These are the lovely Maldives—thriving a decade after the climate hoax gang told us they would be completely underwater—yet 86% of them are ‘larger’ meaning the opposite happened—and not a single Maldivian ‘climate refugee’ ever


But guess what?  The bastards will use this hoax of rising waters—which is not happening in the least—as excuse for flooding our nations with jihadists, criminals and economic migrants to take our jobs and neutralise our votes by saying waters are rising! 

Just wait and watch next week!

Yep.  Not only was the Maldives lie a scam to suck money out of Western Nation’s pockets, but the world is two degrees cooler than it was then.

You didn’t hear about that either, did you?  Even though NASA published those findings in 2018—the Vanguard Press buried it.

The same scumbags who funded the disease, own all the jab companies (and most of our governments) are the same small group—The Vanguard—that owns almost all of the world’s press (92% in America, as example).

These are the people also behind the Global Warming Hoax to take control of us and our property in their Great Reset, meeting in Glasgow next week.

They even published what they were doing (and how) in 1971, The Limits to Growth, detailing how this lie would be used to put us under control. 

But none of it is true. Almost every island in the world is larger today than it was then—meaning ocean levels are not rising but falling—a FACT.

48 States in America set records for low temperatures this year—as did Antartica—and there is record ice this year already at the Poles—FACTS.

And the number of Polar Bears—promised by these fun-suckers to be extinct by 2013—are five times in number as when Climate Pope, Al Gore, first began lying about it—also a FACT.

(The Global Warming Plot; it’s roots and ramifications for a cooling World, page viii (2021))

Greenies. The last one left? 2013. Reality-there are too many in 2020


You read that right.  If this really had anything to do with pollution, they wouldn’t have this Freak Fake News Fest unless China were coming. 

But Xi Xinping won’t be at the Globalists’ Feel-Good GretaFest in Glasgow this week figuring out how to put the rest of our freedoms asunder, because Xi and his CCP have already been there and done that in China!

Plus, he’s too busy building coal-fired power plants—though already owning 3,534 of the 5,615 in existence or under construction today, worldwide. (ibid, page 102)

“Communist China, in 2020, built over three times as much new coal power capacity as all other countries in the world combined — the equivalent of more than one large coal plant per week, according to a report released in April by Global Energy Monitor.”

But you won’t see any of the jet-setters, little Greta, or the sleazy prophet of doom, Al Gore, in Beijing!  Oh no!  In fact, the real polluter Xi will be like Voldemort—he shall not be named!

These feckless Hollywood pukes and Globalist suck-ups like my nation’s sit-in prez Joe Biden; Britain’s BoJo, and Down Under’s ScoMo wouldn’t dare call out the real polluter—Communist China—because most of them are on his payroll or subject to threats and blackmail.

My nation’s hack—nicknamed Beijing Biden in fact—took $1.5 billion in family bribes from Xi when he was Obama’s VP, now yielding 2% ($30 million a year) while he is Commander in Chief, which is unsettling to say the least not to mention the kompromat Xi has on Joe’s perverted drug addict son, Hunter Biden.

But Sleepy Joe will be in tow, in Glasgow to take part, though the U.S. only has 15 coal-fired power plants left and zero (0) under construction.

BoJo’s family sucked up millions from Xi’s Huawei project, which rigged up the instant death component for when it’s time to hit the UK’s vaxxed with 5G at 64 Ghz—and did so all through the Scamdemic while their victims—the British—were on involuntary imprisonment lockdowns.

These Government hacks and Globalists, including ScoMo in Australia and Jacinda in NZ, tried to kill us off with their manmade disease, their deadly ‘jabs’ (while claiming it was a ‘cure’)—but enough of ‘us’ are still alive to be a problem for them during their Great Reset.

They come on mega-yachts & private jets to tell us how the stuff of life—carbon—is killing us—also a huge lie        

And as their Scandemic fails, these reprobates will spend two wine and caviar-infused weeks in Glasgow, Scotland starting on Halloween (appropriate for this dress-up spookfest) to plot how to destroy our nations using the Climate Hoax as excuse, since the bug and jab didn’t do it.

This week the Greta-Fest audience will be told in somber tones “atmospheric carbon levels are 400 ppm!,” as they clutch their pearls.

I certainly hope atmospheric carbon dioxide goes back up, because when our species developed, atmospheric levels were 10X higher—also a FACT.

“Concentrations of CO2 in the atmosphere were as high as 4,000 ppm on a molar basis, during the Cambrian Period,” according even to Wikipedia.

Want more diversity?  Get more carbon dioxide in the air would seem to be the scientific answer.

National Geographic expounds on this. “The Cambrian Period, part of the Paleozoic era, produced the most intense burst of evolution ever known. 

“The Cambrian Explosion saw an incredible diversity of life emerge, including many major animal groups alive today.  Among them were the chordates, to which vertebrates (animals with backbones) such as human beings belong.”


While these pathetic liars are blaming the stuff that makes our food grow—carbon dioxide—for warming the planet, that is a scientific impossibility (my polite way of saying they’re lying again).

Back when they actually taught science instead of Marxism and racism in schools, these hacks could have learned that the heat retention capability of a molecule of carbon dioxide is only 0.0001 of a second.

Imagine .o4% of this cube being white marbles—Co2—they can’t touch each other to ‘retain atmospheric heat’—Each CO2 molecule will be equidistant—per Boyle’s Law

The atmospheric concentration of carbon dioxide—be it 400 ppm or many times that—does not allow saturation to get the molecules close enough to one another to share or retain heat at just 0.0001 of a second rate of retention, so that’s just another big, unscientific fib.

And even the Greenies’ own websites slip up and prove it’s a lie.

“In fact, carbon dioxide, which is blamed for climate warming, has only a volume share of 0.04 percent in the atmosphere.

“And of these 0.04 percent CO2, 95 percent come from natural sources, such as volcanoes or decomposition processes in nature. The human CO2 content in the air is thus only 0.0016 percent.”


Their whole schtick this next two weeks will be claiming that we—the hairy unwashed—cause 95% of the problem of ‘global warming’. 

That, by the way, is their reason for our ‘reduction’—using any means necessary—for something that isn’t even happening in our cooling world. 

The puppets put in power through rigged and illegal globally funded elections, however, will use this as excuse for their crimes against humanity, so it is important we dispel these dangerous fairy tales before the thugs sober up and get back home from their GretaFest in Glasgow. 

At their last Climate Hoax meet in Davos, Switzerland (January, 2020), 1,700 private jets carried these hypocrites to the party to preach to us about rising temperatures and waters—knowing both were proven lies and mark my words, they’ll do it again after Glasgow, so let’s be ready with facts.

The islands of The Maldives and Tuvalu got larger rather than going under—as they told us would happen in 2010—and NASA proved that global temperatures dropped two degrees, which was a record for the past century, in just two years between 2016-18.

We are actually now entering a cooling period according to the Milankovitch Cycles but irrespective of that—if ‘we’ are blamed for 95% of the CO2 which they falsely claim is driving ‘global warming’, then it would be impossible for temperatures to ever reverse track as they have, right?  That’s just basic logic.

Go to NASA’s website and milankovitch cycles are explained-

Temperatures could only go down if the 95% source—‘us’—is reducing greatly in numbers—or murdered by the Vanguard.

But we’re not—yet.  We’re still here—and global temps are dropping!

In fact, we are growing in numbers, even as hard as the Vanguard Globalists and our corrupt governments are trying to kill us with their manmade diseases, dangerous experimental drugs (flipped deadly by the CCP’s 5G) and stupid ‘climate’ policies that have nothing to do with reality.


They can’t lie anymore and have a single thinking person believe a word they say after this past two years.

I can’t think of one word that Joe Biden, Scott Morrison, Jacinda Ardern, Boris Johnson, Emmanuel Macron, Angela Merkel, or any leader of note except Vladimir Putin have uttered this year that wasn’t a lie.

Putin reminded these same over-educated yet illiterate Marxists just last week that there are only two sexes! 

Imagine that, when Russian president Vladimir Putin is more honest than any of the alleged ‘leaders’ of the not-so-free world.

Make sure everyone you know has the facts to dispel the drivel that will be flowing out of Glasgow on the hack Vanguard propaganda machines, a.k.a. Mainstream Media, next week. 

These so-called ‘leaders’ have proven themselves to be psychopathic killers, working for a cabal whose stated purpose is our ‘reduction’—a hoidy-toidy word for our genocide.

An Estimated 65,000 new invaders—all by the invitation of Beijing biden and the marxists—are coming to destroy the American economy and culture forever!

The fake takeaway of their summit has already been written—and put into a bill in my own Marxist-run nation (Climate Displaced Persons Act, being voted on now)—which is to give fake ‘Climate Refugees’ a special status and quick pathway to citizenship so they can vote Marxist.

That’s how I know what this Glasgow Lie Fest is really all about—as another estimated 65,000 jihadists, fentanyl mules, human traffickers and likely Marxist voters from all over the world are trekking through Mexico on the way to get these unearned goodies—making an estimated 1.2 million illegal invaders, just since Biden’s fraudulent inauguration in January.

These economic migrants and jihadists are unvetted, many of them diseased, many of them dangerous—yet Biden’s Bolsheviks have welcome buses, cash, hotels and free transportation to any city in America awaiting them at what was once my nation’s southern border!

And all these feckless ‘leaders’ will be pressured to take what the Great Reset Gang will call “their fair share” of this class of migrant that does not even exist, to help destroy each of our nations.

There is not even one ‘Climate Refugee’ on this planet today, though there are billions who wish to come and turn our nations into failed states like their own.

When such sick people as the Vanguard Globalists and their Marxists cohorts have been putting these things they intended to do to us in writing—for fifty years—and every move they’ve made ever since proves their intent to destroy and then control us, perhaps we should have believed them earlier.

But voting for any of them?  If you did—don’t tell anyone—but promise you’ll never, ever be so stupid again!

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