Revolver.News has outed fed agent provocateur, Ray Epps, the organiser and instigator of staged ‘breach’ of the Capitol on January 6th, 2021

In our previous piece, we confirmed for our readers that the founder and leader of the group known as The Oathkeepers, blamed by the Democrats and RINOs as Trump supporters and ‘insurrectionists’, was actually an organisation set up by Federal agents to be used for false flag ops such as turning the peaceful January 6th protest against a stolen election into something it wasn’t.

That is now an admitted fact, as the Feds imprisoned grannies and any Trump supporter in DC’s postal code—well over 500 of them—now for the better part of a year, without ever arresting Stewart Rhodes, the man behind the whole thing—a federal agent—working for the Democrats and FBI.


On January 5th, the man in the picture above was out telling the crowd that they needed to breach the Capitol the next day, “We need to go inside the Capitol,” to which the crowd of real Trump supporters shouted, “No!,” and began chanting, “Fed!, Fed!, Fed!,” at Ray Epps—and they were correct. 

He was and is a federal agent in the set-up for Impeachment Hoax #2.

Notice in this short clip of January 5th—the day before the alleged “Insurrection,” with whom Federal agent Ray Epps—wearing a Trump hat—is collaborating.

It was none other than BLM/Antifa leader, John Sullivan, who was paid $35,000 by CNN to invade the Capitol on January 6th along with one of their reporters, as we also covered.

Both were working for the same masters—the United States Government in league with the Democrat Party to destroy the nation’s Commander and Chief, Donald Trump—who was still their president on January 6th—making it a real insurrection if not the capital crime of treason.


Both Democrat Marxist Coven Leaderette of the House, Nancy Pelosi, and RINO Senate Schmuck, “China Mitch” McConnell, were offered 10,000 National Guard troops by President Trump before January 6th—and they refused—though warned by multiple sources violence was expected. 

How did they know violence was expected?  Because they co-ordinated and plotted it—for the express purpose of taking down the president via an impeachment so he could never run for office again—but they failed in both regards. 

The impeachment was unsuccessful, and Trump is already back on the campaign trail, drawing record crowds.

Representative Thomas Massie unloads the evidence on Biden’s Bolshevik Attorney General, Merrick Garland—who claims to be unable to answer any questions—though in Congress under oath to answer questions.


When federal agents and agencies, Congressional leaders—Marxists and RINOs alike—the Capitol Police, the Mayor of Washington, DC and co-conspirators across my home nation put together a plot of this magnitude to create a faux impeachment of a sitting president—a second one, by the way—there simply must be retribution.

I for one find hanging to be an effective punishment for such crimes.  It’s cheap—the rope can be reused, you know—and 100% effective in eliminating repeat offenders who might be pardoned by the next Marxist.

The Swamp knows it can’t beat Trump without cheating, so they’ve tried every legal and illegal means to do so—but without success.

The Wicked Witch, House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi, is rumoured to be leaving her Washington, DC coven in defeat—which is good news


This weaponisation of government against its head has sparked a much needed conversation about not only the lack of need for such federal agencies as the FBI and DOJ, but even about their inherent dangers to a free society.

Rather than vetting the hordes of rapists, child molesters and murderers being airfreighted into America from Afghanistan by the Biden regime—or stopping an estimated 1.2 million fentanyl carriers, terrorists and human traffickers at the southern border—DOJ head, Merrick Garland, has ordered the FBI to harass and investigate mothers legally protesting School Board officials for teaching their children racist crap known as CRT—Critical Race Theory.

That is not a joke.  Garland instructed every FBI office in America to monitor and intervene for potential ‘violence’ against elected school board members who are getting an earful about teaching Critical Race crap instead of educating their children as they are paid to do.

We now know why, of course. 

Merrick Garland’s daughter is married to the purveyor of this filth—the founder of Panorama Education—who is minting millions in federal and state contracts to teach such harmful detritus to children. You might say it’s The Family Business

Moral midgets collaborating to destroy America—Beijing Biden and his boy, little Merrick Garland—DOJ swamp director

“Earlier this month Garland issued a memo directing the FBI to work with law enforcement to crack down on a ‘disturbing trend’ of violent incidents at school board meetings and education settings.

The normally apolitical field has become an ideological battleground as parents express outrage at mask mandates and critical race theory being taught in schools.”

Not a shred of evidence or even one incidence of ‘violent incidents’ yet the entire FBI has been deployed by this sick little man to shut down protests against his family business—which is selling Communist trash to school boards over the ‘peaceful protests’ of the parents they are elected to serve.

There is no provision in my nation’s Constitution for a federal police force—just as Congress told then-President, Teddy Roosevelt, when he proposed his federal bureau of investigation—so Roosevelt did it anyway via an illegal act now known as an ‘Executive Order’. 

There is also no mention of a Department of Justice in my Constitution,  yet in 1871, then-President, Ulysses S. Grant, took advantage of the Southern States being out of the Union to fabricate one illegally for the sole purpose of harassing his political opponents—just as is its sole purpose today—under the full control of Democrat Marxists.

The Founding Fathers of America wisely precluded the federal government from such powers for a reason that the public is now seeing clearly—and the Tenth Amendment precluded their addition to federal powers, yet corrupt politicians ignored rule of law and birthed both for their own nefarious use—as the public has just witnessed first-hand.


I first wrote about the need for expunging this unlawful FBI and illegal Department of Justice in my book, The Way Back to America (2014), and received biting criticism for even making such a suggestion.

Now, it is becoming mainstream thinking as the nation and world see the fruits of such ungovernable institutions with enough power to destroy any who question them or their misdeeds—including a sitting president. 

These rogues illegally spied on Trump before and after his election—and almost succeeded in their effort to prevent his running again by a false flag ‘insurrection’ of their own creation—while never charging anyone with ‘insurrection’—because only their own chumps and agents actually insurrected.

For those who think reducing the size or scope of these rogue agencies is sufficient, it is not.

Cutting the rattles off these snakes just makes them quiet for awhile—but they’ll just grow back more deadly and vicious if not destroyed completely.

This pair of deadly serpents—the FBI and DOJ—now intertwined around the U.S. Government must be chopped into 50 pieces with all their usurped powers restored to the States from which they were stolen, never again to be resurrected or rejoined.

A rather incredible group of men put their lives on the line to create the United States. The Constitution they crafted is still a working guide for any free people—any who wish to stay that way, that is—and it is time for my nation to return to it.

Send each state back its inherent powers of investigation and prosecution when these federal snakes are put to the knife

So my suggestion to King Donaldus when back on America’s throne—will be to put Sidney Powell in as Attorney General with orders to charge the serpents with treason, execute all who participated or knew about their treasonous plan after a short trial, and then shut down their corrupt enterprises—with prejudice—never to swim the Swamp again.

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NOTE- We received a message from GETTR after the interview with their CEO, Jason Miller, last week.  They had record sign-ups for their free speech platform from Australia!  Nice…it’s great to be able to speak freely online again!