The highest officer under Anglo-American jurisprudence and history is the elected sheriff of any county, parish or shire


There is no official higher in Anglo-American jurisprudence and its history than an elected sheriff in his or her own district, and people are finally waking up to it after watching our ‘leaders’ attempt to destroy us and our rights.

Be it criminal mandates issued by Dan Andrews in Victoria, Australia; the CCP hand-puppet, Joe Biden in Washington, DC; BoJo in London; or Nancy Pelosi’s nephew in California tossing out orders like Jean-Claude Duvalier in Haiti did centimes at Christmas-time—all the Sheriff has to say is ‘No’, if it is illegal—and refuse to enforce it.

The Sheriff’s #1 job is to protect his district’s citizens from unlawful attack by local, State or Federal authorities acting outside their powers.  That’s it—whether in America, Australia, New Zealand or Canada.

Just have your Sheriff say “No” to the tyrants, and it’s over.

He or she can nab a few drug dealers from time to time—also in protection of their people—but their actual job is to protect their constituents from overreach by other authorities (including the power to arrest them) and to ensure fair trials in their county, parish or shire’s courts.

And it’s high time we get back to that—as well as the common law courts where charges are brought by the Sheriff rather than a hired gun “public” prosecutor, and juries are chosen from his or her list of honest, dependable citizens. 

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The position of ‘public prosecutor’ did not exist in America until the 1830s when mayors of large cities realised the raw power of being able to politicise the courts against their opponents—as is now the rule.

Former Arizona sheriff, Richard Mack, founder, is reminding his fellow sheriffs and citizens that they have the power

Same with the ultra-corrupt ‘Department of Justice’—not found in the Constitution—but created by Ulysses S. Grant and his cohorts while the South was not allowed to vote following the Civil War, making it unlawful, as those States were part of the original bargain.

To say the DOJ has been ‘politicised’ is actually a gross understatement.  It has actually been weaponised against patriotic Americans and most of my fellow citizens now see this clearly.


Tommy Robinson was arrested and ultimately imprisoned by the Queen’s Court for simply asking a Muslim gang member how he felt after being convicted for raping British children.

Law-abiding Americans wandering outside their own Capitol were caught up in an FBI-plotted takedown of Donald Trump and are being accused of being ‘terrorists’—as are parents for simply speaking out against Marxism at local School Board meetings.

Think it’s a joke?  Ask Boris Johnson and the pharma criminals.  The ICC in the Hague which just indicted them is a common law court.  Got it?  The rule of law by the people, is being re-established worldwide, whether the tyrants like it or not

It is quite clear that our cabal-run ‘prosecutions’ and courts are garbage.

In fact, that might give garbage a bad name as refuse can be re-cycled into something useful, but such corruption cannot ever be adequately reformed after their indecent and immoral restructuring as tools of tyranny.

They have simply run their course as courtesans and slaves to the Vanguard and need to be euthanised at the earliest possible opportunity.

These tyrannical bodies then need to be replaced by common law courts, run by We the People—under the care and control of our locally elected Sheriff—as was meant to be.

A longstanding Common Law tribunal, The International Common Law Court of Justice, successfully seized so-called ‘vaccines’ using their Common Law Court warrants just last week in several nations.

Used to shut down ‘vaccine’ depots in 11 cities last week

The historical legitimacy of Common Law courts is beyond question, but the acceptance of their verdicts by the established Bar and government-run judicial cartels and commercial courts, I expected to be a problem.

Frankly, I did not think this would work—but I was wrong.

“Police in Canada, Switzerland, New Zealand, and the Netherlands have joined with ICLCJ Sheriffs to seize the outlawed COVID ‘vaccines’, and arrest convicted criminals.

“Using the January 19 Arrest and Confiscation Warrants issued by the ICLCJ, groups of police, ex-military, and sworn Sheriffs have closed pharmacies and ‘vaccine’ depots in eleven cities this past week.”

But we have a huge obstacle in our way, and it must be removed before our courts can return to law and justice.

This is the enabling organisation behind most of the corruption


Control of our court system by the same Bar Association monopolies responsible for destroying them—must come to an end now.

Sold to the public as ‘self-policing’ professional organisations, they are actually nothing more than a protection racket for the attorneys.  Try and get an attorney disbarred and you’ll see for yourself.

In my youth, judges were chosen from among We the People with no requirement of having a monopoly-issued Bar card as a pre-requisite and the system functioned extremely well until that ended in 1979. 

The Bar Association coerced the legislature to go as far as outlawing any citizen who is not a member of their junta from even discussing the peoples’ law in my home state of North Carolina.

The Bar now chooses what is taught—and not taught—in law schools, which must be certified by their Bar Association, or closed.

With common law courts run by juries and trusted local judges acting as referee rather than ruler, justice can return to our nations, but that can’t happen until the monopolies controlling our law and courts are broken.


When the local Sheriffs and constables—along with some former military and police—joined and aided in the seizure of the ‘vaccines’ in Canada, Switzerland, New Zealand, and the Netherlands last week, this was a turning point.

That authority is historically theirs without question, and they just proved it, using the Common Law Court warrants to seize the poisonous jabs paid for by corrupt federal officials using the peoples’ money—now proven to have killed so many.

Yes. The EU’s latest EudraVigilance database proves it, as well as data forced from the U.S. VAERS database showing over 1 million deaths and injuries following Covid ‘vaccine’.

They were hell bent on killing more people in England until a warrant from another Common Law court in The Hague (the ICC) appeared last week for the arrest of Prime Minister Boris Johnson, his Health Minister, and the heads of the Vanguard poison makers (Pfizer, AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson—all owned by Vanguard).

But when MI6 warned #10 Downing that deputised ‘Sheriffs’ had landed with warrants, a hasty Cabinet meeting was called by the Prime Minister, followed by announcements in Parliament that same day cancelling all mandates and restrictions!

Literally overnight—it stopped—thanks only to Common Law Courts doing the job the commercial Bar-monopoly tribunals refuse to do.

These Common Law Courts and local Constables stopped them in their tracks for what has rightly been deemed a ‘genocide’, and has put the fear of God and We the People into the rest of the tyrant class.

Now it’s time to follow through and make that happen, so here we go.


If Harry or Nurse Ratched had suggested I write an article about returning to Common Law Courts just a week ago, I’d have laughed—not because it isn’t historically the right thing to do—I would have said it was a complete waste of time and digital ink.

But then I watched two separate common law courts—The International Criminal Court in The Netherlands and The International Common Law Court of Justice based in Canada—shut down criminal organisations and gangsters of government well beyond their borders.

They even got the local Constables and Sheriffs to serve warrants and seize Vanguard’s poison jabs as well as shuttering public and private vax stations, on order of the Common Law Courts.

Having written books on this topic and worked on over 400 federal criminal cases in the most corrupt system in the world (yes, my homeland wins that prize) it was beyond shocking to me—but exhilarating.

This week, I lodged a Complaint with the Constitutional Ombudsman in Poland, Min. Bartlomiej Wroblewski, calling for him to stop this mandate that all police, military, medical personnel and first responders get the vaccine by March 1st or lose their jobs and licences.

This expressly violates the Polish Constitution Articles (38, 39, 40) prohibiting such forced medical procedures absent informed consent, as well as Article 32 forbidding such apartheid-style applications of law against one group rather than applying equally to all.

If the Ombudsman fails to stop this unlawful act by the present government, a criminal referral will be made against the Minister of Health, Adam Niedzielski, who proposed the law, from members of the military and medical profession being affected, harmed or killed by it.

It will be sent to a Common Law Court of which Poland has previously agreed to its jurisdiction on criminal matters.

I’m putting this to the acid test which is unlikely to be appreciated by those in power, but it is they who are breaking the law, not me. 

As our readers know, I’ve been very complimentary and supportive of this nation and its leaders—but genocide is genocide—and will not be tolerated.

By allowing tyranny and lawlessness to emerge once more on this bloodied ground, Poland’s flirtation with freedom will be brief, so it must be crushed in its infancy.

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