming mired – in Afghanistan for another generation to stop Trump’s Middle East Peace and make more trillions for the Vanguard Globalist partnership’s war division.

As for PresidentTrump? He even stayed an extra day in Israel to close the deal – already signed by his new Saudi ‘associates’ – to the disbelief of doubting Israelis, as this was considered ‘impossible’. 

Two down, one to go.


Saudi’s new king left Israel and flew to Rome – and here’s some background that you might have missed.

The pope in power today at the Vatican is taking $2 billion in bribes from the CCP – as we disclosed here some months ago


This bribe was and is in exchange for his not mentioning the fact that his fellow Communists of the CCP are murdering and collecting organs from not only Uighur Muslims, but Christians (including Catholics). 

In other words, he’s having to take bribes to survive – while just recently under Obama, he was sitting on trillions in gold and real estate. What possibly could have happened?

Francis got Trumped, that’s what happened.

The humiliated guy on the left, a.k.a. Pope Francis, had just given over control of the Vatican’s incredible wealth to the happy guy on the right (tickling his hand) when CNN’s cameraman caught it.  (This was CNN’s footage, so Harry might be right it was FAKE!–and now it’s disappeared, but it’s worth looking up for a grin). Here it is on youtube- (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gVGrZb5gCbE)

The Vanguard media used it to bash Trump, of course, without catching the real story, but can you think of another man on earth who would do this?

NOTE- Compare the look on King Salman’s face after giving his Sword to Trump with Pope Francis’s look after being forced to hand Trump the keys to all Vatican assets – one of the world’s greatest fortunes.  Very similar expressions, no?

To again put this in perspective, Pope Francis now takes $2 billion in bribes – each year – from the CCP, though his church is the largest real estate holder in places like Chicago, for example, and he owns this third tier cathedral I recently visited in Kraków (in the picture taken just weeks ago) with over 200 tons of gold in the sanctuary alone.

That’s right.  Just the Corpus Christi Cathedral – in the Jewish quarter of Kraków no less – not the big famous ones, has 7,054,792 ounces of gold worth $1,750 US per ounce in its sanctuary. Do the math.  The Church’s wealth is incalculable.

To further put this in perspective – I’m not saying they are all as gold-laden as the Corpus Christi Cathedral – but the list of Catholic Churches just where I live in Warsaw, Poland requires a 32 page directory. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Roman_Catholic_churches_in_Warsaw

Forget the gold, the real estate value – just in my town – is worth many, many billions.  Europe?  They’re worth trillions –  paid for centuries ago.

So how did Trump pull off forcing the Pope to sign over control of the Vatican’s Bank and assets?  It’s an amazing story, so read on.


That seems to be correct.  While Francis is having to pimp himself out to Xi for his $2 billion allowance not to talk about murder and organ harvesting of his own people, Vanguard keeps his doors open in Rome by ordering Francis to force deadly vaxxes on Catholic supplicants (only vaxxed may enter the Vatican as of last week), but Pope Donald is actually calling the financial shots.

To complete the story of this event, however, Trump publicly arrived with two presents – a massive arrangement of china flowers, and a reproduction of the famous words of MLK, Jr.  – but there was another even larger and more meaningful gift he presented Pope Francis in private that just keeps on giving.

Gift number 3 could not fit on this table – it was NSA files on Vatican bank corruption, money-laundering and criminal conduct (such as catholic priest pedophilia) over the decades

Gift #3 was boxes and boxes of documents and evidence provided by NSA’s internal affairs evidence gathering (military-run) ‘Q-Group’ proving years of criminal conduct from as far back as the founding of the present official Vatican Bank in 1942 – up to the day Francis got his last haircut.



You might recall the beloved Pope John I?  He lasted only 33 days before what appears to be his murder.  Read the facts and you decide.

There was a reason for his demise, it seems.  He had ordered his bishops to open the Vatican Bank’s books for its first forensic audit – the next day.

Instead, Pope John I, was embalmed within 12 hours and the papers in his hands when he succumbed were ‘disappeared’ to never be seen again.

Here’s the story: September 29, 1978 – The Vatican’s embalmers, the Signoracci brothers, “were called in as early as 5:30 a.m. just 45 minutes after the discovery of the body and before Luciani [Pope John I] has even been examined by a doctor.

“Equally odd was the fact no organs or blood were removed during the embalming process, as would occur normally.  A blood sample may have been able to determine the true cause of death, especially if poison was involved.  But the Vatican seemed determined to prevent this possibility.” (In God’s Name, by David Yallop, 1984)

Just two years prior, Roberto Calvi, known as “God’s Banker” by many – Chairman of Banco Ambrosiano in Milan and “a central figure in a complex web of international fraud and intrigue,” – was found hung under the Blackfriar’s Bridge in London with five bricks in his pockets – but no residue from them on his hands.

Yet this was somehow ruled a ‘suicide’ – though Calvi was left hanging from scaffolding on the underside of Blackfriar’s – with no unusual marks on his neck from a rope – allegedly swinging there unnoticed for nine days. http://news.bbc.co.uk/onthisday/hi/dates/stories/june/19/newsid_3092000/3092625.stm

Mr. Calvi was due to appear in British court to testify the following week and was rumoured to have made a deal with prosecutors to ‘spill the beans’ on the Vatican Bank according to our source – a former Fed operative – who personally gave me this information after investigating the matter.

Our source – now in hiding in Switzerland but still alive – showed myself and the former Minister of National Security of The Bahamas, Hon. Darrell Rolle, his secret tapes going through the Vatican – which is not allowed – at a private viewing in Coral Springs, Florida in 2001. 

He had the receipts, though never made public, but the Minister and I saw them.

No investigation, no autopsy, no testing – Pope john I was embalmed and buried in less time than it took to choose the next pope’s window drapes

In a word association game, if you say ‘pedophile’, I first think ‘Democrat’ but most people today, I believe might say ‘Catholic priest’ instead.

Think of how many billions upon billions of parishioner and widow’s pennies, złoty, rubles and pounds were used to pay out hush money from the private Vatican Bank over the years to all those children cum adults who were victimised – and Trump has the files and records on all of them?

That alone may put an end to the Church – which is not my desire or Trump’s, I’m sure – but the money laundering for the Mafia and Vanguard over the years could be the final nail in its coffin, and I believe that will be part of Trump’s plan.

So stay tuned for Part III – The Reckoning.


President Trump told the Pope to take his time reviewing the NSA files – which apparently was done that same night.

The following day, Francis capitulated after his Bishops saw the overwhelming evidence and told him compliance was their only option. Francis signed the president’s prepared documents giving over financial control of the Vatican’s wealth to Donald Trump and his assigns, just before taking this happy photo with the Trump Family.

The picture – after the signing – in my opinion, says it all

No one has any clue yet as to the actual wealth this secretive monolith holds, which somehow still claims to be the heir of God Among Man, who owned nothing but a robe and pair of sandals at His death.

His words were rewritten by the Catholic Church as the Dead Sea Scrolls and other more recent original scripts prove – and his beautiful beliefs bastardised by various Church ‘Councils’ since 325 A.D. turning this humble man’s words into a pyramid scheme to amass fortunes – using guilt to fill its coffers – and an all-male system sure to turn into precisely what it has become.

Pope Francis has proven himself to be nothing but a puppet for Vanguard, recently mandating that all must take its death jab before entering ‘God’s House’, while funded by the world’s second largest criminal organisation behind Vanguard – the Chinese Communist Party. https://www.breitbart.com/nationalsecurity/2020/06/23/whistleblowerclaimschinesecommunistspayvatican2billioninbribes/

If a man is measured by those with whom he associates, Pope Francis is amongst the worst to hold that position, and there have been some very evil men among his predecessors, while admittedly, some saints as well.


The facts seem to confirm that Donald Trump individually or via his assigns holds power over the world’s richest Muslim nation, Saudi Arabia, and the world’s wealthiest religion (by far), the Roman Catholic Church.

It was the NSA’s military internal affairs unit – Q Group – which again is not some Rachel Maddow wet dream, but a real force in government that allegedly recruited Donald Trump to run for president and deploy this information.

Those aren’t my words, but those of a man involved in the process, Dr. Jerome Corsi. https://eraoflight.com/2018/04/15/qanonisusmilitaryintelligencethatrecruitedtrumpforpresidenttopreventcoupdetat/

I’ve read Dr. Corsi’s book on the Trump Administration and heard him speak, but what convinced me he knew something was when this picture came out the day after Dr. Corsi’s speech, that Trump was, in fact, recruited by senior officials in the military to be elected and aid them in “rooting out the traitors within government.”

These true patriots are still in control – waiting for the world to see what it can be like without Donald Trump

Did the military aid in Trump’s 2016 win?  I don’t really know and would be a hypocrite if I did not criticise them if that’s the case – but at best, I believe they only limited the fraud on the other side – if involved at all.

Corsi’s speech was just one day after President Trump posted this picture of himself with America patriots from each branch of the American forces.

Coincidence?  Maybe, but I don’t think so. Still, as a skeptic, I must ask, what can be done by one man supposedly backed by the world’s strongest military – though that is still an open question in my mind – who is also holding the centre of Islamic power (the Haj in Mecca, Saudi Arabia) and the enormous wealth of the Catholic Church?

Every muslim is required to visit the Haj during their lifetime as the fifth pillar of Islam – no vaxx pass required – but does Trump really control this?

It still may not be enough, when one looks at the corporate and government control exerted by Vanguard, as detailed in Part I


Please take a moment to look through the long list of 161 companies in Part I that control our world, and then tell me they don’t have some cards in their hand as well.

At present, they control the globe. 

Can Trump really best them all?  My heart says yes, but my mind questions.  Is it really possible?

So once again – the battle lines are drawn between good and evil.

The Vanguard Demon is one side with the unlimited powers of the Globalists, corrupt leaders, and massive control of communications – against our Champion with little more than a borrowed Saudi Sword.

He’s set the stage for his return, no doubt, and once the world sees that Vanguard partners including Fauci, the CCP, Gates and Soros were behind the misery of this past two years – for profit and our own decimation, no less – the economic destruction and chaos will be lain at their feet. 

The world will know where the evil resides.  We now have not only the receipts from the Devil’s account, but his physical address – Vanguard.

And once the people see who brought so much havoc and death on them – like the Democrats’ cratering into the 20s in the US after just seven months – Vanguard can be brought to heel.

There are only a few thousand of ‘them’ versus seven billion of us. Don’t ever forget that.

“Them’s bettin’ odds” as my people say in the South – once we get the word out.

So, we need to spread this information, quickly.

Vanguard is the Devil on our Earth, controlling our leaders, our economies, and every aspect of our lives.

The Scamdemic is theirs, and they are profiting from every aspect of it, including idle airlines.

Check every leaders’ connection to Vanguard and you’ll know in a minute if they’re absolutely corrupt death beetles – or just stupid would  be rams, leading their herds off the cliff.

Either way, either neuter them or cull them from the herd.  They’re wolves, not sheep.

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