Jason Miller is the brilliant man behind the scenes who was responsible for so much of President Trump’s success.

Since The Donald left office, he has been working on building up Gettr, the new Social Media platform taking the world by storm.

Howell Woltz sat down with Jason yesterday to talk about Trump, Social Media, Australia and his plans for Gettr going forward.

I’m sure you all remember Twitter and Facebook banning the sitting President of the United States from their platforms.

Who could forget it right?

They claimed, falsely, that Trump had incited the Jan 6th unarmed insurrection in which trespassers were allowed into congress by police and sat in The Speaker’s chair wearing fancy dress.

Even globalist world leaders like Macron were shocked when it happened.

These are platforms that host the leaders of Black Lives Matter, Antifa, The Taliban, Hamas and the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Screaming “Death to America” or burning down US$1 billion of public buildings won’t get you banned off these platforms but telling people to peacefully protest a stolen election will.

To justify trampling the First Amendment, these social media monopolies have even resorted to an old argument used by white segregationists right up to the 1960s who claimed that private businesses had a right to choose whom they provide services to.

That was the rationale behind hotels and shops putting out signs banning blacks.

The U.S. supreme court overturned this right in the 1960s, but it has crept back. Now Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, and Amazon and ancillary services such as Paypal routinely cancel Conservatives on the grounds that they, as private companies, can discriminate as they like.

The result is a privatised Jim Crow, the system used in southern states after the Civil War to prevent African Americans from voting.

Being prevented from using social media is arguably more isolating and marginalising than being prevented from voting.

If you haven’t already done so, please take the time to click on this link and sign up to Gettr. It is a fantastic platform where we are all free to express our opinions.

Here is the interview with Jason followed by a transcript for those who prefer to read it.

Harry Richardson


Jason Miller has agreed to move Australia up the list – ahead of many European nations after I explained that no one needs GETTR.com‘s FREE SPEECH platform right now more than the folk Down Under.

Many of you are living in a state of siege under government lockdowns and forced experimental ‘jabs’ with unknown consequences. You need to be able to publicly express your displeasure! 

Read on.


THE RICHARDSON POST- “Congratulations on your amazing launch of GETTR.com and thanks for giving us your time today, Jason!  It’s an honour to have you as our guest!”

JASON MILLER- Thanks Howell, it’s a pleasure to be here.

THE RICHARDSON POST- First question I must ask is what you felt – God, I sound like a Democrat – but seriously, what did you feel when all the CCP-loving social platforms crashed recently yet GETTR.com – the new kid on the block – was the only one left standing? 

JASON MILLER-   I don’t know if it’s one word, rather than a little, “I told you so.”  For a long time, I’ve been sounding the horn that effectively everyone’s data is going to the same place. 

So much of our data – your data – is going to a very small group of Silicon Valley tech moguls and Social Media oligarchs – for lack of a better term – and I don’t think a lot of people around the world realised that Facebook controls Instagram; controls What’sApp; obviously controls Facebook Messenger – so when one went down, they all went down.

I think the buried lead with that implosion is that for companies that are so big, with so many data redundancies, where so many billions of dollars are being spent, that literally one software upgrade would knock out all of these platforms at one time.

If that doesn’t tell you that they have way too much control over data and our economy, I don’t know what will.

THE RICHARDSON POST- This would seem to be beyond any probability of an accident.  Perhaps they’re prepping for something?

JASON MILLER- Look. To that point, I’m not a big conspiracy theorist, but I’m just making the point that it did happen to knock the story off the front page that Facebook and Instagram were targeting pre-teen girls to effectively get them hooked digitally onto their platform.

It did knock that out of the news for a little bit – but the BGP protocols have been around since the 90s, so it did seem somewhat suspect for them to go offline all at once. And I can’t imagine that a company like that would choose to have all of their platforms get the exact same upgrade – all at the same time? That just seems to be contrary to any basic Platform 101, and again, I’m not a conspiracy theorist, but it is a little fishy.

THE RICHARDSON POST- Yes, and as your old Warroom co-host, Steve Bannon might add, “But there are no coincidences, either.”  

THE RICHARDSON POST- Second question – As an old financial & Venture Capital guy, I’m still trying to wrap my head around how you plan to make money.   GETTR advertises, ‘We’ll never sell your data,’ which is how Facebook, Twitter and others do it, so what is GETTR.com’s revenue model?  Can you share that with us?

Jason with Matthew Tyrmand, Tommy Robinson and crew in Dresden where Tommy was keynote speaker for GETTR’s German launch!

JASON MILLER- Absolutely.  As we round the corner into Q1, 2022, we’re going to allow content creators to start monetising from their hard work.

So that means both the aspect of a tipping system as you see with Twitch and Patreon then also a subscription system so that folks such as yourself, whether they have a podcast, streaming shows where they have different aspects of content, they’ll be able to monetise that through the platform and we’ll be coming in at a rate significantly less than the competition so people will be able to keep more of their money.

Once the content creators start coming on board, that will obviously draw additional audience members, additional users. 

We’ll also start advertising in Q1 of next year, but the even bigger thing is we will venture into the E-commerce space.  We’ll be launching GETTR-pay, probably in Q2 of next year, which in addition to being a marketplace competitor to Apple Pay, WeChat Pay and Ali Pay and such, it will also have real time crypto transactions so you’ll be able to go to the supermarket and swipe your phone and pay in crypto [currency]. That really is the wave of the future.  [WOW!]

There are some additional blockchain and crypto things we’ll be adding to GETTR-pay, but that’s something the other platforms won’t be able to do because typically, bitcoin or ethereum, don’t allow immediate transactions.

There is a little bit of delay as they get verified to make sure the  transactions are accurate.

If we have that backed up by traditional banking then we’ll almost be like an FDIC approach so you can do real time crypto transactions, but also as we broaden out, we’ll be doing some de-fi and peer-to-peer lending and different things we’ll start offering through the platform, plus a digital wallet to hold all your digital currency.

So, some really cool stuff is on the way but a little bit further down.

Fortunately we have some very understanding  investors who know this is about the long-term vision and the long-term plan, so I think this is going to be pretty exciting. 

THE RICHARDSON POST- Incredible. You are going to be the most hated man on earth with the ‘Big Boys’ I fear, but that is amazing!  You mentioned potential finance offerings on Steve Bannon’s War Room, but I think we may have just scooped him on the scope of it! That’s fantastic news and I think GETTR might take the digital world with this offering!

JASON MILLER- I’m definitely going to have to look both ways when crossing the street, if you catch my drift….[Laugh]

THE RICHARDSON POST- Third question – I asked about your revenue model for a reason.  Parler was ruined, in part, because Amazon’s AWS pulled the plug on their platform – which is not an issue for you, with your own servers – but also due to conflicts with Globalist RINO backers trying to direct things as they wanted rather than just being a free-speech platform as advertised.

How can we assure Australians and freedom lovers worldwide that you won’t be shut down by Globalist RINOs (or Davos Marxists, for that matter)?

JASON MILLER- Absolutely.  Let me unpack this so people understand. The number one reason we’ll never be de-platformed is that we’ve had a moderation system in place since Day One.  Some might say, “Wait a minute. How do you have a pro-active and robust moderation platform but also be the free-speech platform?”

Jason and Matthew took Dresden, then the Bundestag here with AFD Deputy, Beatrix Storch!  The guy in the background, Matthew Tyrmand, is described by Steve Bannon as “One of the Smartest Political Operatives”—so Jason chooses his associates wisely

(Cont.) The answer is simple.  We make sure that we keep illegal content off of the site from the start.  That way nobody will ever be shadow-banned, de-platformed or censored – or sent to political jail simply for voicing their political opinion – because we vet up front.

And so you have that ability to make your voice heard – but let me give you an example – just as you can’t go into a theatre and yell ‘Fire’ you can’t go into the digital space and commit illegal acts.  So we’re not going to put up with terrorist imagery.  We’re not going to put up with child porn, or with religious or racial epithets.

Those are things we don’t want on the platform.  In fact, the only people we’ve proactively precluded and said, “You can’t be a part of the platform,” are terrorists. 

While that may sound flippant, Twitter allows the Taliban, the Ayatollah, and the political director of Hamas to be on their platform.  We’ve said, “If you’re a member of a terrorist organisation, then you shouldn’t be on our platform.”

You can’t just use community policing.  It doesn’t work when you have the CCP and groups all over attacking you – so they’re just not allowed. 

Further, we can’t be taken down because we have redundancy on everything but the Apple IOS – the one place there is no redundancy at present.

THE RICHARDSON POST- So it sounds like those who want to keep on sharing bomb-making secrets, child porn and recruiting jihadists will need to stay on Facebook and Twitter.

JASON MILLER- That’s correct.  Which by the way, Monday’s Wall Street Journal just had a big exposé on Facebook – another one – said they only catch about 2% of those they claim to kick off. So it’s a bunch of smoke and mirrors over there, but we take it seriously.

We also don’t allow folks on the platform who are younger than 16. As a father of a 13 year old, I don’t want her on a social platform where politics and such are being debated.  I think that’s actually too young.

THE RICHARDSON POST- It sounds like the Facebook guys need to upgrade their algorithm department.  If Facebook can only catch 2% of terrorists, but 110% of conservatives, then something sounds a bit off there, but we’ll explore that at another time. [Laugh]

Right now, however, our focus is getting a free speech platform launched in Australia, as we have a very tyrannical situation at present and need the ability to communicate freely, not only between Australians but with the outside world – and spread the truth that is at present, blocked.

That leads to my Fourth question (actually from our Editor, Harry) – “Does the future hold a GETTR Search Engine that gives honest results, rather than algorithmic sheep herding?”

As example, if you search the word ‘fascist’ – the belief system of the Italian Marxist Party – Google and the others will tell you it is a ‘right-wing’ political construct – a clear lie and historical fiction – but truth for all time absent an honest source.  Do you have any plans in that direction?

JASON MILLER – That’s a great question.  I hadn’t really thought through that.  Obviously, Google is the dominant player in the search engine market – in fact many would say it is a monopoly – but the short answer is that we’re focused on the financial strategy at present but I’ll check with my engineers and find out.

Jason on with fellow Trump alumni, Steve Cortes, and Pelligrino

THE RICHARDSON POST- Fifth question – It’s not just locker room talk that when Team Trump hits the field again next year, you’re probably going to be the quarterback, Jason. 

If  The Richardson Post helps convince 26 million Australians that you are the freedom train and platform to join – who will be driving GETTR.com while you’re getting President Trump back in The White House?

JASON MILLER- As I jokingly told President Trump, “Of course I’m going to be there for whatever you have coming up, but in the meantime, I need you to join GETTR, we’re going to make it huge, we’ll take it public, make it the top-notch platform in the entire world – then you can run for president.”

I added, “But let’s go ahead and get GETTR taken care of first.” That’s what I told the president and he had a good laugh, but of course we have a strong backfield, as you know, so GETTR will stay out front, regardless. 

But I’ll be there for the president in 2022 or 2024 if needed.  At present, however, my sole focus and every waking moment is on GETTR and taking it global.

In fact, Australia is one of our top 10 target countries, so I’m looking forward to getting there.  We have some issues with the Covid restrictions on travel I understand, but we’re very excited about the growth we’re seeing in Australia already.

Sign up today, Australia!  God knows we could use a little free speech down under, eh?  we’re on GETTR and love it.

THE RICHARDSON POST- We think the restrictions will be ending soon as the tyrants begin to fall. 

The United Australia Party – seemingly near extinction a year ago – is suddenly trouncing the Liberal and Labor Parties in the polls after its founder, Clive Palmer, outed a $65 million lobbyist slush fund from Pfizer and AstraZeneca being spread amongst government politicians in the other parties to continue forced jabs and lockdowns – which has already caused several resignations.

So things are changing overnight as both these investigations – and resignations – go into high gear.

But assuming Australia is open again for business, what is the earliest date we can tell our readers you will come to Australia to officially launch GETTR.com – understanding that they can sign up right now, today?

JASON MILLER- I’m scheduled to be in Japan in January and could most likely come then to Australia for an official launch there as well.

THE RICHARDSON POST- Perfect, Jason!  The first pint is on us.

We really appreciate your taking the time to visit with us today, and we are very excited about your plans to launch GETTR.com in Australia!

Please let us know how we may be of assistance.

JASON MILLER- It was my pleasure.  Thank you, Howell.

Sign up at GETTR.com today!

Howell Woltz (now on Telegram)
The Richardson Post (now on GETTR.com)