Count Schellenberg in Austria, Angela Merkel in Germany, Boris Johnson in UK and Macron in France—mandating a rendezvous with death for their people by force! The U.S.? Australia? New Zealand? They’re hiding their numbers, but are as bad as EU

31,014 DEATHS IN JUST 27 EUROPEAN NATIONS, WITH 2,890,600 INJURIES FOLLOWING COVID SHOTS—AND NOW WE KNOW WHY (EudraVigilance data base as of November 28, 2021)

“These nanoscale structures can best be described as razor blades,” says Dr. Noack, Europe’s leading chemist/graphene expert in a video that appears to have cost him his life.

Dr. Andreas Noack—Europe’s leading carbon expert—explains how graphene hydroxide, found in all the leading Covid vaccines, is slicing veins and organs, causing internal bleeding that will eventually kill.

I found the video and story in these two places, and also in case youtube takes it down.

Was Dr. Noack murdered?  We don’t know and probably never will, but this video on nanoparticle razor-like structures in the covid vaccines was the last thing he did alive

“But I can say as a chemist that we are absolutely certain that graphene hydroxide is in there. These are nanoscale razor blades. Now they want to inject children with these nano-sized razors.”

A nanoparticle of graphene hydroxide is only one atom thick, yet can be fifty or more nanometers long and wide, depending on the structure—making it very much like a very, very sharp blade—as you can’t get an edge thinner than just one atom, so what he is saying makes sense.


If you got the jab, I’m sorry.  I’m dealing with it every day at home as well, but the question now is about our children and perhaps our species.

Are we going to let these pathetic puppet-tyrants of the Great Reset and Big Pharma ilk just kill us off—or are we going to stand up to them?

I wouldn’t trust my kid’s life to this creep, would you?

My home nation’s Pfizer salesman-in-Chief, Joe Biden—a known pedophile, if his own daughter is telling the truth—now wants to have babies injected with what Dr. Noack describes as nanoscale ‘razor blades’.

By the way, so do the Pfizer salesmen/tyrants here in Europe and Down Under.  All of these disgusting people forcing this experimental treatment on us are criminals, complicit in murder.

And keep in mind that this element—carbon—is the most durable if not indestructible thing on earth.  It is the stuff of diamonds and steel. 

If we let these Pharma gangsters and their tinhorns force it on our children, they will carry these sharp-edged instruments for the rest of their greatly shortened lives.

Watch the video and you decide.

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