One working parent could support the family in my youth—and by paying one to educate, it is possible to return to that model


The silver lining to the pandemic – at least in Woketopia (a.k.a. The United States) – was parents getting a look at what the Marxist Teachers Unions were doing to their children most waking hours of the day.

As the test scores in recent years have proven, they are not teaching maths, history, reading and writing – as has been their historical task and the actual purpose of what is known as ‘public education’ in America.

They are teaching crap including a version of their own nation’s history designed to make them despise it, that gender is ‘fluid’ rather than biological and a horrid form of racism known as Critical Race Theory.

The results are in and they are shameful.

“U.S. now ranks near the bottom among 35 industrialized nations in math,” according to the prestigious Hechinger Report

Apparently, teaching that 2 + 2 can equal 5 if you really want it to has not been helpful. Teaching a perverted version of American history and that your identity is nothing more than a function of your skin colour has done permanent damage – and don’t even get me started on ‘transgender story hour’.

We had no idea what these Marxist unions had done to American education until we saw on-line classes and what they were actually teaching during the pandemic


The amount of dollars being squandered to destroy our young people and nations is simply staggering.

In 2019, New York spent $25,139 per pupil. The District of Columbia wasted $22,406 per kid in its single urban district and Connecticut came in at $21,310, with New Jersey following closely at $20,512 per pupil.

The more rural state of Vermont – home of Marxist Senator and two-time presidential candidate, Bernie Sanders – spent $20,315 per kid in fiscal 2019.

The headline with this photo, “largest teachers union says critical race theory is ‘reasonable and appropriate’ for kids”


In 1981, the Air-Traffic Controllers Association (PATCO) called a strike.  Then-President, Ronald Reagan, gave them 48 hours to return to work or be fired.

The union boss, Robert Poli, thought it was a bluff – as his union had supported Reagan – but then 11,359 controllers were terminated and banned by the FAA from being re-hired – and yes, there were delays for some time – but it has never happened again.

The union was ultimately de-certified by the Federal Labor Relations Authority.

Teachers across America are refusing to return to work – even after receiving roughly $1.2 billion three months ago for that purpose – and more recently up to $2.6 billion for the heavily Marxist-leaning States that stayed closed with unconstitutional mandates and restrictions.

So, give the Redshirts 48 hours to be back on the job or gone for good like Reagan did, and hope they think the governors and real leaders are joking.

As soon as the King returns and Congress is out from under CCP control, we make that a priority to decertify the AFT (American Federation of Teachers) and NEA (National Education Association) – both finding their roots in the American Communist movement.

Time to take our most sacred duty back from these Marxists

“For at least a century, the NEA, founded in 1857 as a professional association, has barely bothered to conceal its leadership’s affinity for communism, collectivism, socialism, humanism, globalism, and other dangerous “isms” that threaten individual liberty.

“Nor has the union shied away from vitriolic attacks on the United States, the free-market system, Christianity, the family, or educational freedom.”

We’re paying these radicals to destroy our nations – but there is a smart alternative.


The median income in America in 2019 averaged $67,590 according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

Imagine if that $20,000+ per student went to the family to choose their child’s education instead of the Redshirt Marxists in the picture above?  Private schools would jump at this tuition, or how about this?

A family with three kids in the District of Columbia could equal the median household income just by homeschooling their own children.

Don’t want to homeschool, fine, though it may have been the most rewarding thing I ever did personally.  My son was a disaster in public school, so I pulled him out – still working full-time – and took him with me.

When I went to India to teach a class at Bapuji Institute, he was in the next seat learning – and saw the majesty of that country from Madras and Mumbai to the peaks of the Himalayas where we visited holy sites. 

The next year, a consulting gig took me all over the nation and my son was in the seat beside me.  We had experiences unimaginable to any of his pals sitting in public school and an unparalleled bonding experience.

When I put him back in school two years later, he ended up top two in each of them through college and graduate school, because he had learned to teach himself, rather than expecting someone else to do it for him.

That was in the 1990s when homeschooling was rare, but good course studies were available even then. 

The money currently being wasted on union-run schools can make it possible for a parent to stay at home if paid to the family to choose where and how their children are educated

Today, complete online courses and curricula can be easily found – and groups of parents are starting their own neighbourhood schools using their homes for the classes – and saving money while protecting their children from sick Marxist ideologies.

My nation’s greatest minds and leaders were educated in their neighbourhood school—and we can update this idea for today


Hillsdale College is perhaps the leader in non-Marxist education today.  Their secret to maintaining high academic standards since their founding in 1844, was to refuse public funding to prevent governmental tampering.

The Barney Charter School initiative is also now available for parents, K-12, from Hillsdale College

Hillsdale designed its Barney Charter School curriculum for K-12, with online learning capabilities, and the same integrity and adherence to sound learning principles.  I take their online college courses from Poland.

The secret – I found – is finding the child’s natural curiosity and making that the focus of all aspects.

My son loved airplanes, so we studied Bernoulli’s principle of lift which allows planes to fly but ended up studying complex mathematics and physics – because it was about airplanes in his mind.

We have a god-given natural curiosity to learn about the world around us.  It was not until the 1850s in America that the concept of public education took root and guess what?  The literacy rate has never recovered.

The start was difficult until I realised this secret—make it about what they want to learn and they’ll take it from there!

Through home and community learning, buttressed with apprenticing, American children were more literate  before mandatory public education than they are today. It’s time to take this back from the Marxists.

My nation’s short affair with Marxism under the Biden Bolsheviks has cured most Americans from that disease

As soon as sanity is restored in my home nation (after the elections this fall) removing the hammer and sickle from American education will be a major topic as we saw in my home state of Virginia’s recent gubernatorial race.

The public revolted against the Teachers Unions – and won. 

Critical Race Theory in all its disguises has already been banned by the new Governor, radical School Boards are under investigation by the new Attorney General and parents are taking control of their local schools from the Marxists in every county and district.

During this ‘pandemic’, “We have met the enemy” to quote Pogo, and it is the treacherous Marxist Teachers Unions.  The cure is to give the money to the families and let them decide which educational path is best for them – and watch the public schools either improve – or die.

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