I get it. You were scared and didn’t take the time to study the issue, so let’s figure out what we can do now that we know


There is a reason for my passion about this issue.  My wife took the jab.  My partners in our organisation took the jab.  Staff—most of them—took the jab.  And all who did have had serious reactions, and one died.

Intense joint pain, emotions, anger, complete lack of energy, headaches—some even had sores and blotches on their skin—this experimental gene therapy has completely changed their lives for the worse.

As a doctor, my wife felt she did not have a choice—an issue on which we disagreed greatly—and now she regrets her decision, as most do.

She hired a new nurse recently who did not appear for her first day of work, so she called her cellphone.  A man answered, so my wife asked if he knew when she would be coming to work.

The man began crying and shouted, “Never!”

Shocked, my wife asked him, “Why?”

“Because I buried her last week two days after she got that damn vaccine!”

While I don’t know of a single person who died from Covid, I know of many who have been debilitated or worse by the ‘cure’.


The authorities have proven to be compensated liars, bribed and/or threatened into forcing this poison on us with the help of Big Pharma’s lapdog media so for starters, quit listening to any of them.  Just turn them off.

Next, start educating yourselves.  There is massive reporting coming out every day now from organisations such as https://americasfrontlinedoctors.org and news sources like Stew Peters, who has truth telling doctors, scientists and medical professionals on almost daily. https://www.redvoicemedia.com/category/pc-radio/

If you want the full story about the shots and the real cures, I highly recommend that you invest some time watching my friend, Dr. Sam Dubé, on his series, “The Fifth Doctor” at Rumble.  Start with the first and subscribe.

Real doctors who are not paid off by big Pharma


Trust in this—there is nothing man can do to you that God does not have a way to undo—so let’s focus, but you’ve got to turn off the fear porn being heaped on you from government thugs and media whores. TURN IT OFF!

FACT—Your immune system has been compromised by spike proteins that are geared to activate antibodies against portions of the RNA chain of various flus—as none of these Pharma jab makers have the actual virus.

While we were told that the vaccine remained in the muscle where you received it, that was a lie—intentional or not, I don’t know—but untrue.

Within weeks, it’s in every cell in your body—and while it can have limited protection against this particular disease it seems—not the next.

SOLUTION—Immediately stock up on simple supplements that can act to defend you when the next flu or ‘bug’ comes around, as your own natural immune system is basically offline, thanks to the jab. That’s why 85% of ‘new cases’ are from those who took the shot, not those who refused it.

Dr. Zelenko has saved thousands—and was the doctor who advised president Trump when he caught covid—and was back at work in 3 days!

This man deserves the Nobel Prize—but Big Pharma will never allow it.

Subscribe to Dr. Vladimir Zelenko’s protocol for constant updates. He recommends Zinc as nature’s mineral that prevents viruses and even cancer from replicating in your cells.


But zinc alone doesn’t work, because it cannot enter the cells without linking to something absorbable by them, like Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine, Co-Enzyme Q-10, or even Quercetin.

The thugs of our governments have tried to squash our ability to get Ivermectin and Hydroxycholoroquine (except India, where they basically eliminated Covid by handing it out to everyone along with zinc and D3), but you can also use Co Q10—which is the natural supplement made from tree bark—and the source of Hydroxychloroquine! 

Why buy Pharma when you can go to the original source without a prescription?

Quercetin is also readily available as a supplement and works well in preventing many diseases when taken with zinc—the magic bullet.

Also, take Vitamin D3 and you are protected from their next intentional bioweapon—or nature’s own.


Besides cells from aborted babies—as was published yesterday by Project Veritas with a Pfizer scientist whistleblower—there are two poisons in the jab that can kill you if you don’t cleanse them from your body now.

Graphene Oxide is one—which we’ve covered and we have a natural remedy to get rid of it.


So let’s start with information about how to remove this poison using information from peer reviewed science (which you won’t hear about from the fear porn pundits):

“Biocompatible N-acetyl cysteine [NAC] reduces graphene oxide and persists at the surface as a green radical scavenger.”


This supplement radically boosts your body’s production of anti-oxidants and prevents GO (graphene oxide) from oxidating your own glutathione.

In layman’s terms, NAC puts handcuffs on the bad elements in the jab (like GO) and marches them out of the body with your natural waste (you can take it from there).

The mechanism is simple—bond the poisonous free radicals (GO) with anti-oxidants and they will flush the poison out of your body

This is proving so effective that Big Pharma is trying to ban NAC in my occupied homeland, Biden’s U.S.S.A., though I can still buy it online and have it delivered to my door the next day.

Get it, take it, and start flushing out this poisonous graphene oxide, as it can kill you—which we’ve also covered.


But you also need to destroy the spike proteins in the mRNA that are lining your veins and brains like overgrown thorns blocking your body’s pathways, which are causing blood clots and heart failure.

We have to cleanse these dangerous bioweapons out of our systems.


Natural Suramin (shikimic acid) neutralises the spike proteins in the jab.  They get wiped out and flushed as well—simply by drinking tea.

Have you ever heard of Shikimate Tea?  It’s made from pine needles—fir, spruce, pine and even cedar.  It is not only able to eliminate these dangerous spike proteins from your system, but it also tastes great and most pine varieties can be used.

I suggest you do your own research on which pine needles are best in your country—or you can simply buy natural pine oil syrup in your local health foods store.

Also, star anise and fennel seeds are very high in shikimic acid and make a wonderful tea.

Star anise and fennel seeds are in most grocery stores and health shops

Even better, make a tea with the star anise and fennel, then add a spoonful of pine oil syrup with a spoon of honey and it is very tasty medicine indeed.


I catch a lot of heat for telling you things before they are in the public sphere—like how to prevent Covid, long before they had the jab —18 months ago, in fact.


The comments and hate mail were brutal, but later, those articles were credited with saving some lives, so it was worth it.

We never tell you anything we aren’t doing or trying ourselves—and we try to source everything from independent research rather than ever trusting public institutions that are controlled by those they were intended to monitor.

Taking advice from Government Health Organisations funded and controlled by Big Pharma is like asking the Democrat Party in America for advice on Election Integrity!  What you get is not what you wanted.

So please start doing your own homework on all matters, especially those regarding your health.  The information is out there—and the least reliable sources have proven to be our governments and mainstream media.


The more natural the cure—the better.

The more local the governance—the better.

The solution most grounded in freedom—always the best.

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