It’s been two months since I ordered Miranda Devine’s new book about Hunter Biden—now, they want to cancel! Such suppression is criminal


My agent in New York sent a message one Friday afternoon that my book, Justice Restored: 10 steps to end mass incarceration in America, had hit #1 bestseller in its category on Amazon.

Great.  But by Monday, it had been ‘disappeared’.  It was nowhere to be found, and even our rather expensive pre-publicity across all platforms had somehow vanished.  Co-ordinated?  No doubt.

The book was very critical of the corrupt FBI, DOJ, U.S. Courts, their black robed operatives, and the Obama Administration.  Every word was true and sourced (or from personal ‘lived’ experience), but it was censored. 

It was not just censored a little bit, it was removed from this world.

My well-paid agent and publicist got it restored, but it was ‘disappeared’ like a Chinese dissident three more times and friends who ordered it received messages similar to the below—which I’ve received three times of late on three blockbuster truth-telling books.

So I’d like to talk about it, as in our real-world non-globalist alternate economy, we must have alternatives to Amazon’s monopoly.

The latest ‘cancel culture’ victims are:

  • Miranda Devine’s book on Hunter Biden (above)
  • Robert F. Kennedy Jr’s book on the evil White House Elf, Tony Fauci (notice from Amazon below) and
  • Candace Owens’ book Blackout—Amazon simply cancelled my order

As you can see, I ordered Robert Kennedy’s book about the evil Dr. Fauci two months ago—it was already on the book shelves back then—but they still won’t send it to me and even asked if I want to cancel!


For those unaware of how the book business works these days or think this is because I live in Europe, that would be wrong.

As example, here is Espresso Book Machine by Xerox, which could fit in Canadian dictator, Jussie Trudeau’s, costume closet and prints/binds any book in any language, one at a time, ready to ship in an hour—not two months.

Amazon book printing centres and contractors are all over the world, so fulfilment isn’t the problem—it’s non-woke content

My latest order is for James O’Keefe’s new book, American Muckraker, and it must be so good that they didn’t wait two months to try and cancel.

I got the notice within days asking me if I really wanted this book.

Now I want it more, and will buy copies to send friends.

As an author, I am simply unable to write ‘woke’.  Producing words for me is like having Tourette’s syndrome.  Something’s got to—it’s going to—spill out, and I can’t stop it, but it has to be something I believe with all my heart or something I can back up with facts! 

Hunter has his crack, I have my word spillage—but I digress. Amazon’s content suppression has gotten so bizarre that I had to ask a dear friend in the U.S. to publish my last book, The Global Warming Plot:It’s roots and ramifications for a cooling world.

I cover the politics and globalists, but more information is important to stop them like Ian Plimer’s book

We’re getting ready to push my book out now that the Globalist are busted on their virus/vaxx hoax—that is so 2021, you know—and going back to Climate Fear Porn, but we’re ready for them with unassailable facts.

And thanks to one of our most dynamic readers Down Under, we learned that we are not alone.  Australia’s most brilliant geologist, Ian Plimer, has taken the science to the Greenies with something of vengeance.

You won’t find it on Amazon it is so good.  I bought it at

I just finished it—whew! so many facts—but Plimer’s wit had me chuckling even through the endless stats and hardcore geological eons of proof that these Greenies are not only wrong, but pathological liars!

“Better advice is given on beer coasters,” Plimer wrote of the latest Greenie diatribes wishing Australia—and the world—back to the Stone Age.

I’ve invited him for a pint—maybe two—when I come to visit, if ScoMo and Co will have me—or are still in power.

I’m still pureblood, you know, and healthy as a horse, so I might have to go on Walk-About, Swim-About—or appear as an illegal immigrant.

That may be the key—to get in.  Wash up on shore, an unvetted, un-jabbed American refugee from Poland.

See you in Canberra, I hope. I’ll be the wet raggy type on the beach I suppose—but I’ll ask you for nothing.

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