Remember Ecohealth Alliance and the Wuhan lab? Well they’re back like a bad rash in Ukraine—partnered with the Biden family


Turns out the evidence proves Putin was right.  It was not only the U.S. military – but the Biden Crime Family making millions preparing bioweapons for the W.E.F. end of times – that he is now destroying.

I grew up hating this man – Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin. 

Professor Walter Sablinsky’s HIS 244 (History of Russia to 1917) was not well populated at the University of Virginia back in the 1970s, but for some reason, I was entranced by his stories of the nation from which he escaped – and wanted to learn more about my enemies.

Professor Sablinsky regaled us with tales of Peter the Great riding naked in the snow with the Orthodox Pope drinking vodka and testing his sword on unwilling peasant necks, seeing how many he could remove in just one sweep (7 was his record, if I recall correctly).

Born in 1929 in Alta-Ata, Professor Sablinsky escaped Russia in 1949 to China – then from there, trudged on to America where he joined the U.S. Army in San Francisco, California to fight against that from which he twice escaped – Communism.

One might note that San Francisco is now the HQ in America for the Marxism from which he fled, but I digress. The only picture I can find of this fine prophet of things to come is this one of Professor Sablinsky having a Budweiser on his back porch in Charlottesville, Virginia while grilling out, American style – and I relish it.

Professor Sablinsky’s writings on Russia were a surprising combination of love of his nation with complete objectivity as to its evils and I respected that aspect of his nature

I wish he had not died (in 2017) as I would relish his opinion on what is happening now with his incredible insight into his homeland.


Hunter Biden was put on the Board of Ukraine’s largest energy company (Burisma) as we’ve covered extensively long before the media was covering it up, but I’ll briefly tie the threads together for new readers.

The Chairman of Burisma, Mykola Zlochevsky, was the key ally for the Marxist forces in my home nation, including the Clinton Crime Family, the Democrat Party, George Soros and other international thugs.

Ukraine, for example, was the largest donor to the corrupt Clinton Foundation – bribing her as Obama’s Secretary of State for protection. Zlochevsky also paid very well to be protected by Obama’s Vice President (now President) Joe Biden.

The laptop from hell shows Hunter’s direct involvement in the company running these bioweapons labs in Ukraine—Metabiota

From Hunter Biden’s now infamous laptop, it was revealed this week that the close relationship between the Biden Crime Family and Burisma Chairman, Mykola Zlochevsky, continues. 

This bioweapons map was on his laptop, with documents confirming his direct involvement, investing in Metabiota through his company, Rosemont Seneca.

The highly illicit Biden/Zlochevsky relationship includes bribes to Hunter ($83,000 per month) to stop the investigation of Burisma, Soros, and Biden. Not only that, but they were also co-owners of the firm running the illegal bioweapons labs now being destroyed by Russian troops on the orders of Vladimir Putin.

These labs are managed under a contract between the U.S. Department of Defense and Metabiota. This arrangement is laundered through Fauci’s Wuhan fraud-mate, EcoHealth Alliance – but co-owned by Zlochevsky and The Biden Crime Family, via Rosemont Seneca.

We now believe the bioweapons lab management deal was more important for Vice President Biden to cover up than the Burisma and Soros crimes being investigated by then-prosecutor, Viktor Shokin.

“After a resonance press conference made by the Commissioners Cattani from NABU, who caught Burisma’s representatives red-handed when attempting to give a bribe of $6 million to close the case concerning Zlochevsky, Burisma and Biden, important information was revealed – it was $50 million, not just six.”


Running bioweapons labs – even for the Department of Defense – put the entire Biden Crime Family at risk, as explained in “Blocking Property of Weapons of Mass Destruction Proliferators and their Supporters,” from the Federal Registry (June 28, 2005 Executive Order 13382)

Biden could cover up his son’s influence-peddling to shut down the criminal investigation of Obama’s mentor, George Soros, as well as the Burisma oligarch paying him bribes – but not this.  It had to be shut down.

The Soros/Burisma part was easy because the entire U.S. Embassy in Kyiv had been complicit in it (and in overthrowing the Ukraine government with their ‘Colour Revolution’ in 2014).

But if it came out that Biden – as Vice President of the United States – was co-owner of Metabiota, running deadly bioweapons facilities all across that nation, it could bring them all down (including Obama) and still may.

This activity was made illegal in 1976 by treaty, and cause for complete asset seizure of all in involved in 2005.

“It is now officially confirmed that the Pentagon is operating a network of bioweapons laboratories throughout Ukraine, which explains at least in part why Russia invaded the country,” according to Planet Today.

But that doesn’t let Zlochevsky or the Biden Crime Family off the hook for  raking in millions running those labs.  That is verboten and cause for all their assets to be taken.

Further, it is simply impossible for then-president, Obama, not to have known this as well. 

Why, you ask?  Because Barack Hussein Obama was the original sponsor of this crackpot scheme.  Didn’t hear that on ABC or BBC, but it’s true.

In case you missed our reporting on that – this whole thing was Obama’s idea, way back in 2005, the year he was picked up by his mentor, George Soros, to run for president – which I think is an important piece as well.

Nothing happened in Ukraine without Soros being a part of it according to those then working at the U.S. state department under both Hillary Clinton and John Kerry as Secretary

This was not a plot hatched recently or without great forethought.

Now taken down, but thanks to the intrepid Natalie Woods and her WayBack machine, the military article from June 18, 2010 has been saved:

“[Senator] Lugar said plans for the facility began in 2005 when he and then Senator Barack Obama entered a partnership with Ukrainian officials. Lugar and Obama also helped coordinate efforts between the U.S and Ukrainian researchers that year in an effort to study and help prevent avian flu.”


I don’t know.  The cabal controls all levers of power, it seems, and have proven – if anything – to be complicit in these crimes. 

51 intel operatives of the Obama era, for example, have been busted for lying about Hunter’s laptop saying it was ‘Russian disinformation’ to swing the election away from Donald Trump in 2020.

Russian ‘disinformation’ was the disinformation  from these traitors

Conservative estimates say this intentional coverup by Big Tech and Media supported by lying ‘national security’ hacks caused at least a 15% swing in the 2020 vote.

Even 10% of registered Democrats now say they would not have voted for Biden over Trump, had they known about the crimes, pedophilia, incest and bribes now proven in their own family communications and records.

Just mentioning the laptop story caused me to be banned from Twitter they were so desperate to keep the coverup going until after the rigged election.

Jack Maxey is here in Europe dumping it all for the world to see, however, (from Switzerland) where it is less likely these same lying thugs on the front page of the New York Post can kill him for exposing their own toxic, illegal activities.

The interview is well worth a watch: 

In the past 48 hours since Maxey’s revealing exposé with Ann Vandersteel, another 128,000 deleted e-mails have been recovered as well as 27,000 more deleted pictures – including one of Hunter naked with his then 12-year old niece, Natalie, in bed together.

That, by the way, is as sick, perverted and unconscionable as his sister, Ashley, writing in her diary of similar activities with her father, the president – so incest is a Biden family tradition it seems, but no one seems to care.

I hope trying to kill the world with bioweapons they made may get more attention.

But back to the question about this being the final straw – it may be – as this particular crime regarding the Biden’s bioweapons lab business can be challenged by any party to the Biological Weapons Convention. 

That includes 183 States that have ratified or acceded to the Biological Weapons Convention, and yes, Ukraine, is one of them.

“Article VI does say that a state suspecting breach of obligations by another state party may lodge a complaint with the UN Security Council, which it can then investigate. However, this right has never been exercised because investigations of this kind could be blocked by any of the veto states (China, France, United Kingdom, Russia and the United States).”

Knowing this, it appears that Vladimir Putin decided to enforce the seemingly unenforceable on his own.

I think even Professor Sablinsky may have a kind word for him on that.

Intel that has proven reliable in the past revealed that March 8th was the day ‘Pathogen #2’ (as Bill Gates recently called it when predicting this event) would be released.

A dirty bomb was to be exploded (also stopped by Putin at Chernobyl), which would be blamed on Russia and used as context for all-out war.

Meanwhile, the Biden/Zlochevsky bioweapons were to be simultaneously released to decimate as many of us as possible – also blamed on Putin.

Instead, just 12 days before the plot was to be carried out, Putin entered Ukraine (February 24th), seized or destroyed the Biden bioweapon labs, raided the Chernobyl site where the ‘dirty bomb’ was to be exploded – and began killing the U.S. State Department supported Neo-Nazi troops.

And he’s almost done.  Troops are being withdrawn as I write according to sources actually on the ground – while the media continues to lie, lie, lie, like they were the U.S. Intel Chiefs who seemingly program them.

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