There is a reason they use pirate ships in their logos—they’ve sucked up 99% of our world—and the bastards want the rest by 2028

“Reports from Oxfam and Bloomberg say that 1% of the world, together owns more money than the other 99%.”

This seems tough for some people to believe – that just a handful of very, very wealthy families own and control our world – but they’re not even hiding it anymore.  It’s very much out in the open for any who can read.

And what makes this recalcitrance to acknowledge the facts so strange, is that this consolidation of wealth has been going on for more than a century.  It’s right out there in the open – to any open minds, that is.

The worst of this element squeezed much of the life and wealth out of my home nation as founders of the private central bank known as The Federal Reserve – which is neither federal nor a reserve – but rather surreptitiously acquired the ability to print fake money, backed by the American people and all they own.

HISTORICAL FACT – The Federal Reserve was created under the cabal’s installed president, Democrat Woodrow Wilson, and pushed through Congress by John D. Rockefeller’s father-in-law, Senator Nelson Aldrich – who was conveniently Chairman of the Senate Banking Committee. 

It took a couple of tries because the people hated these men so badly (they were known as The Money Trust), but the bill finally passed as The Glass Owen Act and was signed into law by J.P. Morgan’s stooge (Woodrow Wilson) on December 23, 1913 – even though it was forbidden by the U.S. Constitution.

The Money Trust pulled this off – by claiming to oppose the bill that they sponsored – in all the newspapers they owned (sound familiar) in one of the greatest media hoaxes in history.

The Rothschild family of Europe was also a key participant and owner—if not the instigator of the plot—and now these families plus newer pirates and power brokers (Bushes, Clintons, Soroses, Gates and their ilk) control every aspect of our finance, transport, food production & its global movement

If they were against it, then the people were for it – so it passed! 

The story is legend and best covered in my opinion by historian Edward Griffin in The Creature from Jekyll Island.

Back in my financial days, I used to give a copy to each of my clients, so they understood the greatest fraud in human history – and how it affected every aspect of their lives.

From this seed – having and controlling the ability to print money of no value backed by the wallets of the American people – these men created unimaginable wealth, starting (and financing) wars, while fleecing the public with every fake ‘dollar’ printed. 

By the time they untethered their federal reserve note from the price of gold on August 15, 1971, the world – and control of it – was their oyster, and they ate until they were full but kept on gorging themselves to this day.

It is estimated that by 2028 – the end of their Biden puppet’s two terms – they will have crushed every small business in any field of interest to them, and control us as well as everything we see, eat and touch.

Now the cabal’s BlackRock “is buying up U.S. homes like no tomorrow,” so they can control where you live as well.

Blackrock, Vanguard and State Street ‘control 20 trillion dollars worth of assets’— now they’re buying up the American dream so everyone there is a renter rather than a stakeholder

“Even worse, Oxfam says that 82% of all earned money in 2017 went to this 1%.

In other words, these two investment companies, Vanguard and BlackRock, hold a monopoly in all industries in the world and they, in turn are owned by the richest families in the world.

Some of these families are royalty and have been very rich since before the Industrial Revolution.”     


Please take a few minutes – or hours – to look through this incredible list of the Vanguard Pirates’ holdings

You’ll see that these bastards control everything you eat, drink, wear, buy, sell (yes, even E-bay) and use. 

There is no ‘competition’ other than to give you the illusion of choice.

Have fun:We’ll be here when you come up for air – or a drink.

You’re thirsty?  Choose anything you want – as long as it is a Vanguard-owned brand.  Oh!  It’s not?  Then you won’t get distribution!

It’s disgusting.  Coke, Pepsi, Nestle and the thousands of brands they control are all owned by the cabal! It’s layer upon layer of ownership, but the people at the top of it all are the 1%


I have no idea how Trump’s people pulled this off, but Dan Scavino called it and showed it on Telegram minutes after the White House turned Republican red at midnight, October 1st!

So, I think we’re ready now for Part IIII- The Solution – as people are waking up at long last.  Even New Zealanders took to the streets this week.

And we are watching a number of important occurrences all at once that indicate we have the chance to turn this around, so let’s take inventory:

  1.  The Vanguard cabal’s U.S. puppet, Joe Biden, has imploded.  His popularity hit the 30% range among all Americans this week, and the most popular chant or song there today is ‘F**k Joe Biden’.  He won’t last 8 more weeks or months, much less 8 years.
  2. Down Under leaders have been busted taking millions from Pfizer/Astrazeneca to force lockdowns and jabs – and are seemingly making Craig Kelly and his 151 UAP candidates (so far) a viable force to take the government next year – perhaps all of it. (who’d have thunk it?)
  3. Donald Trump is now the most popular man in America – just hold that thought – as that alone is not enough.
  4. Biden’s Bolsheviks opened U.S. borders to the world, so those within its borders being devastated, are now turning on them. Democrat support among Blacks dropped by 20% in September alone and Hispanics are becoming Republicans in record numbers – for 2022.
  5. Majority of Americans now believe the election was stolen (Rasmussen poll) and more States than it takes to flip the vote are auditing – so Trump’s back on the campaign trail with record crowds.
  6. The Western Central Banks are imploding. America just hit its debt ceiling and the public is demanding that Congress not yield to the Socialists to increase it.  There are growing calls for an end to the cabal’s Fed – the money machine of the 1% that allowed them to become.…well….the 1%, which is putting them in a panic.
  7. It is now admitted that the virus was manmade and intended to wipe us out for this same group’s ‘Great Reset’ – which is not so great for ‘us’. But it has put the spotlight on The Soroses, Gateses, Rockefellers, Rothschilds, et al who have been planning and publicly calling for our ‘reduction in numbers’ for years.  Now they’re busted.
  8. Their lockdown/mask scam is falling apart faster than a Soviet Lada as people worldwide are not only waking up, but rising up.
  9. The cabal’s Socialist indoctrination in American schools just hit a brick wall. Mama Bears who don’t want their children taught this crap are taking over School Boards to the point that Biden’s AG is sicking the FBI on the mothers for stating their opinion, which is not going down very well. Mama Bears are also pissed now at Biden Marxists!
  10. Independent Counsel John Durham – appointed by Trump to delve into Hillary Clinton and the Democrat’s Russia Hoax to affect the 2016 election – is dropping indictments on the nation’s most powerful.
  11. My favourite indicator that the time has arrived? The White House turning red on October 1. The fact that the Patriots pulled this off right under the Bolsheviks’ noses tells me who is still in charge.
Hillary’s lawyer, Michael Sussman, was just indicted, for lying about the fact that she funded the Russia hoax—wholly invented by them—using foreign spies


These evil people are not actually 1%.  They’re a millionth of one percent – but they control most of the money and all of the power.

How the hell did we let that happen? How can we stop them?

For starters, we have federal indictments by an independent counsel that the cabal’s puppet, Joe Biden, cannot dismiss. This will be prosecuted.

Hillary is just the camel’s nose (or toe) under the tent, but she’s significant.

Her lawyer indicted and Clinton bagman, Marc Elias—gone

How many lawyers of the Perkins Coie law firm – whose records were seized by Durham this week – will trade in their millions and lifestyle for this horrid woman who had them break every law in the book?

None.  They will turn on her to save themselves.

So, one cabal member will be in the Dock – Hillary Clinton – and then she will turn on Soros, her mentor/supporter, then any other .00001% she can in a desperate attempt to save her own skin.  Good luck on that, Hillary.


So much criminal activity, death, destruction and harm have been caused by the Vanguard cabal and its owners – the .00001% – that their assets will ultimately be forfeit as already-begun challenges wind their way through courts around the world.

Convicted—in Peru, which is powerless to punish these criminals—but a precedent and a start.  David Rockefeller is dead, but his foundation isn’t

The wealth represented by this photo – and the world power of these men and their Foundations – is in the trillions via their ownership of Vanguard.

Our regular readers will recall that Soros, Gates and members of the Rockefeller family have already been convicted by a Peruvian Court which ruled that these defendants were not only instrumental in the creation of the virus, but in spreading it globally.


When Donald Trump is restored to power this will begin – which is why the Vanguard criminals went to such lengths to remove him – but the world’s few remaining honest leaders and tyrant replacements will also demand it. 

And believe it or not, they’re on the way now.

Merkel takes her exit next month when Germany holds elections.  This former East German Communist organiser is done.  Macron – perhaps the only world leader less popular than Joe Biden – will be shown the palace door next May.

ScoMo and Boris will also get their ‘come uppins’ for crimes against humanity over lockdowns and forced jabs for pay next year, and any reasonable person might speculate that the void will be filled by freedom-loving Patriots,. 

After experiencing two years of tyranny imposed by evil Vanguard puppets proving to have been bribed by Big Pharma to assist in killing us, look at what just happened Down Under?

Craig Kelly – yes, you read that right – Craig Kelly is suddenly getting 4.5 million views on his Youtube posts and is the most popular politician in Oz!  Similar populists are popping up after what humanity experienced.

I’d have bet a diamond to a doughnut that couldn’t happen just a year ago! But now it has and the UAP has already fielded 151 candidates across all of Australia, looking to take over from the Marxist Vanguard dictators.

There are coalitions forming between the populist elements of our once-free nations and the efforts of Dr. Reiner Fuellmich’s group affectionately known as ‘Nuremberg 2.0’, are starting to bear fruit.

The group’s lawsuit forced the German courts to rule that Angela Merkel’s lockdowns were unconstitutional earlier this year. Fuellmich’s goal – as we’ve covered – is to ultimately hold these global criminals, their bribed politicians and even their barking lapdogs in the press and social media to account, just as was done at Nuremberg 1.0 in 1946.

This court convicted 166 and hung 36 corrupt leaders, members of the press, doctors and military police who aided them in participating in ‘experimental’ treatments without consent.

Dr. Fuellmich has over 1,000 lawyers around the world filing these lawsuits supported by over 10,000 medical professionals – and the cases are now being heard, so it won’t just be a Court in Peru condemning them for long.

Then the asset seizures will begin.


The illicit gains of these enormously wealthy families will barely put a dent in the death, destruction and pain they have caused over the past century, but it will act as a fund to restart our world once freed from their monopolies, their tin-horn would-be dictators and Globalist rule.

Any student of Adam Smith, Milton Freedman, Thomas Sowell, or economic history can tell you about the boom that will result from this mixture of economic freedom and capital. It will spark a boom.

These Vanguard trillions are also made up of our retirements, our pensions, our savings, however – and these funds must be secured back to those who own them – except those of the convicted criminals who brought this upon us.


I’m glad you asked, as that is at the heart of Part III – the repatriation of our wealth and the healing of our world.  Does that sound too optimistic? Read on a bit before making up your mind – or completely closing it, because we need you.

Pick your poison—from over 200 ‘Coke’ brands—this is just a sample of them, everything drinkable in the non-alcoholic category

So, let’s take this corrupt Vanguard monopoly The Coca-Cola Company as example.  While there are only 196 recognised nations by last count (depending on who one asks) Coca-Cola’s investor website says their products are sold “in more than 200 countries and territories.”

There are 225 ‘bottling partners’ with 900 bottling plants, producing these carbonated sugar waters, fruit and dairy drinks, bottled waters, and ready-to-drink teas and coffees worldwide. 

Vanguard also owns Pepsi, Nestle and the rest, but each can be handled the same way.

So, here’s what we do with Coca-Cola – and every other Vanguard holding – using Australia as an example:

The Australian portion of Coke’s business was recently valued at $9.23 billion. That will give you an idea of the money that could be returned from just one of Vanguard’s holdings to the folks Down Under.

In our plan, a panel of independent volunteers will be appointed by Government to divest of assets in each category to private individuals (Australians only) – perhaps focusing on those currently running the plants and their employees in the Coca-Cola example – but without restriction as long as they are born and bred Ozzians.  Foreigners need not apply.

Funds similarly seized as Australia’s portion from financial institutions owned by Vanguard’s criminal cabal – as well as the company cash from Coca-Cola Australia – can be used for loans to the new owners at very low interest to continue each local division of the business – or buy it. 

No tax-payer dollars required, and payments accrue back to the Fund as a lender to Australian entrepreneurs in the future.

Rather than allowing the Vanguard cabal to destroy Australia’s economy so it could be its only supplier of everything – we take over their businesses and wealth as penance for their crimes to build back the same economy better – with all local owners.

All pension funds, retirement accounts, and Australia-based owners of Coca-Cola shares retain their positions or are compensated when the businesses are sold, but as part-owners of the new Coca-Cola Australia – with sole rights to produce the former company’s products – until paid.

We also propose strict tariff protections to prevent imports from other nations – but no restrictions on competition from Australian made beverages – and no anti-competitive practices to limit market penetration of Aussie products allowed.

As part of its settlement, Coca-Cola Corporation based in Atlanta, Georgia will be required to provide the new owners with all rights to its patents, formulas, and trade secrets.

This $9.23 (USD) billion business need not miss a beat, if handled properly – except that the base syrup will be made in Australia (if it isn’t already) – and that might take some time. 

As part of Coke’s settlement, it must continue to provide syrup under receivership until that is completely accomplished and every Coca-Cola in Australia is an Aussie product.

While Coca-Cola is perhaps the world’s most unhealthy product – besides Vanguard’s Big Pharma ‘jabs’ that is – it is our right to continue drinking this crap until it kills us if we want.

But it should be an Australian product from this time forward and forever – while hopefully another entrepreneur Down Under will use the loan Fund seized from the .00001% to come up with a tasty and more healthy alternative. 

Competition can make that happen once the monopoly’s back is broken.

Just think of what Australia – or any other nation – can do with its share of the Vanguard Pirates’ loot stolen from us all over the past century? 

Yes, I said and meant ‘stolen’.  When I was a kid, as example, I wrote my grandmother letters and the stamp cost four (4) cents.

Now, with better roads and cheaper transportation, that same letter would cost me $.58 today.  The Federal Reserve stole the value of my money by continually printing more and more of it – for a huge ‘fee’. 

My ‘dollar’ is now worth just five cents and the $.95 is in their pockets. 

Just shutting down their money printing machines can stop the bleeding. Used properly, however, this devolution of wealth – to us – could spark the greatest economic revolution the world has ever seen, benefitting free people across the globe – so only free nations should share in the booty – as that is from whence almost all of it was stolen by the Vanguard Pirates.

This is Trump’s plan for a ‘reset’ to individual freedom and the prosperity that always attends it, I fully believe. I’ll find out more next week when we interview his campaign chief, Jason Miller!


We started this series on September 25th, and since, we’ve seen many amazing articles and videos pop up on this topic.  Did we start it? 

I don’t know or care, but you can no longer hide from the fact that this 1% wants it all, at any cost to us, including our lives. 

This may be the most important information you need to know to put what has been done to us in perspective including who did it, and how important it is to choose leaders focused only on freedom and liberty in the future. 

The rest of it will take care of itself as long as we keep them out of it.

Last week, the very best of these new disclosures came to my attention from a reader in America. 

It is by a young man named Tim Gielen, and was published on October 1st – Red October – just a week after our Part I. 

It is absolutely incredible and in extraordinary detail.  Please take the time to watch it, then share it with any whose eyes are not yet open.

It is almost as if everyone is connecting these dots at the same time around the world.

Now it’s time to do something about it – by devolving that 99% back to our free nations and people – to regain not only our world but our place in it as global leaders rather than globalists.

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