W.E.F. neo-nazi troops became major force after Obama/Biden’s ‘Colour Revolution’ overthrew elected leader of Ukraine (2014)


Vladimir Putin is accused of some horrendous things—including poisoning his political enemies and even journalists.  As a KGB colonel, my generation was taught to hate him with a passion, and we did.

Perhaps Putin’s longest running enemy is my home nation—the U.S.—which has admittedly murdered 21 heads of State since 1960. 

Under the Obama/Biden Junta, ‘Colour Revolutions’ were fomented worldwide, including overthrowing the duly elected government of Ukraine in 2014. For more on ‘Colour Revolutions’ see:


To refresh, remember Bahrain (Pearl Revolution), Russia (Snow Revolution), Macedonia (Colorful Revolution), and Armenia (Velvet Revolution)? 

These were U.S. State Department code names for their intentional overthrow of governments—and why Putin hated the Obama/Biden Junta.  As I say, there are no good guys in this mashup.

They tried to do this to Putin as well—but failed (2011-2013).

Obama’s State Department—then under John Kerry—named their Ukraine overthrow in 2014 “The Maidan Revolution” (created in conjunction with Obama-mentor, George Soros and their joint organisation, AntAc) using their Neo-Nazi Azov Battalion as agitators and protagonists.

Those forces are the same troops Vladimir Putin references when he says he is ‘de-nazifying’ Ukraine—and why Klaus Schwab, Soros, Clinton, Biden and gang slithered out of their holes and from under the rocks to object.

These are their troops—not Ukraine’s.

The Azov Battalion is the largest of the W.E.F./Obama-sponsored Neo-Nazi shock troops and they are not defending Ukraine, oh no.

They are defending corrupt oligarchs and One-Worlders who fund them—from Hillary Clinton and John Kerry to the Obama/Biden Crime Families, as well as the corrupt George Soros and evil Klaus Schwab ‘bosses’.

These are dangerous, ideological thugs, and Putin is rightly concerned as these Neo-Nazi militias were intended to be the Great Reset’s soldiers after the release of what Bill Gates recently called “Pathogen #2” and just promised at the Munich Security Conference “is all but certain.”


We know Gates’ crystal ball is infallible as he predicted the Covid SARS ‘pandemic’ the month before it happened at his Event 201 in New York and already had a patented vaccine ready!  What a visionary! 

It’s almost as if Billy Boy has a hand in making these things happen, no?


Good question, and I’m glad you caught that, because Putin said all he plans to do is ‘denazify and de-militarise’ Ukraine, then go home.

That is, except for the Eastern Ukraine states Luhansk and Donetsk, which have been Russian since Russia was Russia and voted 97% to rejoin the Russian Federation in a UN-sponsored vote in 2014.

You might note that this vital information is strangely absent from the media propaganda, as it hurts their narrative and requires more than three words to explain. “Putin is bad.”  “Orange Man Bad.”  “Black Lives Matter.”  You get the point.

And when Putin says ‘de-militarise’ he is not even speaking of the Schwab/Soros/Obama/Biden Neo-Nazi shock troops.

He’s referencing all the illegal, immoral and dangerous bioweapons labs built in Ukraine—mostly by the U.S. Department of Defense (as we’ve reported) https://richardsonpost.com/howellwoltz/25863/putin-destroys-7-u-s-bioweapons-labs-in-ukraine/, but last night we received a shocking report we have not yet been able to verify that says it was even worse:

Russian military has obliterated the following: 11 U.S. State Department/Department of Defense-funded bioweapon facilities; 4 German toxic chemical research centers; 3 Swiss nanotechnology centers; 1 French bio-tech consortium; and 3 Israeli labs that were feverishly working to weaponize airborne rabies. Additionally, Putin claimed his forces had carried out precision strikes on mobile (18-wheelers unsafely retrofitted into makeshift labs) biolabs attempting to transport lethal pathogens across the Ukrainian border into Poland. He told Trump that Russian SU-35 planes used laser-guided munitions to eliminate the roving labs.

The evidence is building that Putin has done just as he allegedly told President Trump in a 20 minute phone call above—which we again cannot yet corroborate—but we can confirm from the Department of Defense’s poorly named DTRA (Defense Threat Reduction Agency) that they did, in fact, build these Frankenstein disease factories all over Ukraine, since Obama/Biden’s ‘colour revolution’ to overthrow the government in 2014! 

The map on the left is from DTRA, showing where they built these bioweapons labs.  The map on the right shows where Russia has targeted and destroyed ‘military targets’ since last week.

Bioweapons labs were much of the ‘de-militarise’ part it seems

Keeping in mind that the United States and NATO stated unequivocally in 1992 that their alliance would go “not one inch eastward,” toward Russia—it is understandable that Mr. Putin is pissed.

During his last two years in office (2006-08) George Bush armed the former Soviet Union republic, Georgia, so Putin went in and ‘de-militarised’ it in 2008.

Several nations, including where I live, were brought into not only the European Union but NATO.

Self-described “socialist nationalist” Azov batallion is called ‘right wing extremists’ by lamestream media and fake-checkers, which is downright amusing.  Karl Marx was a republican, I guess!

Obama/Biden militarised Ukraine with bioweapons labs all across Russia’s front porch and funded a dangerous, private army of ideological Nazis to use against him—so Putin is once again ‘de-militarising’ a nation that poses a grave danger to his people—as he should.


They’re not really ‘stupid’ first of all because IQs just don’t go low enough to create a dozen dangerous labs cooking up killer diseases in an unstable place and call themselves the ‘Defense Threat Reduction Agency’.

That would be akin to planting land mines all over a soccer pitch and calling yourself the ‘Safe Soccer Defense League’.  Some day, something bad will happen, and they knew that—and counted on it, in my opinion—when they built them.

Bill Gates just let us know their plan for “Pathogen #2” is now—and a certain former KGB Colonel figured out what many of us knew—that Gates’ partners in crime were wagging the dog into a war in Ukraine as cover for releasing the new “Pathogen #2,” to borrow Gates’ phrase.

Rather than have his already declining population mass murdered by Globalist filth and American Marxists, Putin decided he’d do a ‘clean up on Aisle 5’ himself before Gates et al set loose another curse on mankind.

Will he stop there?  Probably not if oil prices continue skyrocketing, thanks to venal, feckless, stupid, ignorant—or compromised—W.E.F. puppets playing footsie with ‘Greenie’ economic death by shutting down energy production.

Congresswoman Lauren Boebert sent this message to Beijing Biden at his pathetic State of the Union gibberfest March 1st in black satin—“drill, baby, drill”

Anything above $60/bbl, is making Vlad very glad—and rich.


A poor Russia is a relatively safe Russia, but reducing the price of energy by turning on the spigots and re-opening the mines is not the only thing that we have to worry about.

The lead-heads have now weaponised money against Putin and this will not long be tolerated.

The United States has gotten away with its war-mongering and so much wrong-doing only because it became the number one reserve currency in the world and the required means of exchange for oil after WW II.

However,” Ranked #1 for global thermal energy generation, Gazprom claims the title of world’s largest energy producer.”


Rosneft—also Russian—is #3, so Russia is definitely #1 energy producer since the CCP and American Marxists overthrew America’s legitimate president and shut down American pipelines and production on federal lands in the United States.

Why would Putin warn of nuclear war?  Because Globalist puppets like BoJo and Biden are colluding to drive Russia’s currency to nothing (a ruble is worth just one cent today) while shoving it out of the world’s money transfer system.


Putin warned after these financial sanctions that ‘WW III will be nuclear’


A ruble is worth less than a penny now because of western ‘leaders’ and this will lead to war if not reversed quickly

First of all, not even the braindead W.E.F. puppets are going to risk revolution in their nations by letting people freeze in their homes or starve to death because there is no energy to produce food and fertilisers (which are made in Europe from Russian natural gas).

They will buy from Putin, one way or another—and Putin, along with his bad boys in China and Iran—will create another currency and money transfer system, which we understand may already exist.

Bye-bye U.S. dollar as world’s reserve and trade currency and hello ‘default’ by Russia on its $478 billion in foreign debt.

America’s economy will do a not-so-slow motion nosedive, while the already staggering double-digit inflation sparked by the Biden Regime goes into hyperdrive—and America goes ‘Argentina’.

The world’s economy will collapse into economic darkness—or be lit up by mushroom-shaped clouds—and ‘we’ will have caused it, not Putin.


American and European arms makers have been hankering for a war and easily bribed politicians have been well paid to give it to them.  Time to break that system apart, assuming we survive this one.

The cabal of Western Central Banks has used ‘the Rothschild Formula’ (funding both sides of created wars) to rob the world of most of its wealth, and you can bet they’re behind this one as well.

NATO has constantly encroached on Russian sovereignty since minutes after Secretary of State, James Baker, made his famous “not one inch eastward” promise to Mikhail Gorbachev on February 9th, 1990.

We’ve even got pictures now of the event

And now, Putin can prove it as “declassified U.S., Soviet, German, British and French documents posted today by the National Security Archive at George Washington University,” are public (from 2017 release).

The West made this promise in exchange for ending the Cold War and the Soviet Union suffered a blow to its ‘gordost’ (pride) from which it has never recovered.

We did not keep our part of the bargain.  I am hopeful that this can all be wound down before the war industry and W.E.F. get what they want—and the nation with more nuclear weapons than any (and a rightful ‘beef’ with our leaders) does something hasty.

I wish Vladimir Putin God’s speed in ‘denazifying and demilitarising’ the country next door to me which makes Poland safer as well, and then I hope he goes home, as he promised.

The U.S. and Western world must then unwind their financial madness—never even imposed on the German Nazis, mind you—and leave the Russians the hell alone!

We will very much need Mr. Putin as our ally in the real war which we’ve warned of for years now and that one will be with China.


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