Canadian pm is in hiding, Justina Trudeau, calls the 36,000 truckers and millions supporting them along the way, “a fringe group with unacceptable ideas’—like ‘free-dom’, Justina?


This simple act of defiance started out rather quietly in Canada—as Canadians tend to be—but quickly spread to Italy, Holland, Brazil, America and now Australia.  Truckers are joining worldwide as I write.

The beta-male soiling his trousers right now (in hiding, no less)—Prime Minister Justina Trudeau—called this peaceful exercise a “violent and hateful protest” while referring to them as “racists” and “rioters,” apparently missing the fact that the lead driver as they pulled into Ottawa was a Punjabi, according to those filming it.

In contrast, the not-in-hiding Chief of Ottawa Police, Peter M. Sloly— who was on the ground there—had a quite different story from Justina’s.

“None of that has occurred over the last four days. Let me repeat.

No injuries, no deaths, no riots in the last four days in the nation’s capital, even though we have a global cause, national protest.”

So Justina—may I call you ‘Jussie’?—I think I will since you’re a proven liar making up hate crimes—I’ve got a question for you….

“You’ve had two jabs and a booster, right Jussie, but claim you’re in hiding now because you have Covid, right?

“So I’ll be blunt, Jussie.  You’re (at least for the moment) living proof that this experimental drug absolutely, without a hint of a doubt, does not work—yet you’re mandating that these truckers, who are clearly far smarter than you—must take the poison, or not feed their families?” 

By the way, who’s the ‘racist’, Jussie?  I’ve got pictures of you dressed up like a muzzie, a Hindu, a gay cavalier, and a cross-dressing brown singer, so let’s hold off on the racist talk— until your trial


For a Klaus Schwab, One World grifter—oh, you didn’t know that?  Yes—‘Jussie’ was a student at Klaus’s Young Global Leader indoctrination camp along with several of the world’s other worst leaders and sellouts.

You think it’s an accident that our western heritage is on the brink—and the W.E.F. Global launch of feudalism 2.0 is imminent?


First, they will infiltrate the Trucker’s Movement with false flags and ‘plants’ like the FBI and DOJ did in Washington, DC, January 6th, 2020 in an attempt to frame Donald Trump and his patriots, like Ray Epps.

The only one on the street with a mask also had a southern flag and was told by the truckers and crowd to leave (

In fact, they already have, so warn the movements coming to your nation that the anti-freedom Globalists will use the same tricks.

WATCH: Canadian trucker convoy protesters confront masked man with Confederate flag, tell him to leave (

“He was quickly pointed out and told to leave.”

Odd, no?  The man photographing the masked flag carrier was none other than Trudeau’s photographer—like Ray Epps in DC


Canadians will begin seeing empty shelves soon—but they’re a hardy, self-reliant bunch, plus they’re really upset—so I predict they will not give up or give in to the tyrant, ‘Jussie’, until the mandates are removed. 

By Day 7, freedom or tyranny will likely win—in my opinion. 

Prime Minister ‘Jussie’ Trudeau will either cave—knowing he’s done—or the Pharma bribes will be raised to a point that he’ll go full Nazi on his own people to get that last couple of million or so in his offshore accounts—but I don’t think that will work either as you’ll read ahead—newsflash coming.

The Canadian Armed Forces have a long and noble heritage that has not included killing their own at home.  I don’t see them siding with ‘Jussie’ nor would I think the Royal Canadian Police might unless ordered by the Queen herself.

And word is Elizabeth Windsor has her own problems—including an investigation into her part in Canadian crimes years ago, where she authorised —as head of the Church of England—tribal children to be used in deadly medical experiments at Anglican hospitals for GlaxoSmithKline and Pfizer—both of which have her and the Royal Family as substantial shareholders.

The affected tribes have set up their own Common Law courts (yep, there it is again) but it is highly unlikely that their warrants or conviction will see the Queen brought to justice, regardless of her guilt or innocence.


‘There are nearly 100,000 excess deaths happening per month in the USA right now, according to life insurance companies that are sounding the alarm over what Dr. Robert Malone calls a “mass casualty event” that’s unfolding due to covid vaccines.’

You may want to read that a second time—a mass casualty event—per the scientist who invented and holds the patents on mRNA technology—and over 100,000 excess deaths over the five year norm are occurring right now, every month.

And it gets much, much worse:

Dutch insurer Aegon, which does two-thirds of its business in the United States, said its claims in the Americas in the third quarter were $111 million, up from $31 million a year earlier. 

As a former insurance company owner, I’m telling you that if life insurance payouts skyrocketed 258% over the past year….we’d have been considering bankruptcy (H. Woltz).

Dr. Malone getting his vax, of which he said, ‘the second shot almost did me in. As in I almost died.’ (“how bad is my batch”)

When deaths spike across the board—all ages, and there is only one variable—a forced, deadly medical experiment, pushed by Global Pharma and the W.E.F., then I’m telling you our world is about to explode in anger when people understand that those same parties just killed our grandparents, our mothers, our fathers, our friends and even our children.

And they did it knowingly, with intent.

The damn shots don’t work—as ‘Jussie’ Trudeau is proving—and the most vaccinated nation on the planet (Israel, at 96.2%) “is now leading the world in Covid cases per capita.”  Got that?

“This proves that the vaccine has the opposite effect that we were promised in the name of science. In fact, the more a country vaccinates its people, the higher covid cases rise.

“That’s because, of course, the vaccine is the pandemic.”


In this amazing article, “How Bad is my batch”, Dr. Malone tracks down his own two jabs by number and found a shock.  The first one was from Moderna with almost no adverse events or deaths—apparently nothing more than a placebo or saline solution.  He got lucky.

The second jab, however, was one of their ‘kill’ shots, and he’s convinced had he not been in his own doctor’s office, he would be dead.

Here’s how to check your ‘batch’ if you’re vaxxed, from his article:

This site matches up vaccine batch codes with information from the VAERS system, which is the event reporting system run by the CDC. This site matches the vaccine batches to adverse drug reactions, death, disability and life threatening illnesses from the VAERS system

According to the website above, the data reported in VAERS, reproduced on the site, show that adverse events triggered by Moderna batches have varied widely.

  • 5% of the batches appear to have produced 90% of the adverse reactions
  • Some Moderna batches are associated with 50 x the number of deaths and disabilities compared to other batches.

With that knowledge, I entered my batch code in the search box. The first injection had almost no significant adverse events associated with it. The second jab, frankly shocked me

Here are the results:


More than one ‘variety’ of the shots are being given—and all the vax companies (owned by the same Vanguard/W.E.F. investors) are staging them to keep down the deaths, until more are given—as ‘boosters’.

Keep getting ‘boosters’ and you will eventually get a ‘kill’ shot like the one intended for the good doctor, Robert M. Malone—mRNA’s inventor, and now it’s greatest critic—when mistakenly used as a ‘vaccine’ which was never his purpose or intent.

Stop now, however, and get the new omicron ‘variant’ sweeping through the world to rebuild your immune system—even if you’ve been jabbed—and you’re probably going to be OK.  You can survive this.

That’s right.  Dr. Malone believes that the latest weak variant called ‘omicron’ is our salvation. Same as all viruses—even from Fauci and the Wuhan Lab—they eventually die down and we get herd immunity.

Omicron comes and goes like a cold but boosts antibodies to prevent other more deadly—or previous Covid-SARS viruses—while restoring your natural immune system because it is far beyond the scope of Fauci and Baric’s ‘spike proteins’ cooked up in the Wuhan lab.

The ‘vaccine’ allegedly formulated for Covid-19 does not include the RNA chain of the new variant, so the engineered (and deadly “spikes”) are not triggered to cause an auto-immune firestorm by a distant cousin from China.

The antigenic ‘determinants’ are not recognised so your God-given immune system cranks up and you are 27 times more inoculated than from a jab by any of the Vanguard-owned profiteers, which, by the way, is all of them.

They are not competitors, they are complicit co-owned collaborators.

To test Dr. Malone’s thesis, we did a survey of people I know who had both jabs but then got an antibody test, versus those who had the jabs and then caught the omicron variety of which Dr. Malone speaks.

Those ‘jabbed’ alone had very low antibodies, under 200, while those jabbed who caught this latest variety—as almost everyone I know seems to be doing—had extraordinary antibody levels between 1,000-1,200 in each of the cases, which is far above normal.

Small sample, admittedly, but it gives me great hope—as my sample group is my own family and friends, almost all of whom got the shots.  Aside from one brother (of five children) and a few medical pros who did their homework, I’m alone as the only unvaxxed in my local sphere.

Time to party like it was 1999

People have started taking matters into their own hands by holding Omicron parties, like parents used to hold for measles to build their kids’ herd immunity or finding the biggest bars in their neighbourhood—like this one in Brisbane—and hugging/kissing everyone in sight!

It worked back in the 1960s!  Time to recycle this idea from the old days

We need to take off the damn masks and be human again.  We were born with better protection than Big Bucks Pharma will ever invent, so trust the Maker, not the Faker.

The world is about to change for the better—very soon—so hang in there.

We’re winning, and when those not smart enough to read Harry’s publication find out they’ve been duped, poked, joked, jabbed, used, and almost killed—our Devolution will begin in earnest.

Thanks to Harry and Nurse Ratched for being one of the last resorts on planet earth publishing facts and honest opinions rather than Globalist narratives/drivel—and:


Without them, our civilisation collapses within a matter of days.

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