Biden crime family gets 2% of $1.5 billion ($30 million a year)—just one bribe from the CCP—among several. How much was your leader paid to send your athletes to mule home the new bug?


Joe Biden’s family took a $1.5 Billion bribe with a 2% per annum ‘fee’ to do the bidding of the Chinese Communist Party while he was Obama’s houseboy—among other ‘gifts’ in the millions—still paying out today.

So far, the CCP has covered up Hunter Biden’s sex crimes they have on tape—not that it matters anymore, because the brain-dead crackhead left his incriminating evidence on two different laptops—both now in public hands.

One, because he forgot to pick it up at a repair shop in Delaware thereby forfeiting it under the contract, while the other was taken by gangsters in a drug-infused sex orgy with hookers and Russians in Vegas.

This particular $1.5 billion bribe to Joe and the Biden Crime Family may have been the most successful in world history.  The Communist Chinese now own the U.S. president—and his party—the Marxist Democrats.

And Beijing Biden toes the line for his boss in Beijing as do his cohorts, even with this dangerous hemorrhagic fever—seemingly from another lab ‘leak’ (75 million Chinese are on lockdown already).

How far is this deadly Ebola/Covid combination from the Beijing Olympic venue today you ask, just days before the games begin?

It’s already trekked the Silk Road cities from Xi’an in the Shaanxi province, to the outskirts of Beijing itself, even shutting down China’s largest port in Tianjin, which will have untold consequences for sure.


‘Ebola-like hemorrhagic fever virus’ now spreading in China—(Dr. Robert Malone) –

No decent official would send his top athletes or anyone else under his purview into Communist China to the largest super spreader event in history, where an Ebola-type Covid mixed pathogen is raging out of control, unless bribed, threatened with blackmail—or both.

What is even stranger is that this new killer is also found in bats like the lab-grown Covid-19 from Wuhan—and just happens to be another strain of deadly ‘gain-of-function’ research going on in the Fauci-funded death labs confusing even the world’s top experts, like mRNA’s inventor, Dr. Malone.

“They are using language that this is a hemorrhagic fever virus. If that’s the case then it would be very odd that this would be something caused by the Coronavirus,” Dr. Malone explained. “That terminology is usually used for viruses in the family of Ebola.”


You’re clearly bought off by the jab-makers like my prez, going to such extra lengths to put poison in your people’s bodies—but why import this deadly killer too, when your own children may very well die from it as well?

I really don’t get it. 

There isn’t a Door #1 (saline solution), #2 (semi-deadly) and #3 (very deadly) shot for this one like the Pfizer and Moderna jabs, boys, so you’re putting your own and yourself in the crosshairs doing this bit of dirty business for Daddy Xi just so his Vanguard-sponsored Olympics can give him a much-needed Hitler-style publicity win.

And if you don’t know about that factor in the Covid jabs (#1, #2, #3), you might want to pay attention to this story from the mRNA inventor himself, Dr. Robert Malone.

He is obviously not an anti-vax guy, having spent his entire career working on them—and he took the Covid jab—twice.

“The first shot was fine,” he says, “No issues.”

Go to “how bad is my batch” and see which shot you got like Dr. Malone here did after getting his second jab and almost meeting Jesus

“The second shot almost did me in. As in I almost died.”

Here is the website:

Incredibly—at least for now—one can match up their ‘batch’ with the VAERS system where deaths and adverse reactions are reported, and check out how many people died and were harmed from each batch—by number.

Here are Dr. Malone’s own words as to what happened:

According to the website above, the data reported in VAERS, reproduced on the site, show that adverse events triggered by Moderna batches have varied widely.

5% of the batches appear to have produced 90% of the adverse reactions

Some Moderna batches are associated with 50 x the number of deaths and disabilities compared to other batches.

With that knowledge, I entered my batch code in the search box.

The first injection had almost no significant adverse events associated with it. The second jab, frankly shocked me.

Here are the results:

Now, I don’t know how many doses are in each batch. But I do know my batch was most definitely in the top 5%. So, not really a surprise in retrospect that I had such a serious adverse event profile. (From Dr. Malone’s substack, “How Bad is my Batch: The story of my vaccine injury”)


These jab-makers and their political enablers have knowingly given three different ‘jabs’ in random sequence, while recommending we get an endless number of them, seemingly just to increase our odds of getting the ‘kill shot’ eventually.   That’s my theory at any rate.

And why would you trust the bastards who demanded these jabs to send your young athletes to bring home Xi’s next killer bug?

The Door #1, #2, #3 strategy was brilliant in an evil sort of way.  It spread out the deaths—and chances of getting caught—as they collect the bodies on lockdown without allowing funerals while making untold billions in the process.


It’s like getting paid to kill for the Great Reset’s ‘depopulation’ agenda as a private assassin, while getting to play dictator without consequence.

Perhaps I have an edge on some, as my surgeon here in Poland was the doctor who went to the Military Games in Wuhan October 18-27, 2019, with the Polish athletes—and the team seemed to return home with more than a just a few medals. 

He was sick within days—as was his hospital staff, wife, and relatives—with one dying.

Timing would indicate that like many other teams, the athletes brought Covid-19 back home from Wuhan as the first infected.   Hospitals actually had to close it spread so fast through the Warsaw medical community just days after their return.

For the world to send their young athletes to pick up the CCP’s next bug is beyond stupid.  It borders on criminal.  Fool me once….


On the Fauci/CCP Covid bug, Pfizer, Moderna and the other gangsters got paid top taxpayer dollar for version #1 (salt water), then had version #2 that destroyed the immune system over time, and ultimately the kill shot #3, with the full monty in it—graphene hydroxide, mercury, aluminium and all the items proven in the spectrographic studies.

We’ve reported on that for months, so I won’t bore our regular readers with that intel, but you can catch up here.

These are the shots where people drop dead or have a severe adverse reaction within days—and now we have the data to prove it, thanks to Dr. Malone.

Like the good doctor—roughly one-third got lucky on jab #1, and lived a normal vax-free life as purebloods.

But number two, three—now four?  Someday your luck will run out, Mate.

Eventually, you’re going to get #3 with one of these never ending jabs and go all wobbly.

And we have no intel that they’ve prepared for this next killer like they did the last (such as patenting the bug, test kits and ‘vaccines’ in 2015 for a 2019 ‘outbreak’).

We may be on our own—so keep your therapeutics handy.  The little flagella in the picture above looks very much like the parasites I’ve used Ivermectin to kill for many years—and an article from 2020 seems to have had the same thought.

But we need to do a few things first:

—Vote every single corrupt leader out of office who sends Olympic teams to the Genocide Games in Beijing and anyone in his or her political party.

—Put people in their place who focus on therapeutics, air and sunshine instead of killer drugs from Big Pharma. And one more thing to remember—freedom is the best of cures.

—Strip the corrupt medical boards and other monopolies (like the Bar Association) of any power over their professions. That’s government’s job.

—Never, ever allow ‘Globalist’ politicians to take away our rights again, no matter how dire their manufactured emergency may seem to be.


We almost lost it all on their Covid Crimes—and yes I know it was deadly for many like flus have always been—but it would not have been so bad if we’d gotten the truth, never been locked down and masked, and been allowed to try trusted therapeutics we now know could have saved us—as the non-Pharma heroes and professionals like Dr. Malone tried to tell us.

Let’s get that part all sorted out at Nuremberg 2.0—before we hang them this time—and keep the court ready for when the next New World Order tries to subjugate us with some other hoax.

Howell Woltz 
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