Steve Bannon—the voice of the Trump movement—attacked by thugs of Biden DOJ—after illegal FBI attack on Project Veritas and James O’Keefe just last week! Bolsheviks are now full Nazi!


I can see the genderless Bolsheviks dancing around President Trump’s White House, snorting ‘blow’, dressed in their panties whilst juking to Gloria Gaynor blasting hot in the background.

“We got ‘em!,” screams Biden’s Four-Star female Admiral, Rachel Levine, (who still has a penis—but Dems don’t do biology any more).

“We won’t have to worry about Project Veritas doing their video evidence reporting ‘thingy’ anymore either!  Hell no!  We sent the FBI to raid his house at 4 a.m. last week to take his stuff—and now we’ve grabbed Bannon!”

“That will let them all know what we think of honest reporting!,” screams Biden’s Assistant Press Secretary [is she wearing men’s boxers?  I thought this was strictly a panty party!].

And on it goes—while this is my imagination working overtime to stop the anger at what these fascist criminals have done to my Constitution, my Nation, and Bill of Rights—I’ll bet I’m not far off.

So meet Sleepy Joe Biden’s new four-star “female” Admiral, Rachel Levine—who played football with his ‘woke’ General Milley in high school when ‘it’ was a boy named Richard. 

Not sure this sailor was ever on a ship, but hers just came in!

Can’t make this stuff up.

These are the Dicks Biden put in charge to scare China!

And now they’re arresting any non-Vanguard cabal press, to silence it.

And apparently when Xi Xinping met with his underlying, Sleepy Joe Biden via Zoom on Monday, his lack of fear of these two Dicks was apparent. “You mess with Taiwan, Joey-San, and I break your fortune cookie!”, or something like that. My mandarin is a little rusty.


Bingo.  You just asked the $64,000 question and the one that will one day put the Democrat Stasi (a.k.a., FBI) and half the so-called Department of ‘Justice’ behind bars themselves.

They’ve been busted spying on President Trump—before he ever came into office—faking documents and evidence to spy on his campaign and staff using ‘foreign intelligence’ (FISA) warrants, lying to Congress on numerous occasions, and literally setting up the so-called ‘insurrection’ on January 6th of this year to try and impeach him—after he left office.

Corrupt doesn’t get it, folks. 

These are gangsters, thugs and pirates.  And they just raided the other most effective journalist in America, James O’Keefe, for doing real reporting—involving America’s protected class—the Vanguard Leftists seeking to destroy my home nation.

Keep in mind that James O’Keefe has Ashley Biden’s diary indicating ‘inappropriate’ showers with now President Joe Biden—her own father—and clear references to sexual conduct that should put him in prison, but James never published it.

In fact, this young man was more ethical than any Lamestream Vanguard Media reporter in American and turned it over to local legal authorities, probably thinking it could not be real—until the FBI came to tear down his door with a battering ram at 4:00 a.m. last week—to look for it.

The whole family is as perverted and twisted as Joe’s politics—but the MSM covers for them on Ashley’s diary just like they did on Hunter’s laptop

So now we know Ashley Biden’s diary is real, because others did publish it and Biden’s Gestapo wouldn’t have missed hot Krispy Kreme donuts just off the fryer at 4 a.m. to break into James O’Keefe’s place, if it was a fake.

Ashley asks herself if Creepy Joe molested her—it’s a yes

That’s the short of it. You can read the salacious pages for yourself from this little nymphomaniac’s diary at National File, cause this article is about the absolute destruction of civil rights under this unholy, unelected gang of pirates formerly known as the Democrat Party.

Kudos to Tea Party for ‘know thy enemy’ cheat sheet

It’s hard to stay positive when you see men you consider the most patriotic among your countrymen having their homes invaded and/or arrested where the only guilty parties are the FBI, the Marxists in Congress and Biden himself.

Biden is a pervert who molested his own daughter—among many other young girls—allegedly raped a few of his staff (does the name Tara Reade ring a bell) and is now sodomising my home nation. 

There are hundreds of these creepy shots in public—just imagine what he does with little girls and boys when no one is around to shame him!

I don’t want to get off track, but I also don’t want to get in trouble with Nurse Ratched. She might think I’m making all this up, so I’m including a small sampling from Creepy Uncle Joe’s scrapbook of pedophilia to make the point. 


No signature legislation, though once upon a time, he was the nation’s youngest Senator.

Nothing positive has ever come from him other than his stash of mansions and enormous wealth—starting as ‘Lunch Bucket Joe’ from Scranton, Pennsylvania, whose only claim to fame was having ridden a million miles on Amtrak as his street creds (though also a lie, we’ve learned).

We’ve detailed the family scams, bribes and selling of access schemes (including Ukraine, Russia and the Big $1.5 billion bribe from China that’s yielding $30 million a year in ‘fees’) so I won’t bore you with that either.


  1.  No president or party in American history has ever fallen out of favour so quickly as Joe Biden & his Marxists—now in freefall
  2. His party and the CCP stole the election for him and now the majority of Americans know it—which is why they had to take out Steve Bannon, whose ‘Warroom’ rams that home by publishing audit results every day on air
  3. The only others in America less popular than Biden are his Vice President Harris (28%) and the U.S. Congress (27%)
  4. Thanks to Trump, “GOP hopefuls have largest midterm election lead in 40 years, says ABC News poll” so he will clean house in 2022

And then the party can begin in earnest—going after these Obama skid marks who did this to America—but with Trump Republicans who support America First, not RINOS, cause we’re turning them all out to pasture as well next November.

Hint for future Bolsheviks:

Open Borders

Tax Increases

Feminising and Gutting of U.S. Military

Teaching CRT and gay culture to our children

Leaving Americans and weapons behind in foreign wars

Funding terrorism

Rampant pedophilia

Shutting down our Energy sector to make us dependent on Middle East

Legislating away our property rights (Green New Deal)

Sparking runaway inflation

Mandating deadly experimental drugs just to keep a job

Illegal lockdowns


These are not winning strategies, you arrogant jerks!

But attacking, arresting and trying to intimidate the two finest journalists in America in less than one week will come back to haunt you Bolsheviks who are still (temporarily) in office.

Resign now, and you may survive in some form or fashion—but not in public office.  You’re done after this.

Shutting down the real majority’s free press? That was your death rattle.

Weaponising the FBI to attack James O’Keefe and take out Project Veritas?  Are you crazy?

Arresting Steve Bannon?  What the Hell were you thinking?

So let me put you disgusting traitors on notice right now.

We’re coming for you, Bolsheviks!  And we’re bringing Hell with us!

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