Vanguard gangsters have partnered with CCP criminals to humiliate mankind just as they did at Adolf Hitler’s 1936 Olympics


And guess who controls shares not owned by Alibaba’s founders?  Blackrock, Altab, Softbank and T. Rowe Price—all Vanguard companies.

“The events are a showcase in one of the most important markets for the Games’ biggest sponsors, including Intel Corp., Procter & Gamble Co., Coca-Cola Co. and Toyota Motor Corp.

“Not all disclose how much annual revenue they generate in China, but Bloomberg data and analysis by Strategy Risks, a U.S. firm that measures corporate exposure to China, suggest that 10 of the 12 top overseas sponsors combine to bring in $110 billion a year there.”

And what media detritus would stoop so low as to showcase the CCP gangsters, who are murdering Uyghurs, Catholics and Protestants every day and selling human organs harvested from live people? 

“NBCUniversal-owned networks, such NBC Sports, will also be airing coverage, both live and tape-delayed,” according to their website.

And who one might ask, owns NBCUniversal?  The answer is Comcast, but who owns Comcast?  The Vanguard gangsters—just like they own or control all the other Big Media jabberwockies.

All Vanguard companies should be boycotted, starting with these


That’s the $110 billion question, now isn’t it?

These bastards invented a disease (in Wuhan, with US-Fauci bucks), released and spread it around the world to ‘depopulate’ (a.k.a., murder) and maim us while their Vanguard partners were ready with a fake ‘vaccine’ (patented since 2015) to sell hundreds of billion of jabs—yes, Vanguard owns them all—Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Gilead, J & J, etc.

And get this—their latest bioweapon, a viral hemorrhagic fever (oddly enough, also found in bats and a member of the deadly ebola family studied in Wuhan)—now has over 65 million lao baixing (China’s ‘deplorables’) locked in their homes starving to death with no care or food allowed them.

You aren’t hearing that on NBC—or any other Vanguard-owned media—now are you?  But it is true, as covered by British journalist Ben Harnwell (@Harnwell on

The lockdowns started in Xi’an, a city of 13 million, located in Central China—but the disease has now spread all the way to Tianjin, just an hour from where the genocide games will begin in less than three weeks. 

Japanese protesters in Tokyo on October 2, 2021 calling for boycott of Vanguard-sponsored, CCP genocide games in 2022

So why are these feckless leaders not stopping the money and their nation’s athletes from helping the CCP ‘sportwash’ their crimes?

The disgusting Marxist worm, Justin Trudeau, just got back two of his citizens held hostage by the CCP for over 1,000 days—yet he’s all in, sending Canadians to fetch home a few medals—and Xi’s new bug.

BoJo—the lockdown party animal, whom Nigel Farage linked family and all not only to Huawei, but the CCP—is merrily sending off Britain’s boys and girls to bring home Xi’s latest disease as well.

And Beijing Biden—well, I guess his nickname says it all—is up for genocide and anything ‘China’ as long as the “Big Guy” 50% cut of his boy Hunter’s 2% ‘management fee’ on the $1.5 billion China bribe keeps coming in each year.  A $30 million a year ‘gift’ makes it hard for Joe to say ‘no’.

But as strictly a defensive measure, Sleepy Joe’s declared he is not going to send his State Department boys and girls to get humiliated again by Xi’s Olympic level negotiators as they were in Alaska back in March of 2021!

I mean to tell you it was brutal.  It was like putting the Bad News Bears up against the New York Yankees in the World Series.

Biden’s pathetic putzes were minor leaguers and it showed.

Score?  Beijing communists: 47; Biden Marxists: 0

“Chinese diplomat Yang Jiechi lectured [Secretary of State] Blinken and White House national security adviser Jake Sullivan on what he said was US hypocrisy.”


Xi Xinping knows that the West has lost its mojo. 

Hell, it was Chinese money that bought off our universities, leaders, industries and financial mavens who used our pension funds to build them into the huge autocracy they are today—$14 trillion just from America.

The CCP has fixed elections with their Dominion machines and Xi’s ideological soul mate-traitors in each of our nations to prevent strong men and women from getting—or staying—in power.

But it’s got to occur even to these idiots that bringing home this newest bioweapon—which makes people bleed out of every orifice of their body and internally with sores and bruising all over—will not go over very well.

And think what this will do to the Covid ‘vaccinated’ with graphene hydroxide already damaging their blood vessels and organs!

You thought the Wuhan flu was bad?  And this is before she starts bleeding out of her eyes, ears and everywhere else

A real leader—like one I think we’re all beginning to miss—would have shut down travel to and from China already given the clear and present danger this newest bioweapon presents—and taken action to contain it.

All the weaklings now inhabiting our houses of power need to do is cite this dangerous new bioweapon, and keep their money and athletes home.

The benefits will be incredible:

  •  Xi and Gang get humiliated in front of the whole world, rather than getting a publicity boost (like Hitler did with the Olympics in 1936)
  •  Vanguard crooks and their companies lose billions
  •  The CCP loses billions
  •  NBC’s ratings continue to whoosh down the gurgler
  •  The latest plague is delayed giving us time to figure out how to defeat it

Lacking in courage, they can take the easy way out, but they must do this for all the reasons given.

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