It’s pre-dawn at the Gates of Ancient Kraków.  The year is 1241 and it is not that different as I stand here today—centuries later—in October of 2021. 

That is except there was a seemingly overwhelming Mongol horde seen slipping quietly toward the sleeping city on that morning—whereas today it is simply overrun by tourists.

But rather than save himself, the watchman that day gave warning with his bugle in time for the gates to be closed, the walls armed with archers, and the city was saved.

The bugler’s song—still played as the clock strikes each hour from St. Mary’s Basilica—is cut short mid-note—still centuries later as then, to commemorate the brave watchman whose throat was pierced by a Mongol shaft and died rather than leave his post and people.

The beautiful St. Mary’s Basilica still stands in the ancient city square—under which is an even more ancient civilization discovered by accident in 2008 dating back perhaps as much as 8,000 years.

Such tales of heroism are still taught to the children of Eastern Europe rather than Marxism, biological fantasies and race-baiting, which is why they are in ascendancy as other of our western nations are in decline. 

Diversity?  Not needed or wanted here.  History has proven it to be a disaster, not a ‘strength’ even when the invaders are your next door neighbours of East or West—much less a seventh century death cult. 

These are homogenous peoples of more-or-less like mind who love who and what they are—Catholic people descended from European tribes— and have lived on this ground for at least 8,000 years.

Why import the world’s problems and people who foment them, especially when their radical ideology demands the death of both you and your culture? 

Only a braindead (or bribed) politician would do such a stupid thing, no?


A Globalists gang of well-heeled billionaires recently tried to kill us with a disease they cooked up in China (using U.S. funding). 

The danger posed by this multi-national/cultural cabal of Marxist-based oligarchs who have merged their forces against us cannot be overstated.

They are ‘diverse’ ranging from Xi Xinping and his CCP hordes to their Euro-trash collaborators like Klaus Schwab and George Soros, all the way downhill to their Houseboys (White House, that is) such as Obama and Biden and their professorial class of Marxist sellouts who teach their crap to our children from babes to PhD and spew it from their Media.

While one head of the hydra cooked up this disease in the The Middle Kingdom, another head of the same beast cooked up an equally or perhaps more deadly ‘cure’ to finish off those not taken by their plague. 

Which will ultimately kill more of us is up for question, though deaths from the Western Globalists’ remedy are now surpassing their manmade China bug (FACT, just in from Taiwan, Vaccine Impact News)—and flu season when their big kill is expected—has yet to arrive.

The web of interlocking interests encompassed by this corporate spider encircles our globe.  99% of all wealth in our world is controlled by this handful of spiders who spun the web according to Oxfam as we exposed last week—and like in ancient Kraków almost nine centuries ago—the people are sleeping.

You must take it upon yourselves to start blowing the trumpet while you still can.  Whether they want to hear you or not—blow the damn trumpet—or all will become the prey of these blood-sucking spiders. 


You’ve never seen one this big, have you?  That’s because it is a bone from the ribcage of old “Smok” the dragon that lived under Wawel Hill, slain by young Krakus, a cobbler, who used his brain instead of a sword.

The Castle Cathedral has had it hanging by this door since about 1190 when the Chronica seu originale regum et principum Poloniae first mentions Krakus’ victory over the dragon, and the Catholic Church stands by the authenticity of both Smok’s rib bone and Krakus’ noble deed.

The lesson of this is that one need not take up sword and spear—as many an unsuccessful prince and nobleman had before the young cobbler—but simply outthink the enemy and take decisive action that can defeat the foe without a battle.

The fire-breathing statue to Smok still stands at the foot of Wawel Castle, as does his former lair in the background on the left—later turned to higher and better use as a royal tavern and brothel.

Krakus was a simple cobbler, but all that stitching up sheep skins to make shoes gave him time to think—as we should all be doing right now as we live our lives under the threat of the Globalist/Marxist thugs.

When Smok wasn’t dining on Polish cuisine—the two-legged kind—he wasn’t above taking a fresh sheep for a snack, so Krakus had an idea.

He stuffed a freshly killed sheep’s stomach full of sulphur and left the carcass outside Smok’s cave, sewn up like one of his shoes.

Sure enough, the dragon soon grabbed the bait and swallowed it whole!

But the sulphur caused him to have such thirst, that he drank and drank from the River Wiśła below his cave until his stomach burst!

The people so loved the cobbler who saved them from the dragon, that he was chosen King (yes, Poland elected its monarchs) and the city was named in his honour—Kraków—as it still is today.


I’m not.  I’m making a point. Just bear with me.

Now here’s a Bugler from America—Steve Bannon—as he leaves a federal courthouse in New York after a fake indictment by Marxist prosecutors in the Southern District of New York to silence him, but he’s still smiling—and blowing his bugle—every day but Sunday. 

More recently, the Senior Witch of the U.S. Congress, Nancy Pelosi, illegally subpoenaed Mr. Bannon to which he’s said, “No,” informing her she does not have the power.

And Steve Bannon just keeps on blowing that bugle, louder every day, with over 100 million downloads of his podcast, worldwide.

This particular bugler is taking the fight to both the Globalist Mongrels of Davos as well as their Mongol CCP counterparts by broadcasting live in Mandarin and Japanese each day right into their backyards.

With little more than a microphone (and immense courage) this bugler may be saving his civilisation like the bugler of old at the gates of Kraków—only louder and doing it six days each week.


I’m not sure this dragon will ultimately be slain without a fight, but Dan Schultz and his precintstrategy.com is an example of how one man is stuffing a sheep’s stomach with sulphur to slowly kill the dragon attacking my homeland—but the idea is workable in all Western-style Republics.

Politics begins at the precinct level.  Precinct—or voting district committees—choose both candidates and party platforms, so all political power is ultimately sourced from these tributaries and headwaters.

Delegates to political conventions are chosen by these committees as well, so it occurred to Dan Schultz that by finding patriots who believe in their nations and freedom to serve on their local precinct committees, the takeover can begin.


Dan Schultz researched the Republican Party and found that of the roughly 400,000 positions in my home nation’s Republican Precinct Committees, only half—approximately 200,000—were actually filled.

So rather than attack the dragon—which is equal parts Democrat Marxists and Republican RINOs (Republican in Name Only) in my home nation—Attorney Schultz devised a plan to stuff the sheep with sulphur and feed it to the Republican dragon lovers, one precinct committeeman at a time.

The American RINO dragons are now drinking water from the Potomac River in Washington, DC, like old Smok did in Kraków a millennia ago from the Wiśła, wondering what the hell happened to them! 

Dan Schultz’s simple but brilliant strategy caught the Old do-nothing Guard Republicans by complete surprise and all they can do now is belch up sulphur and fume that their own system was used against them!


If Australians want to prevent another thuggish dictator like Dan Andrews or a bribed poison-jabber like Gladys Berejiklian from becoming premiere ever again, get active locally and prevent their ilk from ever getting a start. 

Scott Morrison?  Same thing.  Take him down one precinct and state at a time. It won’t be overnight, but it will be if you start right now.

Allow only dedicated Australia-First candidates who love their nation and see it in its best light to get a toehold on the political ladder. 

No more open borders nonsense to destroy our cultures, or One Worlders trying to sell us craziness about burning up when we’re setting records for freezing our asses off.

Their agenda, with their plague and this Climate Hoax are just to try and take control of our nations, so stop the crazies before they can get started. 

Tell them to bugger off and take their little Soros wind-up doll with them—or send her to Antartica, where the last six months have been the coldest since records were kept.

Let’s get ahead of their next power-grabbing hoax while temps are -60.9 Celsius—according even to leftist CNN, who always plays the Marxist tune, but after six months, even they could not ignore the truth.


That’s right.  Record cold while the UN runs around telling our bought-off leaders they must put us under their boot to fight “Climate Change.”

And it’s not just the Polar caps, mind you. 

The coldest temperatures ever are now on record from the Bolshevik United States all the way down to Antartica—FACT.

So why are the lefties in the Biden Brigade and Down Under Gang still selling us the Global Warming lemonade when it’s time for hot spiced wine to warm up from the coldest times on record? 


The questions answer themselves—it’s all about power and money.

So, blow those bugles and slay those dragons by having courage and out-thinking the bastards.

You can start by getting on your local political committee right in your own neighbourhood. 

In my humble opinion, both Labor and Liberal sold their souls to the Globalists and Big Pharma—and the Greens never had one—so jump on board the United Australia train at the precinct level and mould it to suit you from the bottom up while it’s just taking power.

But no more Globalists.  No more bribed jab-merchants.  And for God’s sake no more crazies who want you to sit on your continent-sized lump of coal rather than using it to your advantage and profit!

Be Brave—Blow that Bugle—and Start Killing Some Dragons.

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