Joe-boy’s had two brain aneurisms, pedophilia and rape accusations (in his own house!) Plus $1.5 billion in CCP bribes. You gotta go, mate. We’ve all had enough

Inflation hit 6.8% in my home nation last month.

This demented old fool and his Bolsheviks almost touched off a nuclear war with Putin over the border this month with his son, Hunter’s, old business associates in the Ukraine.

Crazy, right?

But I’ve got a lot more, so stay tuned.

Gas?  You know, the stuff that runs every tractor growing food, factories making everything we use, and the stuff that runs trucks carrying edibles and usables even to locked-down liberal cities run by Marxist nuts?

Up 58%—just since the Marxists stole America in January of 2021.

But what is the price of INTENTIONALLY destroying President Trump’s energy independence? Remember, just one year ago?  Priceless.

America was the largest producer and exporter of energy in the world.

Now, it’s been reduced by the Bolsheviks to begging OPEC to produce more and genuflecting at Daddy Xi’s feet to release his reserves.

It’s like watching a bad late movie where the weak kid squanders his vibrant father-leader’s legacy.

In just one year, Sleepy Joe and the Bolsheviks made meat prices jump 25% and utilities ran up the same amount here in the Northern Hemisphere’s coldest winter in years.

Yep!  Soros’s Little Re-Greta lied her ass off.  I’m freezing.  It was minus 13 this morning here in Poland, yet we were picking wild mushrooms as late as Christmas just a few years ago!

Now? We’re clearly in a planetary cooling period as always happens to our perfectly attuned planet.

You knew you were lying re-Greta when Soros paid your Antifa parents to make you do it, didn’t you?

I’m calling you out, little girl, as it’s snowed almost every day for a month (except four by my count) since late November, and I’m tired of it!

In less time than it takes to birth a baby (if they’re lucky enough to dodge abortion by the Marxists’ Planned Parenthood or Vanguard vax), this bastard, Joseph Biden, and his CCP handlers have ruined my people.

Lost your car with the financial woes inflicted by the Bolsheviks?

Sorry, but car rental prices are up by 37% and buying a Biden junker will cost you 31% more than one under Trump—in less than one year!

But hey…. we’ve got ideas for your new Feudalist Lords in Britain, Amerika and Europa.

Always here to help—this is our new design for a democrat /labor marxist ’green vehicle’ but we’ve been advised it must be drawn by a non-farting animal, so we’re still looking for propulsion

The Richardson Post is like the old British Empire—the sun never sets on us! 

While one is awake in Eastern Europe checking the pulse of Mother Earth, our Editor and the intrepid Nurse Ratched in the Far East get a rest, and we both find out what the Brits, Canucks and Yanks have done wrong overnight from our reporters in North America!

Unfortunately at present, all Western-Heritage nations are under siege, so we’ll wind this up early to keep the complainers off the chat room with some evidence that we are winning.

I think you’ll love this:

“Yeah, I agree,” says  Sleepy Joe, “let’s go Brandon.”

How does a regular guy like Jared Schmeck, get on line, unvetted, to troll the Creep-in-Chief?  And he’s so demented that he does not even get the joke that someone just memed, “F*ck Joe Biden?”

I agree, too, Joe.  “Let’s go Brandon.”

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