As predicted 20 years ago by Dr. Ron Paul, this Rino/Dem disaster would be used against ‘we the people’—and now it has happened


It’s sad when you are embarrassed to admit that you served a U.S. President, isn’t it?

In the hundreds of conversations we’ve had together—a.k.a. ‘articles’—I’ve never told you that before, have I?

To point, there is no provision in my beloved U.S. Constitution for a federal police—which means one is precluded from being established by the Tenth Amendment—and why I protested the Patriot Act and establishment of DHS so vehemently (and quit the Bush team over it).

Amendment X is clear:

The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people.

Canning DHS will be one of our first orders of business when the King is returned to power—yes, I’m still saying that will happen as I have since election night 2020—a crime which a real ‘Homeland Security’ department would have been all over before daylight on November 4th, but wasn’t. 

Why weren’t the election crimes investigated, you ask?  Because DHS was in on the steal. The bastards even called 2020, ‘the most secure election in U.S. history’, though the mail-in ballot fraud evidence was hand delivered to them.

So what did DHS do?  They threatened and intimidated the Post Office employee who outed the mail-in Ballot fraud to recant.

For the record, the brave postal worker didn’t recant, and though he provided Project Veritas evidence of real crime, the Department of Homeland Security simply did nothing—because they were in on it.

Once the ‘results’ were announced a month later, some quick math (which should have been done by DHS) made it clear that there was a not-so-small problem that must lead to decertification eventually:

TAKE A LOOK—U.S. Census Bureau estimated there were 153.07 million registered voters.

On Dec. 5, 2020, totals were announced:       Biden-   81.2 million

                                                                             Trump- 74.2 million

                                                              Independents-     2.9 million

                                                                             Total-  158.2 million


How can 153.07 voters cast 158.2 million votes?  Problem.

But only 66.7% of these ‘eligible’ voters actually voted—a record in American history—according to

Using POLITICO’s exaggerated number of 200 million Americans ‘eligible’ to vote that means only 133.4 million actual voters cast 158.2 million ballots for president.

America hits new landmark: 200 million registered voters- POLITICO

I was attacked for putting out these numbers by a Marxist claiming there were 230 million ‘eligible’ voters—saying POLITICO made an error.

No problem, Mr. Marx, have it your way.  That means that 153.41 million voters including all the millions of illegals, ghost voters and dead on the rolls—and a Labrador in Pennsylvania—cast 158.2 million votes. You’re still 5 million short, pal, so yes, the King will return one day.

DHS is Now, perhaps the most corrupt of all unconstitutional agencies, including the FBI and DOJ—which is saying something!


Worse, DHS, had Chris Krebs as 1st Director of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, charged with reviewing the 2020 Election–but guess who he had on the panel?

Dominion, Smartmatic, and SCYTL (the vote switching outfit in Barcelona hired to count votes in the fraud states)–the same crooks who rigged the election with the Marxists–decided it was ‘the most secure election in U.S. history’!

So when this same DHS gang was asked who and what comprises the greatest threat to national security today, their report didn’t mention foreign election interference or three million illegals invading the southern border just since Biden took office.

Nope. That’s not a problem in the least, though crime is through the roof and more people are dying of the CCP-made fentanyl those invaders are bringing in with them, than even their Fauci/Wuhan Scamdemic.

Or God forbid—the almost daily attacks by crazies shouting Allahu akbar before they run over people on the streets or stab them, being a threat.

Those are just ‘cultural differences’ we must accept—like child rape.

The real threat is White people.  Got that?

“White supremacists present the gravest terror threat to the United States, according to a draft report from the Department of Homeland Security.”

For those who didn’t check the POLITICO link, there is no mention in the DHS report of violent left-wing Marxist groups like Antifa and BLM who murdered people on U.S. streets and did over a billion dollars in damage in 2020, or the CCP—it’s just the white folk.  They’re the problem.

The great libertarian Congressman from Texas, Dr. Ron Paul, warned this would be the outcome of the unconstitutional ‘Department of Homeland Security’ when it was first proposed after 9/11.

Dr. Paul is too much of a gentleman to say, “See, I told you so,” but he was right—and it’s very much time to get rid of this unconstitutional agency that protects no one but itself—and does so much harm to so many.

As Dr. Paul points out about Homeland Security’s invasive searches at airports under its TSA division, “More terrorist attacks have been thwarted by airline passengers than by the TSA!”


Colour me a ‘terrorist’ then—but DHS is the real threat to NATIONAL (& CONSTITUTIONAL) SECURITY!


When I first heard this, like Steve Bannon, I thought it was a parody of some sorts—a Babylon Bee meets George Orwell skit—but Biden’s DHS thugs are Stalin/Mao type serious about their efforts to take down my home nation.


It’s infuriating that these jerks think patriots will just bow their heads and quit pointing out that these government asshats have become the terrorists.

Time to clean house.


I know you’re tired of hearing me say it, but the criminal conduct is being exposed now daily and the American people—even Democrats—are finally admitting the election was indeed stolen.

Beijing Biden is so far underwater in the polls across the board, that scuba gear or a mermaid couldn’t save him now.

Decertify bills are in progress in Arizona and Wisconsin’s legislatures, and the Pennsylvania Appellate Court just ruled 2.6 million ballots in the 2020 election ‘unconstitutional’. 

Georgia’s State-sponsored criminal conduct in the 2020 election is under court review as is Michigan’s, so much is in play.

All of this will lead to the recall of an adequate number of Electors to force Congress to act over coming weeks and months.

Under the Constitution, there would then have to be a vote in Congress by State delegations—one vote each—of which 27 are Republican and 23 are Democrat.

Let’s call that Plan 1.

Yesterday, however, Vernon Jones, who met with and is backed by President Trump, announced his run for Congress from Georgia’s 10th District, and swore that on his first day in office, he will do two things, which we’ll call Plan 2:

  1. Present a motion for the impeachment of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris for their crimes against the nation, and,
  2. Put forth a motion for Donald J. Trump to be chosen Speaker of the House of Representatives (he does not have to be an elected member, to hold that position, by the way—strange as it may sound)

There is little if any doubt that after a year under Biden’s Marxism, the United States are ready to go back to their Republican form of government—yes, America is not a ‘democracy’—it is a republic, and The United States is actually plural.

There is, in fact, so much disgust at present amongst all Americans that speculation Republicans may win as many as 100 seats—giving them a super majority—is not unwarranted.

Republicans have promised to turn all committees into oversight and investigative operations to bring rogue, unconstitutional agencies like The Department of Homeland Security under strict scrutiny and control.

The Biden Crime Family, the Clinton Foundation, Obama’s illegal attack on General Flynn in collusion with the FBI—it will all be investigated, as well as the Russia Hoax, the Impeachment Hoax, Ukraine Hoax, Nancy Pelosi’s insider trading—all of it!

Many, are already talking about the novel idea of actually going back to my beloved Constitution and living by it, meaning these corrupt Deep State organisations will ultimately be mothballed and sacked.

Still in print on Amazon, and I wouldn’t change a word

And yes, I did write the book on that, as well.

Everything the evil Marxists did to President Trump during his term can and will be revisited upon them with vigour and lawful prejudice.  

The fake president and vice-president will be impeached for their crimes of election fraud—colluding with the CCP and other foreign players to steal it—and of causing/allowing the invasion on the Southern Border, and so on, but they will not be removed from office until January 22nd of 2023.

As I’ve written before—the 22nd Amendment would require that—so Trump can finish their term and then run for another himself.

A president can only run for a second term in this case if he fills less than two years of the term of those he replaced (which as Speaker, he is third in line when they are removed) so Joe and Ho can sit around Trump’s White House playing cards, as none of the Marxist nonsense they propose—I mean nothing—will pass Congress when he is running the House.

The U.S. government will become a mere shadow of itself in terms of bloated federal government, and those few legal, Constitutional duties allowed that level of government, will be decentralised to completely drain the Swamp.

Constitutional Amendments will be proposed and passed to:

  1. limit all terms of government office, including judges and bureaucrats to a maximum of 12 years,
  2. Require a base-line balanced budget,
  3. Return to Constitutional sources of revenue such as import duties, tariffs and excise taxes, with any shortfall coming from the States,
  4. The 17th Amendment will be rescinded due to its lawlessness (changing the place of election from and by the State legislatures was the one thing the Founders forbid)
  5. And our focus will return to putting America—and Americans—first.

And no more, or less, will be expected of any of our allies, than to put their own people first.  That’s the job of a real leaders whose loyalty is to his nation rather than foreign governments, secret cabals or totalitarian ideals.

The next two weeks are critical to saving our world.  Our enemies are evil, deserving of no quarter or mercy after what they have done to us.

To the brave men and women I’m hearing from today sending messages around the world, you are our heroes.

Messages are coming from their trucks, cars, trains and on foot, headed to Canberra to protest, in Vienna, holding the line in Canada—everywhere around the world— standing up to tyrants and tyranny this weekend.

This is the battle for our civilisation.

We must win it.

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