“Founded” in 1867 by British loyals—allegedly freed from British rule in 1982—so why is Trudeau’s oath to queen and privy council rather than Canadians and Canada?

Before sending hate mail, watch and explain this short oath to me.  I’ll listen if you explain.

The only mention of the nation Trudeau allegedly serves is his swearing of loyalty to the Queen’s Canadian Privy Council, where he then pledges to keep its secrets from everyone—including the Canadian people!

Does anyone else find this a bit troubling now that ‘Jussie’ is calling the dogs on the good people of our beloved Canada with first ever use of enhanced powers under an Emergency Act—while clearly acting under orders from the W.E.F. Globalists and their royal partners in England?

Would the real ‘Jussie’ Trudeau please sit down?


No one seems to really know who this guy is—and he clearly works hard at that.  Is he just a beta male who likes to dress-up in skirts—or another tyrant with a pocketed press to give him cover?

Trudeau’s snap election in 2021 was clearly won in part by the Covid fear porn he heaped upon Canada via his subsidised press—who were smart enough not to bite the hand of the Marxist feeding them.

They all claimed in unison that the anti-mandate oriented Conservatives and Peoples Party would kill Canadians with—freedom. Got that?

“The Liberals set a record for the lowest vote share of a party that would go on to form government, winning 32.6% of the popular vote, while losing the popular vote to the Conservatives as they did in 2019.”


In just these few short months of tyranny, ‘Jussie’ has tanked by 50%.  Only 16% of Canadians would vote for his party today after just a few months.

This brings his entire election into question in my mind.  How did he nosedive so far so fast—or perhaps like the puppet put in office by Dominion/CCP rigging in the U.S. showing a similar tanking—did ‘Jussie’ really win even 32.6% without massive election fraud?

I surmise the answer is “No” from his close association with the gangsters who stole the election in the United States.

Dominion (now owned by the CCP, but headquartered in Canada); Soros—whose offices are located in the same building as Dominion; and the Schwab W.E.F., which trained him in Marxist subterfuge at their ‘Global Leaders’ tyrant indoctrination camp—along with over half of ‘Jussie’s’ cabinet, according to Klaus Schwab.

No matter what colour or religion he pretends to be today, ‘Jussie’ is clearly in touch with his inner tyrant, like a chip off the old block!

To say the least, that combination of Jussie’s ‘besties’ is troubling.


Good question and I don’t like the answer, nor is it likely to please you.

It was designed to prevent the British Crown from losing control of that great swath of resources to America or Russia.  While many may find that a worthy enough reason, the nefarious purpose was also to create an illusion that many Canadians might find troubling.

The best information I’ve found on how this beautiful expanse to the north of my home nation came about, is from Matthew Ehret, a Canadian historian, and presenter at Reiner Füllmich’s Grand Jury (Day 2, Part 2).

This grand jury is being held as I write and Ehret’s presentation on Canada and its history is amazing, tracing the history of the mysterious cabal now trying to kill us, back to the 1870s.

The illusion of ‘Canada’ was to keep its vast mineral resources under control of The British Crown; to have a plethora of soldiers to send off to its foreign wars; and indigenous people to use as test subjects for Royal holdings, GlaxoSmithKline and Pfizer—in both Catholic and Church of England hospitals/orphanages in British Columbia.

R.W. Large hospital in Bella Bella, British Columbia was one location of the murderous drug testing experiments approved by the Queen and the church of which she is potentate

We’ve reported on the tribal nation-state’s indigenous common-law court that made these charges, and while many may laugh, it was this same group and court credited with driving Pope Benedict from office in 2013, once his knowledge and participation in these and other crimes in western Canada were brought to light by the Common Law court.


Every time I hear some vacuous talking head or even more vacuous Marxist politician go on about ‘a threat to our democracy’ I want to throw up, as they and their democracy is the greatest threat to my republic.

The word ‘democracy’ does not appear even once in the United States Constitution and there is a reason.

It’s not a damn democracy—it is a republic—and there is a huge difference.

“Democracy” as H.L. Mencken wrote, “is three wolves and a sheep deciding what to have for dinner.”

It’s going to be mutton—just like the Marxists have ‘voted’ to eat Venezuela and are trying to do the same to Australia, Canada, New Zealand and America in rigged elections, calling it ‘Democracy’.

In a republic, rights are protected so that the mob can’t ‘vote’ them away.

“I tried to warn you,” says Ben Franklin from the grave


OK—I know my nation has been perverted from a republic via rigged elections as well, but at least it has the basic document in place, once America is restored to honest rule of law—which I believe is imminent.

I want that for Canada, Australia and New Zealand as well—and truly  believe that time has come, as all our nations revolt against those who think they are our Masters and are openly trying to force feudalism on us once again as their ‘Great Reset’.

Does anyone alive not feel the energy of rebellion in the air?  I’m not proposing we start shooting, but we must stop complying—with tyrants.

Astrologically, February 16th, 2022 has the same exact alignment of planets—including Pluto, the planet of change—as the birthdate of The United States (July 4, 1776).

Now like most of us, I only believe in astrology when my horoscope is a really good one, but it is interesting to think that the planetary alignment this week is precisely the same as the day the world was turned upside down once before, when mankind chose freedom over tyranny in 1776.

Now imagine ‘the minutemen’ from my nation’s revolution driving truck convoys around the world today with that same energy for and love of freedom!


Article III, §9, Declaration of Executive Power in the Queen, reads:

The Executive Government and Authority of and over Canada is hereby declared to continue and be vested in the Queen.

That means Canada is a monarchy, with ultimate authority being in the hands of a 96 year old woman who just put her entire empire at risk pushing untested—now mandatory—shots, from which she and her family’s finances benefit greatly. 

How do you feel about that?  I’d personally rather they stayed in the heroin business, as they were until 1926 (yes—a fact—ended by treaty in Paris).

You don’t even get to choose your local ruler, the Governor General, as the Queen does that too. 

Maybe you’ll get lucky and have this pair of eco-terrorist ‘royals’ ruling energy-rich Canada from Hollywood one day!

You don’t choose your Senators. 

The Governor General does that and they don’t even have to be Canadian!

Did you know that?  All they have to be is someone under this unseemly Windsor family’s rule from any part of their empire.

Actually they’re Hapsburg’s from Germany if you do a bit of history—and just adopted the name ‘Windsor’ after the castle where they lived once installed in England as its rulers—but I digress.

So now we get to your ‘dcmocracy’.  You only get to vote for a House of Commons local person and should they pass a piece of legislation, it must be approved by the Queen’s Privy Council or it has zero force.

In other words, you are already serfs before Queen Elizabeth’s cousins at the W.E.F. formally declare it.


From ‘unknown’ to star on populist media, Maxime Bernier—an economic libertarian— suddenly has the attention of the world, as example of new leaders

So let’s ask our New Zealand, Australian and Canadian brothers and sisters now protesting as never before how they feel about their true leader—the Queen—whom they expected to protect them?

Now that you know she really pulls the strings in all your governments, do you think she did a good job? 

Or did she and her ‘royal’ family leave you to the hazard while making obscene profits via their massive holdings in Vanguard and her own stake in the jabs she allowed to be tested on Canada’s poor?

Now that she knows her profitable poisons are killing far more of her subjects than any good they might have done—she continues to shove them in your arm.  Why is that, if she loves you?

Do you really believe this bizarrely rich family sees you as anything but a lesser being, meant to serve them even unto death just to fill their coffers?

Rather than protecting her subjects, the unfortunate truth for all nations still under her rule is that she cares naught for you in any way. 

It’s time to grow up.


ANZUS + Canada, leaving the Brits to their own for now

Forgive me for moving on while the revolution is still in progress, but work with me here.

The so-called royals of The British Empire are failing and falling quickly.

The Queen is said to be near her end, and the progeny she leaves behind is embarrassing.

They will destroy our energy and resource rich nations in the name of their false gods if allowed to be in power for even a brief moment.

Look at what one from their Global Marxist movement has done to my home nation in just one year?  He destroyed our energy independence and spiked the worst inflation in 40 years in twelve months.

Trump will be back, and while the evidence and trials take down the eugenicists running our nations, provinces and states for their crimes, let’s think ahead.


England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland can catch up and join one by one once they’ve buried their Elite structure that tried to rule the world, but for now, it’s just ‘us’—Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the United States—with fairly elected leaders, not chosen for us by others.

I propose we form a block of loosely integrated republics, producing more energy, metals, and their resulting products than any in the world under a free trade agreement—trading with others as well but not as partners.

Only republics with complete liberty and free markets can ever join our exclusive club.  As European nations reform back to freedom, as well as Japan, Singapore, India and others—but only if they are dedicated to freedom, and under no ‘royal’ remnants of the old power structure wanting to rule the world.

In other words, we take care of ourselves first and foremost, leading by example, while watching our nations succeed economically like never before.

Should any real dangers that are actually proven, discussed and openly debated come about, we can act in our own best interests, but destroying our economies over plant food (carbon dioxide) or other made up hoaxes to take our eye off the freedom ball again, will be ignored.

Real problems like the mass of plastics floating in our oceans—mostly emanating from China and Indonesia—should be addressed and we will hold them accountable for the harm they do using tariffs and trade.

If force is needed, we do it together.

No more fake stuff.  No more Paris Accords designed to restrain us and our futures so nefarious tyrants can beat us.  No more manmade ‘viruses’ and fake ‘cures’ either without severely punishing the perpetrators financially and physically so it never happens again.

No more ‘Jussie’ Trudeaus and Jacinda Arderns, trained by the Globalists who wish to kill us or the Scott Morrisons who sold out to them.  No more Joe Bidens and Boris Johnsons, who have proven treachery by serving our enemies above us.

We take care of our own nations first, and our small group of free English-speaking nations as a start.  The rest can join as they become more like us.

This will take time, but putting a focus on this amazing energy permeating our world at this moment is helpful.

Canada is leading the way back to freedom.  Let’s all get on board and keep on trucking.

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