“This is about maintaining an illegal monopoly,” according to Dr. David Martin. “It was never about health.”

“The University of British Columbia, working in partnership with the Inex Pharmaceuticals in 2005, developed the lipid nanoparticle technology that ultimately became the basis of the formation of a company in British Columbia called Tekmira Pharmaceuticals.”

DR. DAVID MARTIN: “Weaponized ‘COVID’ Injections Have Seriously Harmed And Killed Many — While Bought-And-Paid-For Public Officials Continue To Lie And Terrorize The Public” | Circle of the Dolphins (wordpress.com)

In 2009 Tekmira had a very interesting set of challenges when the World Health Organisation announced that the coronavirus was eradicated as a condition associated with SARS.  Keep this thought in mind.

Canada had just developed the technology to be used for a vaccination against coronavirus.  Bad timing, huh?

But Dr. Fauci came to the rescue. The U.S. NIAID and NIH were actively  developing new, more deadly SARS Coronaviruses—later in collusion with the CCP in China—all funded by the United States.

So two companies were formed in Canada to market and receive royalties for use of Tekmira’s lipid nanoparticle tech; Arbutus Pharmaceuticals and Acuitas Pharmaceuticals.

The government of Canada has not told its citizens the reason why both Moderna and Pfizer have the ability to deliver the current bioweapons program, as without this technology, you can’t deliver the poison.

“This is the new normal, until a vaccine is developed,” Trudeau said in June of 2020, preparing for his windfall even then

As Dr. David Martin adds, “Most people would be shocked to find out that when you have the PM of Canada telling the world that the only way to return to a ‘new normal’ is through the vaccine…what Justin Trudeau did not tell the public was that he had a financial stake in the outcome of that being the selected pathway forward.”

“Canada’s Arbutus [Biopharma] and Acuitas [Therapeutics Company] were derived from research at The University of British Columbia which developed the lipid nanoparticles that make the mRNA work,” summarises Dr. Martin.

Those companies both received the research from the Canadian government, according to public records. Dr. Martin adds, “Without Canada and this delivery technology, there is no injection.”

“Canada gets paid for every shot,” Dr. Martin says in his interview below.

Dr. David Martin lays out Trudeau’s crimes in this interview:

Arbutus is owned largely by its founders and Roivant Sciences Ltd.—but that’s where the trail stopped—other than finding Dharmi Tailor, Roivant’s lawyer, writing a puff piece about this in Vanguard Law.

Roivant Sciences Ltd. attorney, Dharmi Tailor, wrote for Vanguard

Hmmm. Vanguard.  Now that’s very interesting.  Where have we heard of Vanguard before. 

Oh, I remember—they’re the ones who own all the jab makers involved in mRNA shots—yes, all of them. Coincidence?

But ‘Jussie’ Trudeau isn’t the only scum profiting from the jabs. Jussie’s partner in crime, World Economic Forum operative and French billionaire, Stéphane Bancel, (CEO of the company partnered with Fauci’s NIAID —Moderna), has deleted his Twitter account and is probably buying a Sat phone and heading south with over $400 million in proceeds of crime.


World Economic Forum.  Where have we heard of them before?

Will ‘Jussie’ give Mssr. Bancel a ride to his hiding spot in the Prime Minister’s jet?  Better yet—maybe he’ll go with him into hiding?

Here are Bancel’s SEC registered sales for the Fake-Checkers:

CEO Stephane Bancel sold 10,000 shares of MRNA stock on 02/11/2021 at the average price of $178.29. The price of the stock has increased by 3.06% since.

CEO Stephane Bancel sold 9,000 shares of MRNA stock on 02/10/2021 at the average price of $182.74. The price of the stock has increased by 0.55% since.

CEO Stephane Bancel sold 11,046 shares of MRNA stock on 02/05/2021 at the average price of $174.61. The price of the stock has increased by 5.23% since.

CEO Stephane Bancel sold 19,000 shares of MRNA stock on 02/04/2021 at the average price of $161.73. The price of the stock has increased by 13.61% since.

CEO Stephane Bancel sold 11,046 shares of MRNA stock on 01/29/2021 at the average price of $173.25. The price of the stock has increased by 6.05% since.


CBC News made that report, which is believable as the initial orders from the government’s own database —since increased significantly—showed 379 million ‘jabs’ contracted for purchase early last year.

For the Democrats and Marxists who can’t do math, that’s more than 10 shots per Canadian.


The Royal Commission’s first question for you, Jussie:

Why would you order 400 million jabs when Canada has only 38 million people—unless you and your comrades are making big bank on the deal?

The question answers itself.  ‘Jussie’ and crew are getting rich pushing a poison that has now killed more than it allegedly saved in many places. 


Worse than this crime of malfeasance by the cabal is their criminal neglect and misfeasance of not allowing proven cures and therapeutics to save lives. They knew back in 2005—but lied—and people died. 

Take a look at Tony Fauci’s report from back then, “Chloroquine is a potent inhibitor of SARS coronavirus infection and spread.”


They—and the W.H.O. which announced coronavirus was no longer a threat back in 2009—knew that SARS-Covid was no longer a threat to mankind…..unless they gave it ‘gain-of-function’ to make it more deadly.

And that is precisely what they did in the Wuhan Lab in China.  You know the rest of that story—you’ve lived it.

Time to bring ‘Jussie’ and crew to task for these crimes against humanity.

While the sentence should be death by hanging like Nuremberg 1.0, perhaps we make an exception for this man and give him his 10 ‘vaccines’.

That will destroy his immune system, which was their long-term plan, and a case of the sniffles can take him out, saving the nation some rope.

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