And it has nothing to do with Russia! It’s all about distracting the world from Biden’s boss in Beijing and the CCP’s crimes!


Did you hear this on Lamestream Media?  Of course not, but Dem Marxists in America and even a few RINO war mongers are saying it out loud, which is beyond demented.

Biden and his Beijing-controlled Bolsheviks are picking up the Obama/Clinton plan from 2014 to start a nuclear war with Russia.

Why, you ask?

To destroy most of mankind as was their original ‘Club of Rome’ plan from 1971, but there is a new twist as all that was disrupted by the Disruptor, Donald J. Trump, winning the presidency instead of Clinton.

They planned in late 2014 for this war to be staged once Hillary was ensconced in the White House, but that wasn’t the end of the pain they had in store for ‘us’, oh no.

They plotted to provoke a nuclear conflict with Vladimir Putin, which was to be immediately followed by the release of a man-made disease patented and ready to infect (in 2015) and an even deadlier ‘vaccine’ designed to finish off most of the survivors of their nuclear holocaust.

Hello, Great Reset!  Feudalism’s Back!

Fortunately, even the algorithms and cheating in 2016 couldn’t overcome the Trump train—avoiding both nuclear war and ‘her’, though it is debatable which would have been worse

These are facts—now public—so do your own homework—or read our last post.


The Obama regime, of which Hillary was a key component, were all in on the Great Reset and reversion to Feudalism sponsored by their mentor, George Soros, and his Nazi pals running the Davos/Globalist/Vanguard schemes and scams to profit from all of this horror and death.

Had Donald Trump not won the 2016 election and taken over, we would now be living in the rubble of their nuclear war and in Poland, I’d be dead.

But they had to reverse the plan.  Rather than nukes—the virus was deployed (as excuse for mail-in ballot fraud to stop Trump’s re-election)—then nuclear war once Biden was implanted in the White House.

The virus was released in the fall of 2019, and plans executed to flood the zone with ‘mail-in ballots’ for the fraud using Wuhan flu as excuse, capped off with $450 million of ‘Marx’ Zuckerberg-funded vote-rigging ‘centres’ in major Marxist cities—to replace lawful local precinct ballot counts.

Even that almost failed—Trump broke their algorithm—but evidence is now clear that they only put the Biden fool in the White House by cheating—14 million more votes than voters, in fact—Trump’s actual margin.

On cue, the even more deadly ‘vaccine’ owned and patented by the U.S. Government’s NIAID and Moderna was deployed just days after the election. 

Doubt me on that ownership part? 

Take a listen for yourself.


The disease was funded by the United States NIH and NIAID, and created in concert with the Chinese Communist Party’s Bio-weapons lab in Wuhan, China—also a matter of public fact—after much lying by all concerned, especially the rodent elf who did it, Anthony Fauci.

The virus was deployed the month following the Gates Foundation/UN/World Economic Forum/John Hopkins plotting session in New York (Event 201, October 18, 2019)—using a disease and ‘vaccine’ ready to go years prior to both events—now also public information.

Bill Gates recently ‘forgot’ that his foundation was this event’s sponsor, now that the whole scheme and scam is falling apart and he’s been charged with murder for his part in killing thousands


Beijing Biden held a ‘summit’ by video (pictured below) with Vladimir Putin last week to establish the pretext for his nuclear war—the Ukraine ‘border’.

This is the puppet-fool—the plaything of the CCP and Globalists—who threw America’s border wide-open to every terrorist, drug-dealer, gang member, rapist, murderer and panhandler on the planet upon taking office—yet wants to send U.S. troops to the Ukraine Border and ‘nuke’ Russia.

Confident man, alone in his lair

Why not send U.S. troops to the U.S./Mexico border, you old fool, where a real invasion exists?
Answer?—Because that wouldn’t distract the world from Xi Xinping’s growing crisis back in Beijing (a.k.a., Bidenville)—but starting a nuclear war with Russia, certainly would.

Tucker Carlson asked the right question, “how in any way would starting a nuclear war with Russia benefit the American people?”

“How in any way would starting a nuclear war with Russia benefit the American people?,” asks Tucker Carlson of the Biden Regime.

Answer- It wouldn’t—but it will accomplish wonders for the CCP.

Not that the CCP infiltrated Lamestream Media would report these things anyway, but everyone would focus on the dropping of nukes in Joe’s War—timed as carefully as ‘variants’ of the Fauci virus are today—rather than:

  • Calls for boycotting Beijing Olympics due to CCP genocide of Christians. Falun Gong, and Uighurs
  • Collapse of Chinese economy and defaults on debt (Evergrande-$1.2 billion; Fantasia-$315 million; China Properties Group-$226 million; Modern Land-$250 million; Sinic Holdings-$250 million; Sunac, Poly Holdings and Sinic dropping in share value by as much as 87%)*
  • CCP’s ‘business’ of selling body parts and organs from live people
  • War mongering against Taiwan, Japan and Philippines
  • Food shortages, causing severe discontent amongst lao baixing
  • CCP as source of virus release (and its spread, worldwide)

* The majority of this money was provided by Wall Street bankers from pension funds of Americans—now lost. U.S. funding of CCP must stop!


“Thanks for the $1.5 billion for my son, uncle Xi—and anything I can ever do for you—remember, I’m your boy”

The only politician in America with lower popularity than Joe Biden is his hapless ‘woman of colour’ Vice-President, Kamala Harris.

They want to get their failing administration off the front page as much as they want to please their Masters of the Great Reset and CCP.

Dropping nukes would accomplish that while side-lining Russia,  temporarily keeping it—and America—too occupied to bother with Xi fulfilling his pledge to seize Taiwan and other disputed territories (as well as targeted nations rich in natural resources).

The CCP has even threatened resource-rich Australia with war, and with Biden’s nuclear distraction, Xi could probably get away with it.

We’ve warned of war with China since August of 2019 ( but never thought it would be between the U.S. and Russia to distract the world while the CCP got everything they couldn’t when Donald J. Trump was in charge with his America First policies—which actually protected and helped the world.

Nothing like this could have happened absent the Fauci-CCP virus to justify mail-in ballot fraud and Zuckerberg vote-switching centres in marxist strongholds!

How you ask did ‘America First’ help the world?  By halting China’s Communist Party from its rise to world dominance, that’s how. Trump was breaking them financially with his tariffs and restrictions.


If you doubt that the Marxists who literally overthrew my nation last year in conjunction with the CCP would think twice about killing millions just to distract the world, then you are pathetically naive or ill informed.

Marxist ideology is responsible for the murder, starvation and death of over 170 million, according to Economist Matt Kibbe.

“Vladimir Lenin and Joseph Stalin; 67 million people dead,” and when he adds in Beijing Biden’s hero, Mao and Kim Jong-il, just those tyrants are responsible for “100 million people killed by Socialism.”

Death is what Marxists thrive on—and it always, without exception—follows that ideology’s infestation of a nation, or in this case, the world.

Just this past two years, Global Marxists have deployed:

  1. Manmade viruses to kill us. 
  2. Experimental drug treatments forced on once free people—with a death and adverse reaction rate worse than the disease itself. 
  3. ‘Vaccine Passports’ like the Star of David used by their predecessors.
  4. Concentration camps for those defying their ‘experimental’ death jab.
  5. Harsh lockdowns outside of law, need, or scientific utility.
  6. Decimation of small businesses while their Vanguard giants thrived.
  7. Stolen elections, by conspiring with foreign spies and governments.
  8. Weaponisation of judiciary and police against the citizenry.

Do you really think killing a few million of us with nuclear bombs would bother them in the least when their written—yes, written—goal was to kill 85% ?

This was their plan, and it never changed, since put into words and printed in 1971 (Limits to Growth)

They pledged to use any means necessary to reduce our numbers, with the over-reaching myth of ‘Global Warming’ as excuse to take our property and euthanise us in the end—using control of all media to brainwash us into voluntarily accepting this rather than believing our own eyes, ears and experiences.

Yes.  That’s what their ‘Agenda 2030’ and ‘Green New Deals’ are all about—taking everything you own and then deciding who gets to live to serve them in their new Globalist Paradise.

Since all three deadly schemes are now failing—their man-made virus, their death jab, and Global Warming hoax (temps down by two degrees worldwide since 2016 according to NASA)—you can bet the ranch they’ll go with nukes—unless we rise up now and stop them.

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