I don’t think you’re ready for Part III—so we’ll do a preface


Let’s take Australia as example, since that’s the birthplace of what is now an international platform (thanks to Harry).  I don’t think most are quite ready for the information in Part III yet. I say that for a reason.

Each day, more and more brutal footage of hired thugs with Australian police badges are shown bludgeoning citizens on the streets.  Last week was an elderly lady forcefully knocked to the ground and beaten for exercising her God-given right to protest illegal government activity.

This week there were many more brutal beatings spreading like wildfire online with titles such as ‘Australia has fallen.’

According to feedback from readers in Oz—complaining that my words may be a bit hyperbolic—these clips are not accessible and are being banned where you live, so I’ll just post an image to give you an idea.

Maybe that’s why you think I’m overstating.

You can’t see what we can from the outside which should infuriate you—but for some reason—it doesn’t seem to be doing so.

When I type in ‘Australia has fallen’ from free eastern Europe, pages of pictures and articles appear—but Poland is only free now because the poles stood up to the communist bastards

You’re on brutal lockdowns—worsening tomorrow in Victoria, Danistan— enforced with vicious beatings and now incarceration camps, while being forced to void your natural immunity by taking experimental gene therapy treatments that have proven more deadly than all real vaccines in 20 years of your history combined.

Is that an overstatement?  No.  It is not, so wake the hell up. Here’s your own government’s post on it.

This is your own data, Australia.  Why don’t they want you to see it? Now compare this jab with all real vaccines. Here is the govt website Database of Adverse Event Notifications (tga.gov.au) You can run searches yourself.

But because of this mess you’re in—you’re not even able to get this information from your own government’s ‘health department’—though I can access it from the former Soviet satellite nation that freed itself in 1989. HINT—The Poles didn’t free themselves by sitting on their duffs at home just taking it shooting spitballs at the messengers. They stood up.

There is only one explanation for this being hidden from you and you know why—profit for the leaders and unrestrained power over you

Vanguard’s Pharma Division—includes all of the ‘jab’ makers, by the way, except Astrazeneca—which just got banned in 18 nations—and that’s why.  They’re not Vanguard owned and controlled…yet…so they’ll be crushed.

The politicians who are doing this to you have been bribed it seems, excepting Clive Palmer and Craig Kelly who just made these facts public—and they’re are all on one side of this battle, but it’s not yours.

Vanguard and the Globalists’ worst crime in my opinion is figuring out how to make us fund our own destruction—which is also their Achilles heel if you care to read on.

They control our medicine, our food, entertainment, media and most of our governments—along with the manufacture of high-tech weaponry to start endless wars.


But you don’t have to support them by buying their products and services, once you learn who these monopolies are from Coke and Pepsi to Walgreens and Boots—and every company strangling our world in between.

Here’s another photo to remind you of what you’ve allowed them to do to you in just 18 months.  This one was published ‘#australiahasfallen – groeten uit Melbourne, Victoria, and Sydney (Netherlands)


Your rights are God-given, not on loan from Scott Morrison, Daniel Andrews or Gladys Berejiklian and her replacement, and while I’m not British or Australian, I have lived in a Commonwealth nation, so I had an idea.

Victoria will remain on full lockdown indefinitely, according to Dictator Dan.


Poor Gladys got caught with her hand in Pfizer’s pocket (via lobbyists in Sydney) so it’s Bye Bye for her, but this should make you fighting mad.

They did all of this to you, your family and your nation for money according to a public announcement by Clive Palmer and I believe it because none of them are denying it—and Gladys upped and ran without a fight as soon as Mr. Palmer gave his public statement.

And if you’re not brave enough to hit the streets yourselves with the more courageous—start a letter campaign—and not to your apparently worthless ‘elected’ hack (though you should copy him or her on it).


Flood the Royal Mail with pleas for Her Majesty to divest of and replace her Governor General, David Hurley, in Australia for malfeasance, misfeasance and nonfeasance, now rather than in 2024 at term’s end.

He has allowed elected civilian government to rob you of your freedoms, decimate your economy, force deadly experimental gene-therapies on you in violation of the Nuremberg Code, and use third-world tactics to demoralise and defeat the spirit of your nation’s people.

Queen Elizabeth’s address:
Her Majesty The Queen
Buckingham Palace
London SW1A 1AA

If you wish to write a formal letter, you can open with ‘Madam’ and close the letter with the form ‘I have the honour to be, Madam, Your Majesty’s humble and obedient servant’, but any form is acceptable, so just do it.

Before you laugh, think it through.  How’s this ‘Democracy’ thing working out for you?  You think you won’t be on another ‘lockdown’ next May so they can steal the election from you like they did in my country? 

It’s the same damn people!  Wake up!  They’ll use mail-in ballots and Dominion counting machines—unless you stop them now.

The last thing the reprobates running Australia will expect is for you to go around them and complain directly to the Queen—and this must be done for a reason.

The man below is not only the Queen’s representative, but “The Governor-General is also the Commander-in-Chief of the Australian Defence Force,” according to his own website, so he’s negligent in allowing your nation’s defeat from within. 

The bastard had the power to stop it, but he didn’t.

Gov. General David Hurley needs to go

I get it—the Governor General is symbolic—as is the Queen, but within that symbolism lies the inherent and lawful power to step up when needed.

Will the Queen follow Australian requests one through a hundred for him to go?  Of course not.

But if the Aussies living in the UK start picketing at Buckingham for Hurley’s removal (as they did at the Australian Embassy this week) and you hit the streets Down Under at his mansion in Canberra for allowing the overthrow of Australia by its government, you can bet the bullies won’t have expected that—and it will be covered by the Daily Mail.

And when the Royal mailbox is overwhelmed with letters from Down Under demanding his removal, you can rest assured someone will receive a call about why they are allowing this most un-British behaviour to continue. It’s bad publicity for The Commonwealth.  All of it.

So I’ll wait on Part III, until some courage pops up other than a few Truckies stopping on the highway for an hour.  It’s going to take a lot more than that, Mates.


Stop funding the enemy.  No more Vanguard products or services—buy local, made in Australia—or start your own

Remember when we went after Gillette razors for pushing the transgender nonsense year before last?  We and those who joined us cost Gillette’s mother company, Proctor & Gamble, $8 billion in sales.


Guess who owns not only Proctor & Gamble, but all ‘woke’ international companies supporting violent groups and causes like BLM and Antifa?


Take the world’s largest asset manager, for example.  Bloomberg Financial calls Black Rock— “the Fourth Branch of Government” because it not only loans money to the Central Banks of the world but also advises them.

Black Rock is not only the world’s largest asset manager, but it has 70 offices in 30 countries. Why? To buy influence over their governments.

But guess who owns control of Black Rock—which Bloomberg goes on to say that with its ‘owners’ will control $20 trillion in assets by 2028?

“The biggest shareholder is Vanguard.”


“That means they will own everything,” according to Financial analyst, Bill Sardi, who did the digging to uncover the information.

So how do they plan to get to $20 trillion in less than 7 years?  They’re doing it now at a rate of 4.2% each week, as we reported last week.

All they had to do was create, release, and spread a virus, just as they war-gamed in New York City in October of 2019.  They then put the world on lockdown until everyone took their deadly—but profitable—‘jab’ while letting the people shop and use only the services of the businesses owned and controlled by Vanguard.

Do you see it now when put so plainly? 

Did you wonder why you could only shop or visit huge multi-nationals but not your local grocer and restaurants?  You know the answer now, but perhaps it’s time to start asking questions —or take up civil disobedience.


Yes—in fact a Pfizer Whistleblower just came forth and admitted the number of deaths by Pfizer vax already nears 200,000 just in the U.S.


 The big kill comes when the next flu pops around.

You see, the vaxxed have no active immune system to fight the next version—just as was their intent—but it delays the big die-off for months and even years which they’ll claim is another ‘variant’ rather than their jab. 

By destroying all non-Vanguard competition, the world will only be able to buy from its businesses. Do you see how this all fits together now?

They’ll kill until they get down just enough of ‘us’ to eat at their McDonalds and drink up their sugar water (they own both Pepsi and Coke, you see—‘competition’ is just imagined) and once eaters equal quantity of Vanguard items eaten, the killing may stop.

If they need to wipe out millions more of ‘us’, they’ll just demand a fourth, fifth or monthly ‘jab’ until the number of customers matches production.

Do you see why they continue to push and demand ‘vaccines’?  This is all part of their business plan, and if Morrison, Andrews and Auntie Gladys’ replacement don’t fulfil their orders, they will not get the big bucks—or get to keep their positions!

But if their plan is followed, Vanguard is the world economy by 2028—unless we stop this all now!

There endeth The Preface.

Take it as you will, but when you start digging, you will realise that every open business, available product or service, was part of their ownership and the strategy was to destroy everything else by shuttering us and all our private enterprises until pronounced dead.

Then, as our governments become openly Socialist, it will be impossible to get a license or a location for a new business— a process well under way in most of our nations already.  Small, private businesses will be a thing of the past.

This is the end game.

Time to wake up and smell the coffee, Australia.  When Klaus Schwab said last year, “You’ll own nothing and you’ll be happy,” it was not a prediction—it was a promise—though it is unlikely anyone will be happy, except the owners of Vanguard.

VANGUARD OF EVIL (richardsonpost.com)


Howell Woltz (now on Telegram)
The Richardson Post (now on GETTR.com)

Suggested letter to her Majesty:


Australia has fallen to a tyranny unimaginable and in contrast to everything for which our shared Heritage once stood.

Governor General Hurley has abandoned us rather than use his stated powers as head of Australian Defence forces to rout out those in public office who have trampled our rights, taken our God-given freedoms, and are in violation of The Nuremberg Code of which all your Commonwealth agreed in 1947 would stand inviolate for all time.

Please, Madam, recall this man for his malfeasance, misfeasance and nonfeasance immediately, to be replaced by a Champion who will cure our land of the evil which has befallen it.

I have the honour to be, Madam, Your Majesty’s humble and obedient servant.

Your name