Southwest airlines cancelled over 1,800 flights October 10, due to walkout over jab mandates claiming it was ‘the weather’—under blue skies nationwide—lying to the world instead


My home nation once had rule of law, based on a contract between We the People and the Government we created known as The Constitution.

No more.  The Marxists and their CCP handlers who stole the White House via fraud in 2020 have suspended it using fiats and declarations unfounded in law or science—and Americans are not alone.

But some nations are beginning to stand up to these Globalists attempts to destroy—and quite literally—kill us.

For example, Denmark, Sweden and Norway—places Marxists claim to love (actually very hardcore heterogenous capitalist nations with social programs)—paused or suspended vaccines, and the President of Croatia announced yesterday, “We will not be vaccinated anymore!”

Why?  Because this dangerous experimental mRNA treatment is killing and maiming more people than it ever helped or cured, even in the U.S. military!

The numbers don’t lie, but the Bolsheviks in my homeland continue to do so for their evil agenda—and substantial bribes it seems.

The Vanguard’s bought-and-paid-for puppets of not only my home nation but Britain, Australia, New Zealand, France—you know—the once free nations—just keep on jabbing and taking Pfizer’s millions in bribes to do it. 

They’ll kill us all for a buck it seems—just ask Gladys Berejiklian.


Whether by race, creed or just plain lies, denying rights to one group that are kept by another is not only wrong, but not tolerated forever. 

In spite of this, Vanguard’s puppet dictator, Joe Biden, claimed he would demand that all companies with more than 100 employees ‘must’ have the jab or close.

Dictator Joe’s body double is even starting to look the part, no?

The fact that a President has no such power didn’t phase the media spew fest and clamouring love for their new dictator. I heard one mindless talking head describe Dictator Joe’s move as “bold and decisive.” 

But Sleepy Joe never actually gave out his meaningless mandate—a fact seemingly missed by his Comrades in the co-owned media—but all his fellow Vanguardian CEOs implemented it anyway this past weekend.

And guess what?  The public revolted on the bastards, as they should have long ago.  Pilots, flight attendants and even air traffic controllers simply walked out—yet the Vanguard monopoly airlines blamed it on ‘weather’.

This was the ‘weather’ on October 10th that halted travel in my homeland according to the lamestream media and Vanguardian CEOs who do the cabal’s bidding— under nothing but blue skies!

“The great SICKOUT spreads as airline pilots, railway workers, air traffic controllers, police, firefighters and the other people who keep society running say NO to vaccine coercion and threats,” read the headlines today in Planet Today News.

Yes.  Mass walkouts and resignations are bringing my homeland to a halt—and it is about damn time.

I hope it is not lost on anyone that it was only the mega-corps owned by the Vanguard/BlackRock/StateStreet cabal we’ve been writing about that complied with Sleepy Joe’s non order. 

While we’re on airlines as a topic, that included almost all of them: United, American, Delta, Southwest, JetBlue—even Alaska Airlines—and the only one not yet owned by the cabal appears to be Spirit Airlines, which is under constant attack by government regulators working for the cabal.  Surprise, surprise.


Houston hospital workers walk out over medical apartheid, refusing to get  experimental ‘jab’ they’ve seen do so much harm

Hospitals are filling up with the vaxxed these days, not the unvaxxed so the sheep may have a tough time finding a place to die from the side-effects now that the Bolsheviks are firing those who’ve seen too much harm from jabs to allow it on themselves—even if it means their jobs.

And not surprisingly—those walking out are the frontline doctors and nurses who are receiving almost exclusively vaccinated patients these days suffering side effects—not the unvaccinated. 

It’s not hard to see that something is very wrong with this experimental treatment.

In fact, “85-90% of the hospitalisations are in fully vaccinated people,” according to Dr. Kobi Haviv (on newsisrael-13)—in Israel, the most vaccinated nation on the planet.

Hospitals are having to close due to staff shortages as the frontline nurses and doctors—those who treated the scamdemically ill for 18 months without having any ‘vaccine’—are refusing it. 

They know better. They are now refusing the ‘jab’ en masse.


Port control was a CCP strategy since the turn of the century—he who controls the ports, controls world trade—and “China has investments in about 100 ports in at least 60 countries.”

This created ‘shortage’ blamed on backed up cargo ships surprises no one in Beijing or the CCP’s puppet show in Washington, DC.  It is part of a strategy to grind us down.

It is also no surprise that “LA port backup grows to record 62 ships as supply chain crunch worsens.”

This is part of the Globalist’s plan—but like their hokey illegal medical apartheid ‘mandates’—the backfire has already begun.

“A Gartner survey conducted in 2021 revealed, 87 percent of 1,300 supply chain professionals reported plans to invest in supply chain resiliency in the next two years.”

‘Supply chain resiliency’ means make it your damn self at home to prevent such disasters. 

It is clear to any thinking person that having parts, products, medicine and even food come from abroad when you can do it at home was never a very smart idea.

My homeland’s real president, Donald J. Trump, calls the answer to these Supply Chain Blues: “Made in America.”

And this same man who will soon be brought back to power is hammering this point home in every speech and every post—Made in America is his strategy to restore America and make it great again—again—(as he now says) once the homeland is retaken from the Bolsheviks.

That, friends, is the answer to all our woes—Made in Australia, Made in Britain, Made in France, Made in New Zealand—made proudly at home by our neighbours, friends and fellow countrymen, ending such dangerous exposure to shortages so easily caused by our enemies abroad.

But I believe President Trump knew he had to let this play out so everyone could see what the Bolsheviks and Globalists were doing to our world.

Over half my homeland has seen enough evidence the election was stolen by the Marxists in America and abroad to now believe it (56% per Rasmussen poll, October 12th).  As the ongoing audits expose these crimes and criminals daily, that number will only grow.

Now that the people have seen the fruits of Marxist criminality, the Democrat Party and its dimwitted ideas are in a free-fall in the polls—the 30s overall and the 20s amongst Independents—which are greater in number than either Democrats or Republicans. 

People now see that it is the Marxist’s cures for our societies’ ills which are killing us instead, and they’ve got to stop.

So expect intentional shortages—which are not caused by the scamdemic, but rather by the scammers themselves.  They will next use the allocation of food and goods to both bribe and scare you—so start buying and creating your own supply chains at home—especially food.

Start by growing something, even if it’s just a few potted veggies.  Set up co-ops in your own town or district—even cities—as Detroit has done.

This is Detroit’s ‘agri-hood’ and it works.  Every roadside is now an urban garden, and greenhouses have popped up everywhere

The centre of this once-dying city is now a food-growing paradise, filled with healthy food. 

We can beat the bastards by thinking locally to counteract their global nonsense.

And when it comes to standing up to any of their illegal mandates, do it.

Walk out.  Just say, “No”.  Their day nears its end as the wheels are coming off of tyrannical rule everywhere—including mainland China.

 That’s right.  The Communist Vanguard Press won’t tell you this, but “On the CCP’s Centennial, 380 Million People Have Already Quit the Party and Its Organizations.”

More people quit this criminal organisation in mainland China than live in my home nation—so take heart—and remember, quitting for them means more than just losing a job, it could mean death—so have equal courage.

The tide is finally turning in our favour, so let’s ride this wave for all it’s worth.

This manmade scamdemic intended to subdue us has only brought us together and made us stronger.

Now it’s our turn to take back our world from the pirates.

Chinese all over the world are putting Beijing on notice that the CCP has lost ‘the mandate of heaven’

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