Polish Prime Minister’s Office: “No, We WON’T Be Sending MiGs to Ukraine. That is fake news.”


There is absolutely nothing the Biden Bolsheviks will not do to:

  1.  Cover up their massive criminal conduct in Ukraine (read on) under ‘cover’ of a fake war —or a real war if they can get it started—and,
  2. Give the W.E.F. excuse to launch WWIII as pretext for its plotted ‘nuclear war’ and Pathogen #2 part of their ‘Great Reset’

After spending yesterday working with Ukrainian refugees trying to flee this deadly conflict next door, I can tell you with all certainty speaking on their behalf and Poland’s, “We don’t want your war, Joe!”

One million women and children have crossed our border this past week, because the media’s new hero, President Zelenskyy, is not allowing the men to leave with their families—which might not surprise you as you learn more about him.

Yet Biden’s Secretary of State, Anthony Blinken, said publicly when asked, “If, for instance, the Polish government, a NATO member, wants to send fighter jets, does that get a green light from the U.S.?”

US Secretary of State, Anthony Blinken

And just who is Anthony Blinken to give the ‘green light’ to Poland?

Blinken replied to Host Margaret Brennan on CBS’s Face the Nation, “Yes. That gets the green light,” as if he’d taken time to consult the party being dragged into his drama—the nation where I live—which he had not.

Fortunately, Vladimir Putin knows very well that Bioweapons Biden and his Bolsheviks lie—so rather than bombing the crap out of every eastern airstrip in Poland to prevent a fleet of MiGs being deployed—he took a deep breath to see what Polish Prime Minister, Mateusz Morawiecki, actually had to say about it.

Polish Prime Minster Morawiecki

“No, We WON’T Be Sending MiGs to Ukraine. That is fake news,” replied Poland’s Prime Minster Morawiecki

The Biden Bolsheviks claim they want the MiGs because “Ukraine pilots already know how to fly them.”

So Poland’s Prime Minster replied yesterday that if that was the real reason, Poland would offer the U.S. an exchange—ancient MiGs delivered, not to Ukraine, but to the U.S. Air Force Base in Rammstein, Germany—to be traded in for brand new American made F-16s (and parts, of course)!

Turns out, that was a lie too, as Blinken, Biden and Crew, were trying to drag Poland—hence NATO—into its war, which they ultimately plotted to turn nuclear. 

They did not really want Poland’s ancient MiGs.  They wanted Poland to send them to Ukraine, which would be seen correctly as an act of war by Russia.


I’m so glad you asked, and it’s really quite simple.

Four things, Russia wants—and two I want—so let’s take them one by one:

#1—Cease military action.

“But Putin started this war,” many say.  “Did he really?” Let’s take a closer look at the facts rather than Vanguard media hype-for-war.

Between 13-14,000 people who consider themselves Russian in break-away States, Luhansk and Donetsk, have been killed by Ukraine’s Neo-Nazi troops—funded by a joint Soros/State Department program in 2013—and armed by the CIA.  Make no mistake.  These are proxy forces.

And how long ago did these States break away?  Last year, maybe, you ask, since all of a sudden there is war?

Nope.  It was 1992, the year Ukraine was created after the breakup of the Soviet Union.  Luhansk and Donetsk refused to be a part of Ukraine from the very beginning, saying they were and always would be Russian. 

You did not hear that on MSM, did you? 

It is those 13-14,000 dead Russians that prompted Putin to go in and stop the shelling by U.S.-backed Neo-Nazis. Are you starting to see a slightly different picture than the fake news narrative?

I’m no fan of this guy, but eight years of U.S.-backed and funded Neo-Nazi troops in Ukraine killing his people was enough for him.

#2—Change constitution to enshrine neutrality.

In 1992, U.S. Secretary of State, James Baker, faithfully pledged to Soviet President Gorbachev that NATO would ‘never move an inch eastward’ if he agreed to the dissolution of the Soviet Union.

That was the deal, period, and we published the archives of it last week.

Now take a look at the map above, 30 years later.  Did the U.S. and NATO keep their promise to Russia (in the red) or not?

Clearly not, and Putin is demanding that ‘neutrality’ be put into Ukraine’s constitution to prevent further creep as Ukraine is the only ‘buffer’ left. 

Russia isn’t trying to annex Ukraine (Russia has no resources to care for 44 million extra people) it simply wants the neighboring nation to be a non-compromised buffer from NATO as it was promised to be, which to any objective observer is not unreasonable.

To put that in perspective, imagine The Russian Federation putting missiles and 11 illegal bioweapons labs on Mexico’s border with the U.S.  Would America not object (assuming it had a real president)?

#3—Recognize Crimea as Russian territory.

Unreported in Lamestream media, Crimea voted in a UN-sanctioned election in 2014 to rejoin Mother Russia.  That is an historical fact.

The vote was 97% in favor, in a real election without Dominion machines.  It was only people with valid ID and paper ballots.

While the U.S. and NATO whined like mules—that is called ‘democracy’ and whether one likes the Crimeans’ choice or not— it was made by them and should be respected.

#4—Recognize the Russian-controlled areas of Donetsk and Luhansk as independent states.

As previously stated, Luhansk and Donetsk never agreed to be a part of the Soviet-created ‘Ukraine’ when forced out of the Soviet Union 30 years ago.  They’ve been Russian since Russia was Russia centuries ago. 

They speak Russian.  They think Russian.  They are Russian.  Only the unnaturally forged 1992 creation known as ‘Ukraine’ doesn’t think so—and those NATO harpies who continue to ‘inch eastward’ in violation of their own agreement to never do that.

NATO Globalists now seek to surround the bear—so the bear bit them.

That’s karma, NATO, and I can’t support you if you lie and don’t keep your own commitments, as much as I hate Russia and Putin.


#5—Shut down the Democrat/Globalist supported Child-trafficking enterprise—the world’s largest from all reports—in Ukraine.

By Sunday afternoon over here, “Russian Special Forces had liberated an additional 1,600 imprisoned children from ‘dens of filth’ and killed the traffickers guarding them,” according to our sources—and I heartily approve.

An unknown number of child traffickers were exploiting the “humanitarian corridors” created by Putin so innocent Ukrainians could flee for refuge in adjoining countries—mainly to Poland—and it is a corroborated fact by my own sources at the border that many of the Ukraine child-traffickers have been caught trying to sneak their prey across.

Hundreds more children from all over the world were rescued at the border itself, and the traffickers apprehended.

They got caught, and the children are being returned to their home nations—including two American kids, kidnapped abroad.

#6—Smash the U.S.-funded bioweapons labs and charge the bureaucrats and political creeps (like undersecretary of State, Victoria Nuland, who authorized them) for their crimes in violation of international law.

This has been illegal since 1975, and my government has proven to be the worst violator in history, as we’ve painfully detailed.


And now they’ve had to admit it in testimony on Capitol Hill as is all over the news, so let’s do something about them.

The same ‘Colour Revolution’ evil undersecretary of State of today and of yesteryear (under the Obama/Biden criminal cabal) Victoria Nuland, has been duly busted, so put the evil bitch in jail—and so you don’t think I’m sexists, all the bastards above her up to Barry Obama and Joe Biden who approved it! 

Victoria Nuland

All of them!  This is horrendous!

We’ve published her Ukraine Embassy’s cheat sheets on 11 U.S.-funded bioweapons labs (link above), and it seems the ‘residential damage’ from the Russians being reported all over the world is centered almost exclusively in the neighborhoods around those addresses, where Victoria & Company built deadly pathogen stables for the release of “Pathogen #2” and beyond.

Funny that, Tori.

You build knowingly lethal, highly unlawful bioweapons labs smack dab in the middle of housing projects throughout Ukraine, and then point at Putin as the bad guy when he destroys them with enough fire power to kill your deadly bugs, and the surrounding buildings get damaged!

Really, Tori?

You and the Obamites funded them, built them, gave them the deadly pathogens, and then oversaw their work with Fauciites like EcoHealth Alliance (the same guy who did the Wuhan flu deal with the CCP) but Nuland testified that if the little bugs creep out and kill—it’s Putin’s fault for sure! 

Yes.  This disgusting husk of a Bolshevik actually said that this week under oath before Congress.  She’s ‘100% sure’ it’s Putin’s fault.  My God, these people!


It is unpalatable that Putin unilaterally rolled across the border to defend his Russians, but understandable when the facts are finally told that it was his own being murdered for the past eight years—and they never agreed to be a part of Ukraine, ever. 

It does not, however, disturb me that he is shutting down the Democrat/Globalists’ pedophile supply chain.  I’m actually grateful to him for that.

I’m also not bothered in the least by his blowing up U.S.-funded bioweapons labs intended to release Gates’ described ‘Pathogen #2’ on all of us during their Ukraine War—as was the plan, in my opinion, upon information and belief.

Not happy either with the new Ukraine hero of this latest episode of the Democrat/Globalists’ ‘Wag the Dog’, Volodomir Zelenskyy. 

He has a $34-35 million mansion in Miami next-door to the Ukraine oligarch, Kolomoinsky (whom we’ve covered for almost three years) that many say got this ball of corruption rolling in concert with the corrupt U.S. Democrat Clinton/Podesta gang years ago.

And by the way, this ‘man of the people’ (Zelenskyy) has $1.3 billion in a Costa Rican bank (Dresdner).  Why are we having to tell you that, when it is public information?


But I must admit, Zelenskyy looks great in high heels and his gay dance costume—oh you didn’t know he’s a cross-dressing sensation in that community?

That’s his business, it’s just difficult to reconcile the media’s love of this guy in war gear being a gay, cross-dressing icon—or maybe it’s because of that the U.S. media is getting such a thrill up their leg over him.

He’s a hypocritical fake, just like them.

So I’m unhappy with Russia and Ukraine—but the worst are my own nation’s liars trying to drag this blood-soaked ground where I now live through another completely unnecessary conflict just to feed the Western Central Bankers and leeches of Empire.

They build illegal bioweapons all over the nation in violation of U.S. law and international conventions to which they are a part, and participate in perhaps the world’s largest money-laundering and pedophile trafficking operations in the world—and now want to destroy Ukraine just to cover the evidence of their own perfidy?

No.  It is enough.

We’ve got to stop this and get the facts out as it seems only Harry and The Richardson Post are willing to do! (That’s a plug to support the Post, by the way).

And as badly as it pains me to say it, of the three parties to this crime (lumping Klaus Schwab and Crew in with the Biden Bolsheviks)—only Vladimir Putin has any reason to tell us the truth!

How sad is that!

That is perhaps the most disturbing part of this for me, as everything I ever believed is being challenged literally before my eyes in real time.

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